Monday Musings: So, About That Race…

Yeah, you know, that Cooper River Bridge one I mentioned I was going to be doing? Well, I didn’t. {GASP!}

I know, I know…I was so torn about the decision not to do it. Here’s what happened – remember Hubby’s and my plans to repaint the living room and kitchen this weekend? Well, we started working on it Friday, just cutting in and priming everything…and we were up until midnight-ish doing so. So for one, I don’t do well on little sleep, and I already get up at 3am three days a week. Hubby then asked me not to do the race so he could get started painting bright and early on Saturday while I took the boys out and entertained them so he could do so in peace. I reluctantly agreed it was the right thing to do. So no big race for me this past weekend, but I am getting back into training mode with running…and finding out which half marathon I want to do, hopefully this fall. And I wholeheartedly plan on doing the Cooper River Bridge Run next year – making no plans to paint any rooms the same weekend!

Anyway, here’s what my weekend did look like:

I Instagrammed this pic on Friday night to show what the house looks like when you decide to repaint it.

While Jake worked on it Saturday, I took the boys to the gym {to make up for missing the race, I had to at least workout.} Then we met up with my friend, Suz, and her kids at a play park and spent a few hours there. We ended the playdate with a Mexican lunch at which Suz and I had delicious margaritas. The weather was gorgeous, so we ate outside.

I spent Saturday night helping Hubby to finish the paint job and Sunday I was able to put everything back in place and start hanging pictures back up. I tell y’all, I love how it turned out. I’ll be sharing it with you soon. I am so happy and it is soooo much brighter – not like the dungeon it seemed like before.

Anyway, hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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Cooper River Bridge 10K Run

Happy Friday, y’all! It is the last official day of Spring Break and I am ready for my boys to go back to their schools. It has been a great week full of quality time with them, but after yesterday’s cabin fever due to the rain, I am just ready. It doesn’t help that I still had to manage to “work” from home as well. It will be nice to get back on a schedule.
I’ve got a busy weekend planned…and no I’m not bragging…I’d much rather lie around in PJs or sunbathe on the back deck whilst my boys and the puppy run around the backyard. But nope, Hubby and I are FINALLY going to put the last element of the kitchen makeover in place – the paint. This ultimately includes painting the living room since they share a wall. I cannot wait to see the end result of a brighter space. I will be sure not to keep you waiting too long for a post.
Other than that fun undertaking, I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to beat the Cooper River Bridge Run participant traffic and find parking. I’m going to be honest, I have not trained for this run. I definitely run better now than I did last year though and I ran it last year without training as well and was able to keep a steady pace throughout. My goal is to do the same, maybe just a bit faster. But again, having not trained, I’m not going to be too hard on myself. I just love being a part of this big local event that draws in over 40,000 participants.

I should probably take it easy today as far as workouts go, but I was bad and skipped my gym session yesterday, so I’m going to take my Spin class this morning. I don’t think 6.2 miles is going to kill me if I did a Spin class the day before.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

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Workout Wednesday

It’s been a while since I closed down my i-Heart Fitness blog and said I would just share my health and fitness thoughts here every now and then, as well as on Skinny Mom, but I really don’t think I’ve done too much of that here! So, for lack of a better style post, I’m going to do a little fitness update.
On my Thirty Before 30 list update yesterday, one of the items mentioned was my goal to drop 15 lbs, 10 of which I’ve successfully shed since first making the list. I wanted to share with you what my workout weeks have been looking like as of late…and how it’s been helping me achieve my goals.
Ever since starting my job working at my gym three days a week as the opener {4:30am – 8am}, I’ve been even better than ever before about getting my gym workouts in. After all, it’s getting to the gym that is half the battle. Since I have to be there, I make sure to make use of it.
On Mondays and Wednesdays, there are barre classes when I get off, so I always make sure to take those. And let me tell you – they are killer. Even my husband has mentioned noticing a tighter tush and thighs on me. If you’ve never taken a barre class, I suggest you try one. I started taking them at Barre Evolution last summer with a Groupon and I fell in love with it. I think it feeds the dancer in me in a way. I also love that the ladies in the class are practically the same each time…we’re a bunch of barre-flies, and I’ve started making friendships with some…it’s great to find others with the same hobbies as you.

On Fridays when my gym shift ends, I take the morning Spin class. I have found this to be great in combination with the barre classes.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, since I’m not working at the gym, I am in charge of taking the boys to daycare and school. Lucky for me, my gym is right across the street from Tanner’s school, so as long as I’m disciplined enough to put on my workout wear before I leave the house, I head to the gym at about 7:45am those days after drop-off and do some strength-training. One day is spent on lower body, the other on upper and I usually do the elliptical or treadmill both days for my cardio.

Saturdays are usually reserved for a good long run if I can manage to have Jake available to watch the boys. If not, I hit the gym in the morning for some strength training {lower body} or barre class. {This Saturday, I have the Cooper River Bridge 10K!}

So yes, I realize that is 6 days of working out per week, but I have a true love for fitness and I always aim for 5-6 workout days per week.. I love this new schedule because I’m really mixing things up and seeing results little by little. The 2-3 barre classes per week are making a huge difference. {I tell you, TRY IT!}

So today is Wednesday and I am at the gym right now {working} and I’ve got my barre class coming up in a couple of hours. It feels like severe punishment for my glutes, but always so worth it when it’s over. Can’t wait! Hoping I’ll be looking like this soon {haha}:

What about you? Is fitness important for you? What are your go-to workout routines?

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Thirty Before 30: Update

OK y’all, I am 12 days away from my Big 3-0. I don’t know why I make such a big deal about it, but it just kinda feels like it IS a big deal, ya know? I think I have high expectations for my 30s…I look back at my 20s and while there are loads of great memories, there are just things I’d take back if I could, or I wish I had done differently…had I had the wisdom I do now. I think I would make some smarter choices about friends, and definitely not bend over too far backward for those that aren’t willing to do the same for me. I think I would have the courage to say more of what exactly is on my mind, rather than sugar-coating it for fear of scrutiny or judgment. Now that I’ve lived these lesson-teaching years, I feel confident in moving forward as a person who has grown so much, who has become better than I used to be {I’ll be the first to admit I had a lot of growing up to do} and I won’t put up with the bullshit and drama I found myself surrounded by at times. I want a more positive life; to only put time into the people and things that matter {because time truly is something we never have enough of, so it shouldn’t go to waste}. I plan on making my 30s the best decade of my life. There will be such great moments as I watch my children grow up, grow closer and more in love with my husband, travel and experience new things and find time for the hobbies I truly love – like art, dance, fitness and this here blog of mine {tee hee}.

That being said, this will probably be the last update of this Thirty Before 30 list…I definitely didn’t do everything I had set out to do, but now I know where to start off my 30s…and hopefully I’ll have a new list of to-do’s for my 40th.

1. Run a Half Marathon {Scheduled for October 21st, 2012 in Myrtle Beach} Common sense came upon me and I realized that training for this during July/August/September in the South when I’m not already a seasoned runner is just plain cray-cray. I’ve still got the goal and just re-started my training on 10/1 to run the Charleston 1/2 Marathon in January.  Good God, I am sucking at this one. A surgery in December put me out for the 1/2 marathon in January (fell out of training and wasn’t ready). Planned to do one in March, but I honestly think I’ll be pushing this back to the Fall. My running has definitely improved, so I’m not at a loss personally, but I’m just a little nervous about doing one yet. {4.2.13 – I’m still planning to try for one in the fall, hey, at least I’ll still BE 30…}
2. Start Selling My Art – seriously need to find the time to paint because I really want to do this. I have been seeking inspiration lately and plan to get going with my first collection hopefully in time for Christmas. OK…need to get on this. {4.2.13 – Yeah, still need to get on this…it’s definitely hard to balance time for it…something I will work on.}
3. Take a Stab at Photography {and get a nice DSLR camera} & Start a Portfolio – Plan to purchase DSLR in December…lots o’ dollars coming my way soon. Yippee! – I did purchase one in December and I have been practicing! I haven’t created an online gallery or portfolio yet. {4.2.13 – Working on my techniques and coming along nicely – no portfolio yet.}
4. Lose 15 lbs – Um yeah, still working on this. Since first making this list in July, I have lost 10 lbs. So well on the way and working hard in the gym to lose a little more. {4.2.13 – I’m still around that 10 lb mark I think, but have made progress in the toning area thanks to regular barre and spin classes.}
5. Take a Long Weekend Getaway – Just Hubby & Me – Not sure this will happen before my 30th. My job loss in January set us back financially by a few weeks. {4.2.13 – We still need to make time for this.}
6. Take Jake & The Boys to Idaho to Visit My Family {Happening 7/21-8/8!}
7. Finish Redecorating the House Work in progress, but a lot accomplished since this list was first made! We’ve done the kitchen updates since the last time I updated this list. We have some painting to do, but other than that, I’m done with a lot of the major stuff.
8. Start {and Keep} A Vegetable/Fruit Garden – Spring plans… {4.2.13 – Ugh, I don’t think this is happening this season.}
9. Take My Sons to Pick Up Litter on the Beach {4.2.13 – Haven’t made a trip just for that, but when we do go, I make them pick up any trash they see.}
10. Rediscover My Inner Dancer and Take Classes Again – Have been hitting barre, but need to dance! {4.2.13 – Still need to find a class, but really enjoying my barre, gym and spin schedule at the moment!}
11. Find the Courage to Sing in Front of a Group of People {4.2.13 – Uummmmm….}
12. Volunteer at My Church {4.2.13 – I haven’t volunteered, but I did go to a women’s conference in January and it was awesome. Really lit me up.}
13. Start Training for a Full Marathon {and maybe run one if I’m ready and can find one before my birthday} – I need to get the half done…then start working toward this.
14. Have My Blog Reach 1,000+ Followers {You can help me with this one! Spread the love!} {Yeah, this is not happening in the next 12 days, but do me a favor, if you like what you read, please share with friends, pin things to Pinterest, etc…it takes a village to raise a blog!}
15. Take A Cooking Class {4.2.13 – No, but have done better meal-planning and trying a lot of new healthy recipes.}
16. Take a Girls’ Weekend Trip {4.2.13 – This is something I still really need to do…my mom and I are going to NYC in December though!}
17. Complete a Round of Insanity – Did like 1/4 of a round a few weeks back…started again this week. Started again, then stopped. Think I will restart on Saturday. {4.2.13 – I do a DVD here and there along with all of my other gym and class stuff, but have not started to do the whole program again yet.}
18. Complete a Round of Insanity: Asylum Vol. 1 – Will have to finish #17 first. – This probably won’t happen since I’m not done with Insanity. But I plan to take this on this year sometime.
19. Get a Family Pet That Tanner Can Learn to Care For We got some fish (8)! And just got a new Siberian Husky {which I have to care for, Tanner helps} {4.2.13 – Most of you may know, that Tundra, our Siberian Husky, had to be put down due to breathing complications from cancer…it was heartbreaking. My husband did surprise me with an English Bulldog puppy named Sugar. We’ve had her just over a week.}
20. Take the Boys to LegoLand We are going in June (so not before my birthday, but still!)
21. Find the Courage to Let Go of the Clothes in My Closet I Truly Don’t Need AnymoreGarage sale last weekend!
22. Give My Husband a Wonderful 35th Birthday
23. Quit Drinking Diet Rockstars/Energy Drinks – I don’t want to talk about it. #failingmiserably {4.2.13 – Still failing…}
24. Take a “Brothers” Picture of Tanner & Breckin At Least Once A Month {4.2.13 – Pretty much have done this.}
25. Get Professional Family Pictures Taken {Preferably Once in the Fall & Again in Spring}
26. Open an IRA or 401K {Don’t worry, Hubby does have an account through USCG! I’d just like to help out too.} Just started a new job that offers a 401K and matches a percentage. Will get that in 90 days, so it won’t be in time for my 30th, but soon after.
27. Start a Ladies Fitness Group/Boot Camp – Got the Facebook Group for other Lowcountry gals started, but need to do some meeting up! {4.2.13 – Still need to find the time and effort required to do this!}
28. Find a Hairstyle/Color that I Love and Can Maintain {4.2.13 – I’ve been debating going shorter again, haven’t decided.}
29. Monetize My Blog {4.2.13 – Decided this isn’t so important anymore…I just love to blog.}
30. Find out I’m preggers with #3…? {This is a big maybe, but definitely want it to happen by 30 if it’s going to!} {4.2.13 – Yeeeeeaaaah, no.}

Do you have a bucket list of any sort going right now? How are you doing? xoxo

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Just Another Manic Monday

I may be dating myself, but I still really love this song and can’t help but sing along {full concert mode} whenever it comes on the radio.

It’s already been a tad bit of a manic Monday here. My 1st grader is on Spring Break this week, and I opted to save half our daycare fee by keeping both boys home with me all week. {Luckily my job is pretty much working from home right now, so I am able to do so!} We had an exciting Easter weekend in which we accomplished THREE Easter egg hunts, went to our church service and spent the weekend with Jake’s parents and his brother’s family since they came to town with their little ones. I definitely didn’t feel rested when I had to get up at 3am this morning to work the opening shift at my gym. But, I did make it to barre class to hopefully redeem myself for some of the things I had eaten over the holiday! So needless to say, this song was on my mind today.

Anyway, this Monday post isn’t about these Bangles, it’s about THESE bangles:
{Forever 21}
I’m sure many of you are now familiar with the term “arm party“. I am in love with this trend…I remember playing dress up as a young girl with my best friends and we would pile on the jewelry. No doubt each of us would have our arms stacked nearly from wrist to elbow with beads and bracelets.
Just so fabulous…I love it. This has inspired me to get some more bangles and bracelets so I can create all sorts of arm parties. Here are a few I’ve stumbled across – I wanted to share them with you.
This set at Target is sure to get your collection jump-started:
Beaded Bangle Set of 9 - Multicolor
This one from Forever 21 will go with just about anything. Check out their collection of bangles and bracelets at great prices – most under $10.00!
Pave Chevron Cuff
Have you tried the arm party trend yet? Do you like to be bold and fun with it? Understated, yet classy? There are so many ways to create an arm party – and they are a great addition to dress up any outfit – even just a tee and pair of jeans.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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Dressing for Easter

I know many moms out there have already planned and/or purchased Easter outfits for their little kids. Well, hand me the bad mommy card because I have NOT. I’m going to be real with y’all. I have two BOYS. Two boys that seem heck bent on staining every piece of clothing I buy them. So let’s just say, I don’t get too excited to buy them expensive new outfits they’ll likely wear only once…and/or possibly ruin that day.

We pretty much try to attend church every Sunday, so despite our lack of new clothes, I think we’re a little ahead of some that are putting on their “Easter best” this coming Sunday since for many it will be the last time they see church until Christmas. Needless to say, we have a fair amount of khakis, polos and button-downs for the boys to wear to church, so really, I don’t see the need in purchasing anything new just because it’s Easter. In fact, there’s a good chance I’ll put them in the outfits they wore for our downtown family photo shoot:

{But maybe khakis instead of jeans? Yeah.}

I probably won’t purchase an Easter dress for myself either, I have a few things in my closet that I haven’t even worn yet…and actually there is one Lauren Conrad dress I bought a little over a year ago at Kohl’s that I’ve never worn and I think it would be the perfect Easter dress:

So pretty, floral and very “spring” if you ask me.

What about you? Do you buy new Easter church outfits each year? What about for your kids?


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Thursday Randomness

Ah yes, finally getting closer to that weekend now…I can feel it! Happy Thursday, y’all! Not much going on around these parts…we decorated Easter eggs last night {and Breckin only managed to break ONE!}

Also, if you haven’t read them already, I suggest you hop on over to Skinny Mom and view my latest posts on dehydration, and also calf-toning exercises {hey, summer is on the way, and you need to be ready!} If you don’t already follow Skinny Mom, I suggest you start – there are a lot of great mommy bloggers on there posting all sorts of articles on fitness, health, fashion, food and more. I’m so proud to be a part of it. You don’t even have to be a mom to gain some good info from this site!
I feel like I’m finally on a roll getting things organized and projects done around the house. I’ve posted lately about our pantry makeover, the kids’ art area, the organized bathroom vanity cabinet and even starting to get Tanner’s room finished – see his upholstered bulletin board and his monogram art. I plan on revealing the boys’ rooms soon, but I reeeeaaaalllly would love to paint them first, however, I don’t know if that will happen in the next couple of months, so I may just have to post them as-is and then update once I finally am able to get them painted. Speaking of paint, we are finally going to paint our kitchen and living room a light gray…this was my final thing needed to call the kitchen makeover complete. The plan is to do it the weekend after Easter.
Speaking of the weekend after Easter, I’ve got the Cooper River Bridge 10K coming up that Saturday morning. For those of you not familiar, this is a crazy-popular race. It draws in over 40,000 participants. Last year, my time was 1:12, and it was my first-ever 10K…I had never run that distance all at once in my life before that. Since then, I had started training for a half marathon, and actually got to where I was running over 6 miles without a race to push me {this is big progress for me!} I fell out of training during the holidays, so I am not quite in the running shape I’d like to be, but I’m still hoping I can clock a faster time this year. Check out this craziness:

I just love participating in local races.

I am definitely in need of some new running shoes though. I’m thinking these:

Nike Air Alvord 10 Trail Running Shoes - Women

or these {mostly because they are fun, but also supposed to be good}:

ASICS GEL-Frantic 7 High-Performance Running Shoes - Women

But, I’m willing to take suggestions on any great running shoes y’all might have to recommend!

Soooo glad we’re getting closer to the Easter weekend – we’ve got a lot of fun planned for the kids and some family coming to visit. Plus, we’ll finally be graced with some nice weather after this crazy late March cold front we have been experiencing {so odd for Charleston}! xoxo

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