DIY Art via Pinterest

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Pinterest rocks my world. That’s all.

If I need an idea, or am trying to figure out the best way to do something – be it fashion, interior design, decorating or whatever, well, I just head over to Pinterest and I usually am able to find exactly what I’m looking for…or maybe even what I never knew I totally loved. Pinterest is amaze-balls like that.

So anyway, to get on with the actual topic of this post: Art

We love it, we admire it, we gaze at it, we need it to decorate with…but not everyone can make it (or so they think).

Thanks to Pinterest, we have access to so many great DIY art ideas – stuff that is pretty easy, but looks fabulous. {No one would ever know you don’t have a creative bone in your body.}

I have been an artist since I could pick up a paintbrush, but I know not everyone is the same…and even I get a little artist’s block from time to time – so things like this help inspire and motivate me. Here are some of the best DIY artworks on Pinterest:

On Pinterest via

Talk about a perfect rainy-day art project for adults and kids alike. This would be a fun addition to a home office, craft or play room.

On Pinterest via

Believe it or not, this piece was made by strategically- placing tape to create a herringbone design and then splashing some paint over it in a whimsical fashion. Remove the tape when paint is dry and – VOILA! Art.

On Pinterest via

I’m a fan of Jen Ramos‘ artwork. These pieces in particular would be pretty easy to recreate for yourself. You could choose any colors you wish so that it goes perfectly with your decor. I love how they add a great pop of color – so simple, yet so fabulous.

On Pinterest via

I love the monochromatic scheme of these pieces, but you could even recreate your own unique version using complementary or a multitude of colors. Geometrics are all the rage right now, so why not take advantage of the simplicity in their creation?


On Pinterest via

Simply take a can of spray paint and some large leaves and have at it! I love how they did many of these in different colors and leaves and made a gallery. What a nice statement. And who doesn’t love a little nature?

Hopefully you feel inspired to create your own work of art for your space! Don’t forget to follow my Pinterest boards!

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