Hubbies & Blogs

I have a question for those of you that are reading (all one or two of you)…

Does your husband/significant other follow/read your blog?

My husband does not read my blog (except for the occasional times I shove the laptop in his face for a must-read – which he totally appreciates btw.) I kind of wish he would…the girl in me wants him to have a genuine interest in all things I do…but his way of showing “interest” is by teasing me about my “hobby”. (He thinks it’s nice I have a hobby.) Every time I do something new around the house, he jokingly says something like, “Are you going to blog about it?” And then laughs. Haha.

Part of me wishes he would hold even want to be involved in it and help me think of new things – be a team, like the dynamic duo John & Sherry are. But my husband is not like that in the least. He’s a bonafied guy’s guy and even though he loves carpentry and is a great DIY-er naturally (check out this desk he made me, inspired by iHeart Organizing):

…he still thinks the whole blog thing is a girly thing and wants nada to do with it. The good thing though is that if I ever need help with a household project, he is always willing to help (sometimes reluctantly, but in his defense, he probably thinks I come up with too many ideas at once and the thought of tackling them all mentally exhausts him.)

So even though I wish he would bump my amount of readers from two up to three, I guess it could be worse. He supports me in the only way he knows how…I guess I can’t fault the guy for being the typical man that does not care for fashion or interior design and decor. (I’m sure I’m not the only girl married to one of those.)

So how about you – does your significant other read what you have to write?

If not, at least we have each other.


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