Turquoise & Tangerine

Many years ago, when I was a graphic design student, I was taught the simple, yet harmonious and aesthetically-pleasing effect of pairing together opposite color hues. Reds and greens…purples and yellows….blues and oranges (go Boise State! Just had to throw that out there, tee hee.) And actually, the latter is one of my favorite combos to play with, hence last year’s family photo session:

Smith Family – March 2011

As far as design goes, I love seeing these colors utilized in homes and offices. There are so many different shades of blue and orange to mix and match up. I personally love the corals and the light ocean blues. My oldest son’s room’s main color scheme is navy and light blue with pops of orange here and there.Here’s some inspiration pics I found – maybe they will inspire you:

Joss & Main
http://www.pichomez.com – Love this nursery, wish I had done these colors! The orange chair is to die for.


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