Shelf Styling

I’ve got lots of little shelves and surfaces around my house with arrangements of art, photos, books and random decor that I tend to change around often.

I have a few personal tips when it comes to styling a shelf…

1. Use uneven items to create visual interest. I generally like to pull in a stack of books, a piece of art or some picture frames and some sort of statement piece to tie it all in together.


2. Create a seemingly “accidental balance” by not having one side look “heavier” or “bulkier” than the other…it doesn’t have to be the same exact heights or amount of items, but the placement of the items should keep in mind the visual balance of the shelf as a whole.


3. When filling a shelf with like items, try to find a few “unlike” pieces to add to the mix that don’t steal the show, but add visual interest.


4. Just have fun with it! Use items unique to you that say something about your personality and interests. Your shelves should be a showoff display. Play with different arrangements from time to time and the perfect “style” will come.




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