Bohme Boutique

While I was in Idaho earlier this month, I had a chance to stop by the old mall I used to hang out in and see how it’s changed – stores they’ve added {and booted} and just people-watch in general {love that.} Anyway, a SUPERCUTE new store that I’d never seen or heard of before stuck out at me and I fell in love.


Seriously, HOW did I not know about this store?

I immediately asked the girls that worked there where the other locations were {HOPING somewhere near Charleston, SC was on that list} and found out the company started in Utah and currently only has 14 stores {with 12 more opening by the end of 2012}. The stores are pretty much just in the Northwest states…but as fashion-forward as this place is…I have high confidence they’ll be spreading out to the East before too long…the company is only 4 years old and is spreading like wildfire out there in the malls.


Anyway, take a look at some of the goods…what got my attention most was the plentiful use of my favorite colors – teal and coral – so hot right now {and always, for me}.





They also have a badass accessories collection…so many cute earrings, bangles and necklaces…even some that emulate the look of that ever-popular J.Crew Bauble Necklace. I was also swooning over these watches {available in many colors}…which majorly inspired this post.


Are you as in love as I am yet? Oh, and forgot to mention how incredibly affordable everything is! I got this outfit while I was there for a total of just under $70.00 – skirt, tank and necklace. {Wow, right?}

Hubby needs to get better at taking pictures, my legs look so short!

And the fabrics are great…that skirt is so comfy {viscose & a little spandex}, I had to go back and get it in fuschia and black as well. I also got that tank in black. That tank fits better than any other tank I’ve tried. {Kid you not.}

Bohme, PLEASE come to Charleston…you would make bank here, seriously. King Street would be a perfect location for you.

And ladies, until they come to a place near you – you can get some of their stuff online at

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2 thoughts on “Bohme Boutique

  1. WOW I love seriusly everything about all of these stlyes I still am obsessed with the colored jegging and cant help but buy a new color every month at least. First time here!Nice to meet you!Ashxox

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