Contain{er} Yourself

OK, I have to admit…I do not give my mother enough credit for her great eye for decorating and her remarkable green thumb. After spending the week in Idaho with her, I have so much inspiration. My main inspiration being her garden.  

Woman has mad skills, yo.

She does a lot of container gardening too {which I am most inspired to do since our soil here might as well be pure sand}…and told me one day she decided to count her pots and found out she had 85. {Obsess, much?}

But seriously, take a look at this beautiful garden. I’m envious {and also hoping the talent is genetic}.

I am going to start mainly with some containers…so I have full control over the soil quality…South Carolina soil is a bit tricky to work with. Here are some pictures of container gardens in outdoor spaces I also found inspiring…I love the eclectic look that can be achieved with a mix and match of decorative containers.


{The pool ain’t bad either…}


Oh, and just linger over these window planters for a while…


I also love how just about any thing that can “contain” can be a part of a container garden.




I can’t wait to start on my garden…er, rather…get a little further than I have. I have made several attempts at gardening…I just need some better planning…and to devote more time to actually tending to the plants after I’ve planted them. With fall right around the corner, I’m hoping I can have some pretty fall blooms to begin with…I can’t wait until the spring! {Mom may even come for a visit at that time and lend me a hand, er, thumb I mean.}

What about you? Tell me how your garden grows…xoxo.

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7 thoughts on “Contain{er} Yourself

  1. Love all these container garden ideas! My yard has soil that is "gumbo," and very difficult to deal with. I have been thinking about going with container gardens as well.Kudos to your mom. I'm in awe of anyone with 85 planters that actually have something growing in them!

  2. OMG, Carol, it was so nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy that…especially without the SC humidity I have here right now! And Brandy, I agree, Southeast soil is the pits! Container gardening might be the way to go! xoxo

  3. Hey there! Just found you at the Saturday SITS. I also was a day late in posting. argh. I LOVE this post. My mom has green thumbs, too! Has your mom tried creating fairy gardens from some of her containers? I bet she could come up with some really cute things.Thanks for sharing.

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