Oh My Gourd!

Do you even know what a gourd is?

I think for the longest time, I didn’t know what these lovely little things were called:


There you go. If you didn’t already know, now you do.

You will be seeing these a-plenty at your local grocery store pretty soon, if not already. And they are usually pretty cheap…I tend to get them on sale at three for a dollar. I get a little excited when I start seeing these babies because, to me, it means it’s time for FALL DECORATING! {Woot!}

Yeah, I get a little excited about fall decorating. It’s pretty much my favorite season to decorate for…especially because I also get to keep this particular decor up longer than other seasonal decor {Mid-September thru end of November}. It makes me want to spend extra time on it…once Halloween rolls around, I keep the fall decor, but add some Halloween-y (is that even a word?} things in the mix.

And well, gourds are one of my favorite things to implement in my decor when this season arrives. They are so versatile…the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with them. I love to try and brainstorm new crafts…and I also like to get the boys some of their own little pumpkin gourds to paint as they please.

Here are some gourd-geous {sorry, couldn’t resist} ideas for using these guys in your decor:

Trays are all the rage, so fill one up. I also love how the pumpkin gourds were cut in half and gutted to make candle holders…

Use them outdoors to create a “Welcome” display or just throughout your garden or your front porch to give guests the fall feel before even walking inside your home…

If you’re crafty, fashion a wreath or a garland. Great items to use along with the gourds are pine cones, leaves and twine…

Create a unified design by spray-painting the gourds all one color…this gold was a great choice for fall…

Replace the candles on your pillars…

I’ve always loved the idea of using gourds as a place setting…great for Thanksgiving…

Fill a hurricane…or ten…{I love hurricanes, OK?}


OK…and last but not least, these owls are just TOO cute…

Happy Fall Decorating…can’t wait to show you mine soon! xoxo

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*All images courtesy of www.bhg.com, with the exception of the photo from Shanty2Chic blog, which was noted in its caption.

3 thoughts on “Oh My Gourd!

  1. It's only recent that I found out what those were called. I thought they were some variation of a pumpkin. I also love fall decorating, but I'm not really good at it. If I had the time and extra money, my place would look like it belongs on Pinterest :p

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