Breckin’s Room Moodboard

So yesterday you got to see my vision for Tanner’s room after we take a lot of his current stuff out and move it over to Breckin’s room. I do plan on adding a few new special touches to complete Breckin’s room as well. Here’s a moodboard to illustrate what direction I’m going with his room:


Of course we won’t be getting all of these things brand new, for instance, that dresser is in the moodboard because it is extremely similar to the one we already have in there, with it’s bamboo like trim and drawer pulls. The nightstand is to illustrate what I am going to do with an old nightstand we already have – I plan on sanding it, priming it and painting it orange to be a nice accent piece. We do already have a brown area rug as well, and also that toy bin from Target. I try to utilize what we have around the house as much as possible so we can keep a small budget, yet make big changes.

I am so excited to finish putting this room together and can’t wait to show you the space!

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