Happy Halloween

Just wanted to wish you a…

Have a safe night…whether your tricking, treating or having a party with friends! xoxo

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Trick-or-Treating Rules

This is a re-post from my family/mommy blog, Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After…orginally posted in October 2010:
Dear Trick-or-Treaters:

It seems that over the past few years, you kids have just gotten more and more spoiled, or just completely rude and inconsiderate when it comes to Halloween and trick-or-treating. Maybe your parents suck at raising kids, or maybe you just don’t listen to them, but just so you are aware, I do not HAVE to buy a big bowl of candy and get up and answer the door fifty times in one night. I CHOOSE to because I love kids and I love to celebrate the holiday. But lately, many of you are making me wish I’d just left my porch light off instead. Here are the rules if you want to trick-or-treat at my house:

1. You MUST be in costume. You are absolutely crazy if you think I’m going to give you candy just for knocking on my door. You have to at least entertain me with the creativity of your costume.

2. Please be under the age of 13. Anyone over that age trick-or-treating is simply pathetic. Go to a party. If you weren’t invited to a party, now I know why. You will not get candy, but you will get made fun of.

3. Please say “Trick-or-Treat”. It’s just something that should go without saying. I hate answering the door to awkward silence. If you’re under the age of 5, I’ll give you a break.

4. Please say “Thank you”. It’s just polite. Your parents should be ashamed of themselves if they haven’t been instilling these types of manners in you. Again, if you’re under age 5, I’ll give you a break.

5. I’m a giving person. I will tell you to grab a couple treats or a few rather than just handing you one. Don’t then proceed to scoop up a quarter of the candy in my bowl. I hate greediness.

6. I usually have an assortment of candy – if I happen to grab you a couple pieces and there was something else you liked better, just keep it to yourself. You’re likely to get that same thing at a different house. Be happy with what you get!

7. If you are on your cell phone, you will not get candy.

8. If you ring my doorbell more than once or bang on my door until I answer it, you will not get candy.

9. When I’ve shut the porch light off, I’ve either run out of candy or it’s past 9pm. Don’t ring my doorbell or knock on my door. You will not get candy.

Thank you!

This was just for laughs – have a safe and happy Halloween! xoxo
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Healthy {Easy} Recipes You Should Try

Menu planning is something I’m trying to become much better at…feeding my family at the end of a busy day is a crazy task when I don’t have anything planned for dinner and end up flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve discovered THE BEST website for healthy meals…and the ones I’ve tried are SOOOOOOO yum! Even the boys approve. I love to sit down on Sundays, peruse the website and plan my weekly menu and grocery list.

Here are a few of my faves from Skinny Taste:

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos


I made these tacos for dinner {again} last night. They are easy to make and use a few of the ingredients you are likely to have around the house anyway. I could definitely eat this once a week. My husband just loves it.

PB & J Yogurt


My boys just love this for breakfast – and I do too! It’s a guilt-free, yet very satisfying way to start the day. You could probably even make it the night before, cover it and pop it into the fridge to have a quick grab-n-go option for breakfast.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/Avocado & Tomato



This makes a great lunch or dinner. ‘Nuff said. Looks yummy, right?

I encourage you to check out Skinny Taste – you won’t be disappointed! xoxo

Autumn Entryway Display

So this post is coming a little later than I planned, as tomorrow is already Halloween, but I figure I’ve got through Thanksgiving with this decor, so I’m not doing too badly.

Here is my autumn entryway display – hope you like!

Hope y’all are having a great autumn season! xoxo
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Monday Musings

What a weekend! Of course, gone by too quickly like all the rest.

I don’t know where my head has been lately – even though I’ve been trying hard to menu plan and stick to it, somehow we still end up at a restaurant booth somewhere. Friday night, we actually went to TGIF {fitting, right?}

Jake had USCG duty this weekend so it was the boys and me against the world {more like me against them}. We started out our Saturday with a trip to Target where I managed to get Tanner’s birthday gift without him realizing and a few other things for his Lego-themed birthday party coming up. We then went to the local Halloween store to pick out his costume. {Breckin will be recycling Tanner’s Tigger costume from when he was a baby/toddler.} Tanner picked out Spiderman…can’t wait to show you pics of how cute he is in it…and Tigger too!

After Jake got home and settled in, we had our family pumpkin-carving party…

My Boys

My Little Pumpkin

Tanner getting to gut the pumpkin this year…

Watching Daddy at work

Our “S” Pumpkin

Of course, as usual, I’m not in any of the pictures…being the photographer and all. I always joke with Jake that I’m glad I can make these memories for HIM. Haha.

It was definitely a great way to spend a rainy Saturday with tropical storm Sandy out there.

Sunday I worked, and Jake did too, so we had a babysitter for the boys – which they just loved. We are so thankful for having teenage girls move in next door – more date nights for us!

We capped off the weekend at our family spot {yet another restaurant – so much for that menu plan!} – Los Arcos. I was glad to enjoy a margarita…yum.

Hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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Race For The Cure – Recap

This past Saturday, I participated in Race for the Cure. It had been a while since I had run a 5K race, I believe the last one was for St. Patty’s Day and then a couple weeks after that I did the Cooper River Bridge 10K Run. However, I’ve been training to run a half marathon that is coming up in January, so I thankfully haven’t been inactive as far as running goes. I ran 7 5Ks last year and Race for the Cure is always one I participate in.

I set out with the goal to beat my best 5K time to date. It’s nothing extraordinary, but that time was 33 minutes and some change. Well, I am proud to say that I beat that time by at least 2 minutes. However, when I went to check the final race results on the website, I was very displeased to see this:


The highlighted time is supposed to be my actual chip time. The time to the left of that is the time the clock read when I crossed the finish line, otherwise known as the gun time. How could my time be EXACTLY the same when I didn’t start the race at the start line? Thankfully, I did keep my own record with my RunKeeper app on my iPhone:

Based on the app, I ran a total of 3.38 miles in 33:50. So there’s definitely a couple minutes to be shaved off that to get my total time for 3.1 miles. {I have already emailed the chip timer company…haha!} I averaged a 10:02 minute mile in the end on my RunKeeper, so the actual chip time should be around 31 minutes. I was so proud of myself…there were times after the first mile and a half that I wanted to walk, but I didn’t. I pushed through.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures during the race…and I also ran this race solo. I always love to get friends involved when I can, but some of my friends are not comfortable running races. Plus, you really have to find someone that runs about the same pace you do, which can prove difficult at times.

I did get some pics of myself being a dork in the bathroom mirror pre-race…I like to go with the pink theme for Race for the Cure:

So the next 5K on the list is the Turkey Day Run in downtown Charleston. November 11th is World Run Day…hoping to log some good miles for that as well. I will still be pressing on with my half marathon training, so I hope to definitely beat this 5K time on Thanksgiving {also my 5th wedding anniversary!}…maybe even break into the 20s? I can’t believe the turn for the better my running has taken since I started really putting my mind to training for something bigger than I’ve ever done…it’s amazing to know you really can do what you put your mind to.
Have you done any race events lately?

Target: Dining Chairs

So thanks to my post about mesh dining table chairs, I have been relentlessly perusing the Internet to find just the right ones at a reasonable price. And then I happened upon all of these beauties {at Target, no less!}

These chevron ones might be my fave, would totally play well into our new gray/white/black kitchen {aslo available in black and white}:

Target – $179.99 for 2

The trellis look is also very chic…I think this pattern is playful, yet classy:

Target – $179.99 for 2

 This trellis pattern gives off a nice formal vibe:

Target – $179.99 for 2

And well, sorry, but when I see zebra stripes, I simply can’t resist {wonder if the hubby will go for it? Would totally match the zebra stripe chargers I just purchased from Hobby Lobby!}:

Target – 199.99 for 2

These are more fitting with the style I was going for, sans the mesh…but they look sturdy, clean and they are stackable if I ever need to make room – great price too:

Target – $79.99 for 2

I could definitely see these ones at a long dining table for a Christmas dinner…very chic and formal:

Target – 199.99 for 2

In true Target fashion, all of these chairs are stylish and affordable. Couldn’t help but share them with you! xoxo

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