Monday Musings

Welcome to another Monday! Truth be told, I don’t even feel the difference because I worked all weekend anyway!

That being said, not a whole heck of a lot happened this weekend. Hubby went hunting shortly after I got home from my Saturday work shift, so I took the boys to Tazi Bites & Blends for dinner {I was not feeling the itch to cook}. I love that place, they serve healthy wraps and smoothies…and I even got myself a shot of wheatgrass. Tastes like you mowed a lawn with your mouth, but oh-so-good for you. Tanner and Breckin enjoyed the P.B.S. (Peanut butter, Banana, Strawberry) wrap.

Despite the lack of goings-on this weekend, I do have a wonderful announcement for you:

I have reopened my health and fitness blog, i-Heart Fitness, and it goes live TODAY! So pretty please hop on over there and consider becoming a follower. I hope you’ll find it a great source for health and fitness information and inspiration. xoxo.

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