Book Nooks

Tanner and Breckin are all about books right now. Tanner is learning how to read, and doing so well. Breckin just loves to be read to and loves looking at picture books. I’d love to create a central place to keep their books that is a comfy place to read as well – even for Mommy when she’s reading their bedtime story. I of course love to take to Pinterest for inspiration:

If I could find a spare closet in my house, something like this would be beyond awesome:

I’m a huge fan of cubbies, especially the IKEA Expedit series. I also love the rainbow display of the books in this reading area:
I really love the idea of using those IKEA Spice Racks for front-facing bookshelves:
As far as the space I will be using…I’m thinking of somewhere in the play room/office, or possibly finally moving my La-Z-Boy out of Breckin’s room {and selling it!} to utilize that corner as a book nook with a bean bag chair or something. Tanner will still have books in his room, but as far as bedtime stories, we can all corral into Breckin’s room together for that. I will be sure to let you know {and see} what I end up doing!
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