World Run Day – Recap

A few weeks back, I posted about World Run Day 2012. Did any of y’all participate? Well, if any of you ran at all this past Sunday, you were a participant in World Run Day as far as I’m concerned.
My goal was to run 7 miles, as that is the mileage I was due to run that day per my half marathon training schedule.
I worked on Sunday until 1:30pm, but was determined to run as soon as I got home. I knew my youngest would be napping, so I would have the opportunity. And I’ve learned I need to take the opportunity when it presents itself rather than wait for later because if I don’t, then it never gets done. {Plus, I had to work off the birthday cake I ate the day before at my son’s birthday party.}
Looking forward to my half marathon in January…it’s going to be quite the challenge.

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