Reindeer Run – Race Recap

This past Saturday I ran the Reindeer Run 5K. I originally was going to go it alone, but as luck would have it, I ran into a friend just as the race started. Christine and I met through mutual friends many an event ago. I was so glad to run into her because we pretty much run the same race pace, so it was nice to have a buddy to keep me moving along.

Here’s our official time {I couldn’t find hers on the website, but we finished within seconds of each other}:

Now I was much happier with this race result chip time…I feel like it was much more accurate than my chip times have been in past races. Here are my RunKeeper stats for comparison. Again, my time started a tad earlier than when I first crossed the start line:

After the race was a blast. We enjoyed free post-race beers at the Southend Brewery and were just being goofy girls dancing to the live band playing. It felt good to get out and let loose – it has been a while for me!

I was definitely sore with a headache later in the day, but it was worth it.


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