Monday Musings

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. I’m sure many of you attended holiday parties! I held my annual ladies’ gift exchange and it was a jolly old time as always. The gift I ended up getting was a supercute New York and Company zebra handbag…this is a similar one:

I love it…I think animal prints are forever fashion.

In other news, found out what Pantone’s Color of the Year is for 2013:


Seems like we’re leaning toward jewel tones for Spring. How do you feel about this color? I’m actually not much of a green person…it’s probably the least color I own as far as clothing goes. Though, this emerald is quite striking…I may fancy a few things as I start to {inevitably} see it pop up everywhere. What about interiors? Could you see yourself using this tone in your home?


I don’t know about you, but I feel like Christmas break should be here already. It’s like you get four days off at Thanksgiving and come back to work for three or four weeks and the whole time I’m just in prep for another holiday break from work mode. I have been having a hard time concentrating at work, y’all. Seriously. I’ve got less than two weeks til my mommy makes her visit and I’m super-excited!

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve still got a lot of shopping to do…what about you? Happy Monday, y’all!

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