Monday Musings…Children Are The World’s Joy

This post isn’t going to be the typical Monday Musings post you are used to seeing. A lot happened over the weekend that I can’t simply turn my head from…and these posts are about what is on my mind, so here goes.

I know you all must know what I am talking about…the unfathomable and senseless act that claimed the lives of 20 innocent, precious children…as well as 7 other adults. All of those children belonged to mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles…all of those children had lives to look forward to…lives that had barely begun to be lived. Those children were taken in cold murder…their innocent faces must have looked so confused and so terrified…while a monster just looked right through them like they were nothing.

I still can’t help but cry when I read or see any news on this story. I know those of us that are parents must have rushed to our children that day and hugged them a little tighter. I know many of us must have looked to the sky and thanked God for these blessings…and maybe even begged him to spare the tragedy of ever losing them. I don’t ever want to know the pain that these parents have been enduring these past few days. I know God is there holding these parents – these children of His – a little tighter right now. This is all in His hands now…the best thing we can all do is continue to pray for these people – for their strength and healing.

Children are our joy…they are all the world’s joy…they are symbolic of the innocence and good in the world. And on days like that, it’s hard to believe the world has very much left of either. But I know it does. I try to find solace by believing that for every selfish act of terror, there are billions of selfless acts of kindness…there are still good people in the world. Many of them.

The loved ones of the children lost that day had their joy taken from them. There are voids in their hearts that unfortunately may never be filled. I just pray they find comfort in the Lord and allow Him to cradle them in His arms while they shed their tears, their doubts and cast their anger upon Him for what has happened.

An Instagram picture I took yesterday


In other news, I am actually having a very minor surgery this morning. But don’t worry, I am fine. This was nothing medically necessary…

I actually don’t really tell that many people about it because I know some people might have adverse opinions on it….but since I am discussing children and the joy that they are to this world, I no longer find it necessary to hide…because what I am doing today is bringing that very joy to a couple that could not do it on their own.

I am an egg donor.

For the past six weeks, I’ve undergone many medical exams, lab tests and self-administration of shots daily {and I REALLY hate needles}…I’ve been a bit hormonal to say the least, but that is what is expected. Today is the day that they are finally ready to go…and hopefully in nine months time, bring a family the joy they’ve longed for.

I have been blessed that I am even able to offer this help…be a part of this miracle…God’s purpose was for this couple to have children…and for whatever reason, He had that purpose served through me rather than them on their own. God works mysteriously.

I will be back at work tomorrow…this procedure is not invasive in the least…just thought I would end this post with a little joy…and to show that the goodness of God’s works are still in the world…for those that may have stopped believing.

Thank you for reading…I’ll try to be back on topic with my posts starting tomorrow. xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Monday Musings…Children Are The World’s Joy

  1. I love picturing what you said about God holding holding them and calming them. It's really the only thing that makes any of it bearable. And maybe you saw it on fb but the Mr. Rogers quote that said in a tragedy always look for the helpers. There are always many more helpers.Lastly, do you think you'll be tempted to see what this baby looks like? Or do you get to already? So fascinating!

  2. Hey Julie! Hope all is well with you and the fam. Thanks for reading…I was struggling with the right words for this post…it being such a tender topic, but I just sat down and let it flow from the heart…I have faith in God…and that's really all we can do these days. As far as do I get to see the baby – no, I choose to remain anonymous. I know the couple is in San Diego, but that's it. {At least my DNA will enjoy the warm SoCal sun}. xoxo

  3. I continue to pray for the healing of all those touched by this tragedy. I hope we will be able to learn from this and make changes that help prevent it from happening again.I hope all went well with your procedure. And best wishes to the couple trying to conceive.Happy Sharefest. And happy holidays. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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