Wanted Wednesday

OK, so now that we are officially off of Christmas break, into the new year, back to work, kids back to school…it’s time to get down to business. And by business I mean compiling a new list of items that have struck my fancy as of late {what other business is there, really?} Here you go…
Emily Maynard posted this pic on Instagram and I insta-fell-in-love:
So naturally, I Googled these super-cute boots:
They are the Minnetonka Moccassin 3-Layer Fringe boot and currently en route to mi casa via FedEx. At $90.00 they were too good to resist. And I know you are wondering just like I did, where she got that adorable sweater…well, my fine friends, I have done the homework for you. It’s available at www.spool72.com. I was having trouble loading their webpage, but maybe you’ll have some luck.
And in continuing with my boot fetish, I was perusing the blogs on my Google Reader when I saw this pic in Megan’s post today and well, OK, I fell in love again {I fall easy}:
How sweet are those boots? I definitely love how she styled them. I found them for sale here. {You’re welcome.} I didn’t purchase these ones {yet}, as I don’t like my hubby to go into shock by seeing so many packages arrive at the doorstep at the same time. But I’m thinking next paycheck…tee hee. We’ll see.
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