Monday Musings

Not a lot to report for this week’s Monday Musings post…unfortunately my weekend was rather uneventful. I will say I spent the greater part of Saturday getting my ultra-heavy desk that hubby built moved from one side of the room to the other. It had been bothering me for a while…and all the begging I had been doing to get hubby to help me had finally worked. This also involved moving a fish tank – which was probably the main reason it took so long to convince him. But we got ‘er done and now I am much happier with the space. I had wanted the desk to be the view you saw from the doorway, instead of a wall full of kid’s toys and the dog crate. So it’s essentially the same exact room, just flip-flopped for aesthetic appeal. {:-)} However, I know what’s on either side of it right now is not so aesthetically-pleasing…

I still have a lot of organizing and decorating to do in there…soon enough, soon enough. Here’s a look at that laundry list:
1. Purge and Organize Closet
2. Set Up Better Art Area for Kids
3. Organize Desk Drawers
4. More Wall Art & Pictures
5. Blinds & Curtains
Anyway, I worked on Sunday…I know, I know, back to that again. Thankfully I get out of work at 1:30 on weekend days, so the whole day wasn’t a total bust. It was a bit drizzly outside, but I managed to take the Tundra on a good, long walk and then just made the most of what was left of the day with my family. 
Ooh, ooh! I did manage to write down some of my 2013 home project goals…now just learning how to take it one space at a time so I don’t drive myself nuts!
Hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo
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