Thursday Randomness & My Roxy Review

Hey y’all! Just wanted to drop in really quick this Thursday with some randomness. I worked the 4:30am shift at my gym this morning and then worked out after that, so now I’m home and needless to say, a little drained!

Fun stuff though, you might remember that as a blogger for Skinny Mom, I got to try out the new Roxy Outdoor Fitness Collection and provide a review. The review included a dare of doing yoga on the beach in their gear…check out the post here. Here’s a few of the pictures my lovely friend, Jackie, took of me on the beach for the post:

Hmmmmm…which one of these shall I make my new Facebook profile pic? LOL. We had so much fun that day…I posted on here how we ended up getting some delicious breakfast burritos and drinking a pitcher of Mimosas at Acme Cantina on Sullivan’s Island.

In other news, the hubby and my oldest son, Tanner, are off to Charlotte this weekend to meet our new niece, Payton. I really wish Breckin and I could go, but unfortunately, my Siberian Husky, Tundra, is having some health issues and I’m having to give her medicine every day for at least another week. Can’t take her to doggy daycare and don’t want to just pay someone to drop in here and there, leaving her in a crate all day Saturday and Sunday. And who could do that to this big baby?

She has no shame.

Jake’s brother and his family will be visiting here for Easter though, so not much longer until I meet the new addition. ♥

We spent a good bit of this week working on the new pantry and I can’t wait to reveal it to y’all on here. I need to paint the walls and I am trying to think of a way to prettify the shelves, giving it a little “pop”. So soon, my darlings, soon.

Well, that’s about it for now. Don’t forget to check out the Roxy post on Skinny Mom today! xoxo

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Fitting Room Fun

I found some time last week to hit Target sans kids so I thought it would be best to take advantage of the opportunity to actually get to try on some clothes in the dressing rooms.

I found some cute things…

Thought I’d go ahead and get that one out of the way…I was actually going back and forth on sharing this one here…but hey, if this blog is going to be honest and raw…then I have to let go of some insecurities, right?

I tried on this bikini and I actually really liked it. The bottom seemed kind of baggy, but I felt if I went down a size, it wouldn’t give the coverage I like on the backside {thank you, Tanner & Breckin}. I’m still in the midst of getting in bikini shape for summer. I didn’t get this, but maybe if it’s still in stock a month from now, I’ll try it on again.

I loved the color of these shorts {could not find link online, but check your local store}. And the length was just right – flattering because it didn’t show too much upper thigh. I’ll feel like I can bend over safely when chasing my little one at the play parks and such.

I also went ahead and bought them in jean blue…

That top is also great…I mentioned it in this post last week. It goes great with leggings, I had been looking for a light, layering sweater to pair with leggings and skinnies.

Lastly, I loved this bright blue maxi skirt. It is longer in the back than the front.

I am so in the mood for spring weather so I can start rocking these things!

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Brit Brit is Stunning!

I have waited YEARS for Britney Spears to finally get her look together and my friends, I think that day has finally come. I just found this picture of the lovely Ms. Spears at Elton John’s Oscars after party and all I can say is, “Wow.” She looks so much younger with the caramel color on her tresses…just so much more natural than her signature platinum blonde. I think it’s about time she gave the platinum up…she’s not 19 anymore…but gosh, she looks so much closer to age 19 now!

21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Inside: Britney Spears
It seems she’s finally getting her life together after the last six or so years of troubles. I couldn’t be more happy for her…I hope she ends up with a good guy the next time around and that she keeps her head held high on her shoulders. I’m a longtime fan of her and wish her the best.
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Monday Musings

Happy Monday, y’all! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday here was a soggy, rainy day. I don’t think it really ever stopped dropping water from the sky. It was definitely one of those days that makes you want to nap.

 Rainy day nap - awwwwww he looks like my Breton!!  :)

I wish I could say I was that dog on Saturday, but I was actually working the early morning shift at my gym – psst, not sure if I mentioned on here yet that I took on a part-time job there as the opener. It’s basically just for extra spending money {upcoming vacays and such}, plus I no longer have to pay for my gym membership. Also, being at the gym from 4:30am-8am makes it easy for me to stay and get a workout in before I leave. I’m still in lax mode with my 8:30-5 job, probably until April, so I don’t really have to be at the office. I’ve been working out 8am-9am on the days I work at the gym in the morning.

Saturday night, Jake and I got to go out on a date. We went and saw Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel {yum} and Julianne Hough. It was a really sweet movie. I love that Nicholas Sparks, I tell you.

Sunday was a much better day than Saturday in terms of weather. It was high 60s/low 70s and sunny. I took the boys to the beach.

Did any of y’all catch the Oscars last night? I really think that for the most part, my favorite stars looked really great. There were some questionable characters, but that’s what makes it interesting, right? I do have to say, this couple in particular was glowing:
85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jenna Dewan Tatum is simply stunning, and she is no exception while pregnant. I must say I am a tiny bit jealous because I think I join the majority girls in wishing I was carrying Channing Tatum’s baby…just sayin’. {But I love you, Hubby!} Channing looks so happy to become a daddy; they are both so sweet.

Well, I hope y’all have a wonderful week! xoxo

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A Little Change Around Here

Some of you may notice that I have moved all of my posts from my sister blog, i-Heart Fitness over to this blog. Reason being is that I simply was not able to put the time and effort into building two separate blogs. I definitely spend the bulk of my time here and would love to be able to share my love of fitness over here as well, rather than segregating it off to another url completely. I hope y’all will be happy with the change and look forward to some fitness-related posts in the future. Feel free to peruse through my archives to read some of the fitness-related posts I moved over {easily searched via the labels in the far right hand sidebar}.
Thanks for reading – have a great weekend! xoxo
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Friday Five

Happy Friday, Darlings. Five things I love this week:


Found out @MinnetonkaMocc started following me on Twitter last month {can’t believe I just now noticed!} and they’ve retweeted me not once, but TWICE! At the risk of sounding like a total dork, I have to say it gave me the warm fuzzies.

They retweeted this post and this post. {Pssst…if you’re a Twitter user, my handle is @morgalicious483. Would love the follow. Let me know yours!}


Thanks to Ashley at Turquoise & Teale, I discovered this game available at Amazon:

How fun is that? I am soooo getting this game…my fellow Charlestonian friends will love it!


Tried on this sweater at Target and had to buy…I had been looking for a long layering sweater to wear with leggings. It’s shorter in the front than the back and a very light, breathable, weaved fabric. Super comfy.

Xhilaration® Juniors High Low Marl Sweater - Assorted Colors
$22.99 at Target


Picked up this nail color at my local CVS Pharmacy, It’s called Plastic Flamingo by Spoiled {Wet n’ Wild}. It’s the perfect bright pink for spring and summer…pretty much flourescent! And it’s only $1.99. Don’t get me wrong, I love the array of colors that Essie makes, but I truly cringe at the thought of spending $8.00 or so on one color of polish.


Getting back into Bikram Yoga classes so I can pull off stuff like this again…I had been letting my flexibility slip away and I just simply can’t keep letting that happen!


Have a great weekend. Weather is supposed to be 70 and not rainy on Sunday, so I can hopefully get the boys out to the beach! xoxo

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Thirty Before 30: Update

OK, I have less than two months until my Big 3-0 – so I thought it was time for an update. I will be honest and tell you I’ve lost sight of this list a little bit…so I’m hoping as I go through it that I’ve actually accomplished more than I think I have. Let’s see…

1. Run a Half Marathon {Scheduled for October 21st, 2012 in Myrtle Beach} Common sense came upon me and I realized that training for this during July/August/September in the South when I’m not already a seasoned runner is just plain cray-cray. I’ve still got the goal and just re-started my training on 10/1 to run the Charleston 1/2 Marathon in January.  Good God, I am sucking at this one. A surgery in December put me out for the 1/2 marathon in January (fell out of training and wasn’t ready). Planned to do one in March, but I honestly think I’ll be pushing this back to the Fall. My running has definitely improved, so I’m not at a loss personally, but I’m just a little nervous about doing one yet.
2. Start Selling My Art – seriously need to find the time to paint because I really want to do this. I have been seeking inspiration lately and plan to get going with my first collection hopefully in time for Christmas. OK…need to get on this.
3. Take a Stab at Photography {and get a nice DSLR camera} & Start a Portfolio – Plan to purchase DSLR in December…lots o’ dollars coming my way soon. Yippee! – I did purchase one in December and I have been practicing! I haven’t created an online gallery or portfolio yet.
4. Lose 15 lbs – Um yeah, still working on this. Since first making this list in July, I have lost 10 lbs. So well on the way and working hard in the gym to lose a little more.
5. Take a Long Weekend Getaway – Just Hubby & Me – Not sure this will happen before my 30th. My job loss in January set us back financially by a few weeks.
6. Take Jake & The Boys to Idaho to Visit My Family {Happening 7/21-8/8!}
7. Finish Redecorating the House Work in progress, but a lot accomplished since this list was first made! We’ve done the kitchen updates since the last time I updated this list. We have some painting to do, but other than that, I’m done with a lot of the major stuff.
8. Start {and Keep} A Vegetable/Fruit Garden – Spring plans…
9. Take My Sons to Pick Up Litter on the Beach
10. Rediscover My Inner Dancer and Take Classes Again – Have been hitting barre, but need to dance!
11. Find the Courage to Sing in Front of a Group of People
12. Volunteer at My Church
13. Start Training for a Full Marathon {and maybe run one if I’m ready and can find one before my birthday} – I need to get the half done…then start working toward this.
14. Have My Blog Reach 1,000+ Followers {You can help me with this one! Spread the love!}
15. Take A Cooking Class
16. Take a Girls’ Weekend Trip
17. Complete a Round of Insanity – Did like 1/4 of a round a few weeks back…started again this week. Started again, then stopped. Think I will restart on Saturday.
18. Complete a Round of Insanity: Asylum Vol. 1 – Will have to finish #17 first. – This probably won’t happen since I’m not done with Insanity. But I plan to take this on this year sometime.
19. Get a Family Pet That Tanner Can Learn to Care For We got some fish (8)! And just got a new Siberian Husky {which I have to care for, Tanner helps}
20. Take the Boys to LegoLand We are going in June (so not before my birthday, but still!)
21. Find the Courage to Let Go of the Clothes in My Closet I Truly Don’t Need AnymoreGarage sale last weekend!
22. Give My Husband a Wonderful 35th Birthday
23. Quit Drinking Diet Rockstars/Energy Drinks – I don’t want to talk about it. #failingmiserably
24. Take a “Brothers” Picture of Tanner & Breckin At Least Once A Month
25. Get Professional Family Pictures Taken {Preferably Once in the Fall & Again in Spring}
26. Open an IRA or 401K {Don’t worry, Hubby does have an account through USCG! I’d just like to help out too.} Just started a new job that offers a 401K and matches a percentage. Will get that in 90 days, so it won’t be in time for my 30th, but soon after.
27. Start a Ladies Fitness Group/Boot Camp – Got the Facebook Group for other Lowcountry gals started, but need to do some meeting up!
28. Find a Hairstyle/Color that I Love and Can Maintain
29. Monetize My Blog
30. Find out I’m preggers with #3…? {This is a big maybe, but definitely want it to happen by 30 if it’s going to!}

I really need to get more focused on my goals. Life throws me a round so much that I lose track. I guess I haven’t done so bad, but definitely could have done better. Will recap you in a couple months when I turn 30!

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