Blog Q&A: Why I Blog

Over the last couple of years since I started blogging, I’ve had all sorts of questions from friends, family and even random readers of my blog(s) pertaining to why I do it, what’s the point, etc. Well, I’ve compiled a little Q&A list together that will hopefully clear the air on a few things.

1. Do you think people even care what you have to say or what goes on in your daily life? 
I have three answers for that – 1) yes 2) no 3) I don’t care. What people should know is that I realize I don’t have the most enviable life or anything, so I hope that no one ever gets this idea that I think I’m so awesome that everyone should want to read what I have to write, but I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing and I enjoy this creative outlet of mine. I also realize no one HAS to read it. But I don’t care…I love new readers as much as the next blogger, but if I only had one or two readers, I’d probably still write the blog. So in short, yes, there are people that care about my daily life – and they are most likely my family and friends, and a few other bloggers that enjoy my content. But there are also people that probably don’t care for what I have to write about, have checked the blog out and have never returned. I don’t have time to dwell on that…I think it’s something all bloggers deal with.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I actually started tinkering with blogging back in 2006, shortly after I had Tanner. I live in Charleston, SC away from my family and friends I grew up with or met in college, so it was my way of giving them a way to keep up with me and see pictures of Tanner. Back then, I didn’t even realize blogging could be more than an online journal of sorts. I’ve been through many blog identity crises since then {name and niche changes, etc.} and I’ve finally settled in with a blog that I love to write. Now I blog because I’ve literally become addicted to reading other lifestyle blogs and being inspired every day. I believe it’s helped me grow. It’s as addicting as Facebook and Pinterest…and just so you pin-addicts know, I don’t believe Pinterest would be what it is without bloggers.

blog tips

3. Do you make money off your blog?
As of right now, no I do not make any money from my blog. I do it purely for hobby. Style Oyster itself is only 8 months old. I work full-time, so that doesn’t really matter that much to me. Would it be nice? Yes. But it’s not ever going to become my passion for blogging. The monetized blog world is a pretty competitive one – so I only imagine by pure chance I would ever start gaining monetarily with this blog.

women personal finance

4. Why the name Style Oyster?
When I was going through my blog identity crisis the last time around, I knew I wanted a name that could reflect my loves – art, fashion, interior design, home decor, organization, general lifestyle, etc. – that way I wouldn’t feel like I had to stick to one specific topic all the time {that can be hard to keep writing about}. I believe the word “style” encompasses so many facets of one person’s interests and personality. The oyster part came because I wanted it to be somewhat of a coastal name since I’m in Charleston, SC and the phrase “the world is your oyster” really strikes a chord with me because I believe one’s style and life is inspired by the world around them. And because all the really good blog names were taken already.

5. Do you have more than one blog?
Yes, I actually have three. The other two are a fitness blog, i-Heart Fitness, and a family/motherhood blog, Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After {with the Smith’s}. I don’t spend as much time on the other two as with Style Oyster, but I definitely try to post things on there that aren’t quite fitting with Style Oyster, especially the family updates, etc…those are saved for the family/motherhood blog which is mostly for family and friends {and whoever else might care}. I also contribute content for the very large fitness blog, Skinny Mom.

6. What other social networking platforms do you use?
I frequent Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and just recently got started using Vine – my username on there is Style Oyster. I have yet to make a video though – need to start trying it out.

7. Do you consider yourself an expert in fashion, interior design, etc.?
Absolutely not. I am in this more for the inspiration than anything. I am learning so much just by reading other blogs and also bigger websites, i.e. Better Homes & Gardens, Houzz, etc. If anything, seeing pretty pictures every day just motivates me to get projects done around my house, or try a risky fashion choice I would not have thought of otherwise. I just love to share what I’m doing around my home, or new outfits I’ve found, or even things I’m currently swooning over. I welcome all comments – good and bad – because honestly, if I’ve just done something to my home decor that looks not quite right, I want to know about it…I am all about learning and improving. I know not everyone will love my style, but I’m OK with that. I read some blogs where the writers do some things that I wouldn’t necessarily do for myself, but it doesn’t stop me from reading their blogs because most of the time I do like their content. I hope that my readers and passersby do the same.


Thanks so much for checking out this Q&A. I hope it’s cleared some things up a bit about me and why I blog. And I know I don’t say this enough, but thank you thank you thank you for following my blog. xoxo

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I’m On A Boat!

Haha, NOT. {Did I really just pull out a circa 1990s not?} But anyway, seriously wish I was. However, just because I’m not, doesn’t mean I can’t have me some stylish and comfy boat shoes. I’ve been in Charleston for about 8 years now…I think it’s time. It’s also time for me to get on some more boats…{I’ll work on that}.
Here are some boat shoes by Sperry that I’m dying to rest my feet in comfortably…perfect for shopping or just having a casual weekend.
 I’m in the mood for spring, aren’t you?


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Monday Musings

It was kind of a weird weekend with Jake away in Chicago for his Grandpa’s funeral. He still isn’t back actually – he is supposed to fly in late tonight. The boys and I had some Mommy/Sons time though, which was nice. The weather in Charleston, SC was on the chilly side this weekend, but that didn’t keep us from playing outside.

{Love that vintage fire truck Jake’s dad had repainted for Breckin for Christmas. You don’t see toys like this at the store anymore! I think we’ll save this one to pass down to our grandchildren. On another note, please excuse the heinousness that is our grass. It always looks terrible in the winter…the grass in Charleston is yucky in my opinion anyway. Plan on putting down some more seed in the next few weeks for spring.}

Additionally, as promised, here is the pic of Jake and me when we got to meet The Band Perry on Valentine’s Day before their concert:

The brother to the left of me, Neil, was dying over my Minnetonka Moccassins claiming he’s “all about the fringe right now”. I told him to go get him some. Here’s a reminder of how my whole ensemble looked that evening:

Kimberly is so cute and so pretty {and I just adore her voice, always sing my heart out to their songs in the car}…hard to believe she’s turning 30 this year just like me {listen to me, I make it sound like we should look old and ragged or something!} She was a bit shorter than I imagined…she was wearing high heel boots and still a bit shorter than me as you can see in the pic – and my boots are heel-less! But her hair – TO DIE FOR. I can only dream of having that kind of volume and curls that stay.

On Friday, I officially started my new job. It’s sort of interesting right now…the office is just an empty space that they just started the lease on. Everyone I work for/with is either in Dubai or some other state. So I’m working, but not really working. I’m just basically on call to get the office things together – phone, internet, furniture, etc. and won’t officially start my main duties until probably April. Don’t mind getting paid anyway! Nice to have the somewhat lax schedule right now. I drove out to the office that day to check it out and get the keys and my lovelies, let me show you the view I will get to see every day:

I mean, have I upgraded from the windowless factory at Boeing, or what? I can’t wait to take nice walks at lunch hour – maybe I can even skip over to the Cooper River Bridge {that beauty in the background} and get some cardio in. I am starting at the best time too – spring. Spring in Charleston is lovely and the weather is perfect. I work right next to the South Carolina Aquarium, so anyone in Charleston knows how nice the place is.

The rest of the weekend I spent just catching up on housework, etc…you know, the usual. Always something to be done around here, I tell you. I actually cleaned out Jake’s truck while he was gone…he can be such a slob with his vehicle, then add in the fact that he works in construction. So yeah – sawdust, tools, nails and random trash littered all about. I refuse even to ride in his truck if he doesn’t wipe out my seat. So I shop-vac’d and Armor-All’d the hell out of that thing. Can’t wait to see how surprised he is when he gets in it to go to work tomorrow.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this Monday Musings post…hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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Valentine’s Day Recap

I’m in a haze this morning, y’all…extremely exhausted. But Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry were AWESOME last night! We had such a fun Valentine’s Day. It was what we needed because Jake had to fly to Illinois early this morning – his grandfather passed away early yesterday morning. He is attending the funeral and being with family and won’t return until late Monday night. Just me and the boys for about four whole days…we’re going to miss him.

Yesterday after picking up the boys from school, I surprised them with a little Valentine’s Day party of our own:

The beer of course was for Jake. {I figured he’d like that more than flowers.}

Did you catch that sneak peek at our new table? Mentioned changing out the dining situation in this post the other day.

As for the Rascal Flatts concert later that night, I had gone searching that day for the perfect dress to pair with my Minnetonka Moccassins {I already had it set in my mind I was going to wear those to the concert}. And it didn’t take me long to find…check out this beautiful teal dress I snagged up at TJ Maxx for $12.99:

It’s so light and comfy – will be perfect for summer. I’ll admit I was a little chilly at last night’s concert, but not so bad that I couldn’t stand it. 

The boots are available here and the necklace I bought at Bohme when I visited my family in Idaho last August.

We got to meet The Band Perry backstage last night…Kimberly Perry is much shorter than I thought she was, but she is super-cute and they put on a really good show. I found out we are the same age – she turns 30 in July. {Maybe there’s still hope then for my country music career? No?} I love both her brothers’ {Neil and Reid} hairstyles. We got a picture taken with them, but that will come later as they haven’t posted it to their website yet {they wouldn’t let anyone take pics with their own cameras}.

Oh and speaking of concerts – I’m definitely dropping hints to Jake that I want to see Carrie Underwood on April 17th in Columbia, SC {my 30th birthday is April 14th}…and just found out that Jason Aldean and Jake Owen are coming to Charleston in May – going to be a great year of concerts! {Maybe I can try to win some more tix on the radio? So far my track record is twice – the concert last night and also saw Tonic in 2009 after winning tickets on 95SX! But don’t want to jinx myself.}

Anyway, I hope y’all had a very romantic and sweet Valentine’s Day. xoxo.

P.S. I realized in the past year or two I’ve really become quite the country music fan…never really was growing up. I think that it has to do with the maturity and substance of the songs in the genre…I must be growing up. But I still love a little bit of everything. ♥

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Celebrate Love Today…All Kinds

Single or attached…we all have loved ones. Celebrate that today and show those you love just how much you love them.

Happy Valentine's Day coffee
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day. 

{I won tickets and meet-n-greet passes on the radio yesterday to the Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry concert tonight in Charleston, so that’s where I will be tonight with my husband! Hope y’all have a great day/evening as well!}
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Breakfast Nook Moodboard

Ever since Jake and I repainted our kitchen cabinets, added a backsplash and installed new flooring – we have really wanted to do up the dining area to follow suit with the classiness. Jake hates our dining table {I’ve had it since my California days, bought it off a friend…so it’s not like I was in love with it either, it was just a decent table that worked.} So now we are ready for a change. One of the main reasons for the decision to get a different table {other than Jake’s general loathing of it}, was that we have a pretty small eat-in kitchen dining area, so we decided that a round table would be the best option for the space – hopefully making it feel more open. {And the table actually just left my house a little while ago since I posted it on Craigslist!} We are a family of four, so we don’t need a huge table…and when we do have guests over, we can find a way to make do.

Art {distorted} / Table / Settee / Chairs / Rug

I would love to flow the yellow/pink/white color scheme from our living room into the dining area because the dining area is visible straight from the front door that enters into the living room. We plan on painting the kitchen walls a light gray {as well as the rest of the living room} eventually.

I would love three of those chairs surrounding the table and then the settee I just thought adds a coziness to the setting, rather than just a fourth chair. The art is something I will do myself and this is a good inspiration piece for where my mind was going with what I wanted to create. The table we are actually picking up today, but get this, we found it on Craigslist for $75.00 – a steal since it still costs $239.99 at Target. I have been looking for a round pedestal dining table forever and I am so glad we found one.

I will keep you posted as my vision comes together!

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Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Storage

I totally took a cue from Cassie’s post yesterday and got my butt in gear on working to resolve our bathroom storage issue. We have a very small bathroom upstairs that serves as our master bathroom, but unfortunately it is the only bathroom up there, so we share it with the boys. OK, OK, might as well call it a community bathroom.

Anywho, it has a standard-size {read: small} vanity cabinet that doesn’t even have drawers that really pull out. It has those fake ones that are just for looks. Other than this cabinet, the only storage we have is the linen closet, but that’s pretty full with towels and my crazy amount of lotions and products {this will be my next organization project in here}. As you can see from this next picture, Jake and I really need a space that allows for easy and convenient access when we get ready in the morning, while allowing our counters to be clear when not in use. You can see we were not properly utilizing the storage space:

Pretty pathetic, huh? Poor Jake was only working with that tiny black basket to store his essentials.

Well, so off to Target and the Dollar Store I went. I found these small containers at the dollar store. They ended up being the perfect size for the drawers I would find at my next stop, Target.

I also found this basket that I ended up using for my curler set. I don’t use this set too much, but this basket will make it easy to grab out of the cabinet and keeps the clips corralled with it.

And here are the contents of the drawers {I got so lucky that these drawers fit perfectly around the plumbing pipes}. The black and clear drawer on top of mine holds all of my mani/pedi supplies for easy grab-and-go access, since I like to do them in the living room while watching TV after the boys go to bed.

I wanted to add the extra special touch of labeling the drawers and I remembered that I still had some of my Martha Stewart file cabinet labels leftover from my desk organization project.

Unfortunately, I only had two of them, not three, so I decided to just label the drawers for Jake and me and figured the toilet paper drawer would be fine without.

So there you have it, my organized bathroom cabinet storage. I am so excited about it…this will prevent clutter on our countertop and allow more space in the linen closet for other things.

So what do you think?

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