A Solemn Day and a Sad Goodbye

Not much to say today…my heart is breaking right now. I let y’all know yesterday that my Siberian Husky, Tundra, has been sick with breathing issues since her heartworm treatment. I have only had her 5 months…and I’ve done everything I can to try and save her. I wish she had been taken care of because no dog deserves this…and I was duped into adopting her thinking she had a clean bill of health. But I do not regret knowing her…she is a good puppy and I’m glad she didn’t die alone out on the streets…I’m glad I could give her a nice family and lots of love. She has taken a turn for the worse and I know she is suffering and that this life is not quality for her, so it is with a heavy heart that I have to take her to the vet today to say goodbye. I will be back here on Monday…

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