Weekend & Off To Visit Family

This weekend wasn’t too exciting…I worked overtime shifts both days, super-cleaned house {I must officially dub myself a Super Mom because the house is clean down to the baseboards} and started packing because tomorrow Jake, the boys and I are off for a much-needed and long overdue visit to Idaho to visit my family and friends. We will fly back on Breckin’s 2nd birthday, August 8th. {Good thing he’s only going to be two because there’s no way he’d let us live this one down if he was old enough to realize we are spending his entire birthday flying back across the country!}

I haven’t been back to Idaho since Christmas of 2007. Tanner had just turned two and it was just him and me. {Tickets are crazy-expensive, so Jake stayed behind…in fact, Jake hasn’t been to Idaho since we stopped through on our way to move to Charleston when I was pregnant with Tanner.}

Check out the sweetest picture ever of this kid in Idaho snow:

Oh, he just melts my heart. I don’t get to see them bundled up like that here in Charleston. I can’t believe this guy is almost SEVEN. Where does the time go?
I’m also excited about seeing this girl:

My Shelby. {Pardon this terrible photo of me! And don’t mind her creepy red eye…she has one blue and one brown and this always happens to just the blue one in pictures of her.} She is turning 14 on August 9th. I know this will likely be the last time I see her…it’s so unfortunate that dogs don’t live as long as we do. I remember bringing her home in 1998, just a bouncy little puppy…I basically forced her upon my parents knowing that they couldn’t say no if they had a chance to see her and hold her. She turned out to be the best dog. I always won those kinds of battles when I was younger {that’s why at any given time, we had two dogs and six cats…}

Here’s a picture of my old stomping grounds…Twin Falls is a quaint town with a lot of mom-and-pop retail…but it does have its character…and beautiful views like this:

The Perrine Bridge – Snake River Canyon – Twin Falls, ID

That bridge is actually one of the ten best bungee jumping spots in the world. {I’m not speaking from experience here.} I am definitely taking the boys down in the canyon for some hiking and beautiful scenery.

My mom lives in Boise, ID, so we will have some decent nightlife opportunity at least and are also getting a tour of the famous Smurf turf {my mom works at BSU}…


She says TV doesn’t do it justice; that it is the most amazing royal blue. I’m hoping to get to touch it…maybe roll around a little…do some cartwheels…

In other news, there are TWO big things that happened this weekend…and they’re actually considered milestones in my book.

#1: Breckin went from this:

To this:
I can’t even believe how much older he looks! It kind of broke my heart a little…but he’ll be 2 in a week and 1/2…Tanner got his big boy haircut at 19 months. He does look super handsome though {in my expert opinion!}

#2: Literally. Breckin’s first semi-successful attempt at the potty and it was a #2! By semi-successful I mean it was only a little bit, but it’s SOMETHING! And he came to me and said “Momma, poo poo potty.” I have a feeling this one is going to learn a lot faster than the first. {Thank you to the Elmo potty video he is obsessed with!}

While I’m gone, I will still be posting on here as I regularly do…and I will let you know all about the trip when I return. It’s important to see family, and I’m glad we finally get the opportunity. xoxo

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