Family Christmas Letter

One of my favorite things to do at Christmastime is send Christmas cards to loved ones. As you saw from yesterday’s post, I finally got our family photos taken so I could get cards made. Another thing I like to include with these cards is a Christmas letter that lets friends and family far away know what’s been up with us the past year. {Call me a nerd, but I love it.} I remember my family getting these types of letters when I was a little kid and I really enjoyed reading them. I wanted to try something different than the usual letter format this year, so when I saw this card at Minted, I knew I wanted to create something like it, but larger {love when I get to put my graphic design degree to use…even if it’s for no money, lol}:
So here’s my version that I slaved over last night, I’m quite happy with it! {Sorry to those that will be receiving this, as now it’s not a surprise, but I figure much of my long distance family are not avid readers of my blog, so I’m sure it’s fine!}
Sadly, I felt like I was having to really reach to find interesting things to put on this letter…I guess this was just one of those years where not a lot of big things happened. I think we all have those years from time to time. The kids are at ages where they weren’t hitting any crazy milestones. If it weren’t for Breckin being so lazy about walking that he didn’t really do it until January of this year when he was 16-17 months old {because that should have been a 2011 milestone, seriously!}, or for Tanner’s loosening baby teeth, or Breckin nearly losing his finger in a door jamb at daycare leading to his first {and hopefully LAST} set of stitches, we wouldn’t have had many milestones at all! I know we will have a much more interesting story in 2013. Jake and I are both hitting big birthday years, 35 and 30, respectively. I plan on FINALLY visiting my beloved California to see old friends {my 30th birthday prezzy to myself!}, we are taking the boys to Disney World and Legoland in June, I am running my first half marathon…gosh, I am much more excited for next year’s Christmas letter! {At least now I have a good template, lol.}
Do you do Christmas letters?
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