Kid’s Organized Art Area

Let me tell you how happy I am to finally be posting this! This means I have finally gotten my act together and created a clean and organized space for my children to create in! It has been on my to-do list for a long time now. I’ve gone through all sorts of different storage options for their supplies and I think I’ve finally landed on something I am happy with and so excited to share with all of you.

I found the white table and stool at Target. The white table is normally $49.99, but I got it on sale for $39.99. I had eyed it for a couple of months and happened to walk by it again one day when I saw the sale, so I had to grab it up. I am now kicking myself because I should have grabbed two…I do have enough space next to it for another one. I think I’ll be getting another one. The stool was $11.99.

The bar and buckets are from IKEA. I knew I wanted 3, one for markers, one for crayons and one for colored pencils. The bar was $2.99, each bucket was $3.99, the “S” hooks were $1.99 for a set of 10, and the wire basket was $3.99. The wire basket is used to hold their stickers. I used Martha Stewart chalkboard labels.

For the wall holding their papers and books, I used some wire racks that I found at TJ Maxx and/or Marshalls {I have a few of these around the house and I’ve gotten them from both places}. They were $14.99 each.

I used a white paint marker from Hobby Lobby to label them. The paint is washable with rubbing alcohol should I ever want to write anything different. The printable you see above the racks is one I designed myself – and a quote I made up myself:

I wanted the area to be a positive space for them while they create. I think it will make them feel good to read all of the signs. Tanner is the only one that can read them right now!

The other wall has two bulletin boards by Board Dudes that I had already. They were from Target. I thought it would be great for them to be able to pin up their favorite works of art. And the rest of the wall is filled with more positive printables!

Here is one happy boy using the art area:

So there you have it – our finished art area for the kiddos!

Verdict: They love it!

Here is a full view again:

What do you think? Please remember to pin it if you love it! xoxo

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Entryway Restyle

I’m at it again…moving things around here and there. I don’t think I ever go more than a few days before moving at least one thing in my house to a new spot. I’ve restyled my entryway console table and I wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think because I know sometimes it needs a few pairs of eyes and some good suggestions to get a great final product. Thanks, darlings! xoxo

 I added those key hooks because I am notorious for forgetting where I last set my keys. I needed somewhere right in the entry that I could hang them. This was at Kohl’s on sale for $8.99.

Those coral geometric frames were a great find last year at Walmart – $4.98 each! They hold pictures of me with both my boys at similar ages, in the pool, wearing the same hat. The one to the right was Tanner in 2006 and the other is Breckin in 2011.

Speaking of coral, that white beauty you see there was one I ordered from Z Gallerie a few months ago. It was $24.99. The magazine and book stacks  contain all of my favorite home magazines {HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Charleston Home + Design, etc.} and a few of my favorite home decorating books.

The abstract art is the work of my first grader, Tanner – done when he was age six last summer. The pallet art is mine…hubby and I have talked about working together to make and sell these eventually.

And of course, my favorite Craigslist find to date is still that yellow Crate & Barrel console table…it was love at first sight.

Hope you enjoy my latest restyle {I can guarantee there will be more to come!}

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DIY Monogram Art

This was a pretty easy project that didn’t cost a lot at all.

Supplies Needed:
Frame {Mine were a total of $4.00}
Fabric sized to fit picture in frame {About $7.00 per 1/2 yd cut}
Wooden Letter of Choice {I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.75 each, regularly $3.49}
Spray Paint for Frame {Optional – I had on hand from other projects}
Spray Paint for Letter {Had on hand from other projects}
Fabric Stapler {Had on hand}
Craft Glue {Had on hand}

Total Cost per Monogram Art {for me, considering I already had some supplies on hand}: $10.75

When I was at Goodwill a while back, I found two identical frames with some very old-fashioned art in them that I knew would be perfect to make some statement art with for the boys’ rooms. At $2.00 each, they were a great deal, their overall size being approx 18″ x 22″.

The art pulled out rather easily, just bending a few staples. They were actually cardboard-like, so I used them to put my fabric on.

I laid out the picture backward on the fabric so it wouldn’t show through the fabric on the front. I made sure it laid evenly and then pulled back the fabric tight and secured in place with my fabric stapler.

{Please don’t mind my hairy carpet, the remnants of Siberian Husky are hard to get rid of…with time it will happen, lol.}

To paint the letters, I used this paint:

I didn’t have to prime them before. As you can see, the red was a paint and primer in one. I lightly sprayed two coats on each, letting dry between coats. I then let them each sit for an hour before applying to the fabric.

This is a picture of the fabric I used for Breckin {I won’t be showing his final piece because I am working on his wall gallery and will reveal all then!}

For Tanner’s frame, since I chose to paint his white, I used one coat each of these:

After the frame was dry and the letter was set with craft glue onto the fabric, I put it all back together and this is what I got! It was exactly the look I was going for with Tanner’s monogram.

What do you think? Please “pin” it if you love it! xoxo

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I Want My MoMA!

Or at least I think my kiddos will.
Check out these adorable coloring and art books I stumbled upon, by MoMA:


As an artist, it’s important to me that my kids discover and develop their creativity. 
I think MoMA’s line of coloring books encourage a lot of creativity and artistic techniques.
They are also affordably priced…ranging from $10-$17 each.
And aren’t these tablemats the cutest idea to help cure that “bewitching hour” craziness by giving the kiddos something to do while waiting for their dinner…I know I could use this!
Can’t wait to receive these adorable things for my boys! 
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Art Inspiration

I have been so busy lately – it’s been a while since I’ve hit the easel. And since I am so busy, if and when I DO get the chance to paint, I sometimes find myself lacking inspiration…I desperately need to get started painting some art for my space because my walls are bare! Here are some works of art I’ve found interesting and inspiring:



I just love the playful use of paint strokes and color in all of these. Don’t you?

Time to get to paintin’. xoxo.

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A Little Love & A Lot of Yellow

You get two posts today, you lucky ducks, you!

So let’s start this post off bright and happy…

I can’t think of any other way to do that other than to show you my favorite Craigslist score to date:

Oh-Em-Gee, right? I was on Craigslist lurking around for fun DIY candidates when I stumbled upon the post that held this beauty. A Crate & Barrel yellow lacquered table being sold for 25% of the original price. It was a little steeper than I wanted to pay for a Craigslist console table, but it was so perfect for my space {both color and measurements}, I wouldn’t have to do a thing to it and it was in excellent condition…so I didn’t even bother haggling. I just wanted it to be mine.

And mine she is. God is good. {Well, God is way better to me than just perfect bright yellow console tables, but you get the gist.}

I’ll be showing you how I styled her in just a hot second…but I first want to show you something I created just for the table. I’m sure many of you have seen and admired the lovely work of Jen Ramos of Made By Girl. I had been teetering and tottering over purchasing this piece from her online store the last couple of weeks:


After careful decision, I decided I actually wanted something painted on canvas, so I recreated the print myself using gold metallic acrylic paint. I purchased a 16×20 frame for $14.99 from Target and voila:

{I highly recommend you check out Jen’s shop, especially if you are not the DIY type. I just happen to love making art myself, so when I see something I love and am able to do, I DIY it rather than buy it. She’s got some great stuff though, and great ideas…I would have definitely purchased this print if I couldn’t have painted it; it’s not a bad price either.}

And here this LOVE-ly painting is on my beautiful yellow console table…styled up and pretty.

{This is not permanent styling – just threw some quick things together for now, and that top mirror key rack will be gone as soon as I finish my DIY project for what is going in that spot! Can’t wait to show you…}

So what do you think of the new piece? {Or rather, both of them!}

I’ll be coming back very soon with an update post showing you my living room befores/afters…there are still some things in progress, but I am so happy with how far it’s come since earlier this year when I started to brighten things up. Stay tuned…xoxo.

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Friday Fab Five

What a week! This marks my 12th day in a row of working…{darnit to working weekends!} So needless to say, I am R-E-A-D-Y for this 3-day weekend.

But, even with all of this working, I have found the time to lust over some wonderful things…here’s my Friday Five:

{1} ZGallerie’s Drake mirror that just recently hit stores…oooh so pretty, but sorta steep for my shallow pockets at $399.00. Boo. Buy it for me? I still love you, ZGallerie, and despite the price, I’m sure this beauty will fly off the shelves.


{2} This new printable I made for my bar area…{currently making a few options that can be personalized and adding them to my Etsy shop soon}:

{3} This cobalt-like nail color from Essie:

{4} This painting at Cocoa & Hearts:

{five} This iPhone Armband

…and just ordered this armband from eBay at $3.97 and free shipping! Should get it by next week – this will make my gym sessions and half marathon training runs {as well as the half marathon} much more enjoyable!

So at least I was able to get one thing off my list {with the exception of item #2 that I made myself!}

Happy Friday! xoxo

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