Project: Kitchen Update

I’ve not been a fan of our kitchen situation since the day we moved in back in 2008.

The only things we had really done since then were adding a wainscot on the walls and installing a cauffered ceiling. So other than those things, we were left with plain ol’ builder-grade maple cabinetry, a formica countertop in a hideous blue speckled color, a run-of-the-mill stainless steel sink and faucet, a linoleum floor and backsplash-less walls. Bleck. {Don’t even get me started with how the kitchen doesn’t even entertain to the living room…makes our whole space feel small…but that can only be resolved by purchasing a new house.}

A week or so back, I posted this little picture as a clue to a project we were working on:

Well, if you guessed it was a backsplash, you were correct!

Not only did we do a backsplash, hubby got a bunch of free granite as a kickback from one of his construction jobs. All that had to be paid for was getting it measured and cut to fit, and getting an under-mount sink {as well as new faucet!}

So take a look at our kitchen now:

Now, we’re by no means done with this space. I’ve still got a laundry list I’m working on, but glad to have marked a few things off {only took 4 years to get moving}! But I really like how it’s coming along and I can’t wait to have the vision in my head realized. Here’s the plan:

1. Granite Countertops
2. Under-Mount Sink
3. Backsplash
4. Paint Cabinetry {White}
5. Paint Walls {Light Gray}
6. New Flooring {Ceramic Tile}
7. New Rugs
8. Curtains for Back Door
9. New Wall Art
10. New Accessories/Accents {Pops of Pink/Yellow?}

Look forward to keeping you updated along the way!

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