Workout Wednesday

It’s been a while since I closed down my i-Heart Fitness blog and said I would just share my health and fitness thoughts here every now and then, as well as on Skinny Mom, but I really don’t think I’ve done too much of that here! So, for lack of a better style post, I’m going to do a little fitness update.
On my Thirty Before 30 list update yesterday, one of the items mentioned was my goal to drop 15 lbs, 10 of which I’ve successfully shed since first making the list. I wanted to share with you what my workout weeks have been looking like as of late…and how it’s been helping me achieve my goals.
Ever since starting my job working at my gym three days a week as the opener {4:30am – 8am}, I’ve been even better than ever before about getting my gym workouts in. After all, it’s getting to the gym that is half the battle. Since I have to be there, I make sure to make use of it.
On Mondays and Wednesdays, there are barre classes when I get off, so I always make sure to take those. And let me tell you – they are killer. Even my husband has mentioned noticing a tighter tush and thighs on me. If you’ve never taken a barre class, I suggest you try one. I started taking them at Barre Evolution last summer with a Groupon and I fell in love with it. I think it feeds the dancer in me in a way. I also love that the ladies in the class are practically the same each time…we’re a bunch of barre-flies, and I’ve started making friendships with some…it’s great to find others with the same hobbies as you.

On Fridays when my gym shift ends, I take the morning Spin class. I have found this to be great in combination with the barre classes.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, since I’m not working at the gym, I am in charge of taking the boys to daycare and school. Lucky for me, my gym is right across the street from Tanner’s school, so as long as I’m disciplined enough to put on my workout wear before I leave the house, I head to the gym at about 7:45am those days after drop-off and do some strength-training. One day is spent on lower body, the other on upper and I usually do the elliptical or treadmill both days for my cardio.

Saturdays are usually reserved for a good long run if I can manage to have Jake available to watch the boys. If not, I hit the gym in the morning for some strength training {lower body} or barre class. {This Saturday, I have the Cooper River Bridge 10K!}

So yes, I realize that is 6 days of working out per week, but I have a true love for fitness and I always aim for 5-6 workout days per week.. I love this new schedule because I’m really mixing things up and seeing results little by little. The 2-3 barre classes per week are making a huge difference. {I tell you, TRY IT!}

So today is Wednesday and I am at the gym right now {working} and I’ve got my barre class coming up in a couple of hours. It feels like severe punishment for my glutes, but always so worth it when it’s over. Can’t wait! Hoping I’ll be looking like this soon {haha}:

What about you? Is fitness important for you? What are your go-to workout routines?

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Monday Musings: Hooray for DST!

Did y’all enjoy the extra hour of sunshine last night, or what?  I surely did with a glass of wine out on the back deck.


Oh-em-gee, let me tell you how long I have been waiting for DST…OK, probably don’t have to tell you, but it’s pretty much been since it ended last November.

But anywho, Saturday was a pretty good day…I started off the day with barre class, then the boys and I took a trip to the library and spent some time playing outside. It was a pretty nice day, I was able to air out the house by opening all the windows – love when I get to do that.

Later that evening, we got to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos, to celebrate Jake’s mom’s birthday…had been a while since I enjoyed a margarita {I call them Morga-ritas..tee hee}.

I started out Sunday morning trying my hand at my own little recipe for protein banana pancakes. They turned out delicious and I will be sharing the recipe with y’all here on Thursday. Guilt-free pancakes, anyone? I think so. The kids gobbled them right up, so I knew they were a hit. I have been more conscientious about eating clean lately…even with all the exercise I do, I know that abs are made in the kitchen and you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Your body’s tone is about 85% dependent upon what you eat.

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day…nice temps here in Charleston, SC…so we took advantage and went to the play park.


I know what you may be thinking, but no, Breckin does not suffer from Tourette’s…he’s just always being loud and goofy like that.

After the play park, we went home to recoup and then headed over to my friend, Suz’s house to play with her kids, Max and Ava. I love spending time with her and her kids because our kids are so close in age and play well together, while also occupying each other, so Suz and I can catch up and have some adult conversation! {Usually I work full-time outside the home, but haven’t for the last month and a half, so I definitely understand one’s need to get out and be with adults!}

We then went home and Hubby served us tilapia with a side of steamed veggies and it was delish. A great way to end a weekend. Of course with above-mentioned wine on the back porch.

Hope y’all have a great week! I’m starting off today working the opening shift at the gym and then barre class straight after. I’m loving this new schedule of barre class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays…I definitely feel the burn in my core, buns and thighs! Bikini season, here I come!

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Friday Five

Hey y’all – Happy Friday! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, right? Man, it’s been chilly here in Charleston! It was so windy the other day, a triangular sign stand flew into my car door at the gas station and I had to squeeze my way out of the car. {Luckily no vehicle damage, but sheesh!}

This weekend is supposed to bring some low 70s temps here in the Lowcountry…I’m thinking Sunday is a definite beach day provided it still looks to be clear and sunny. It is March, OK? I mean, I am done with this winter shit.

Anywho…here are some fabulous finds for my Friday Five…enjoy!


One of my fave style mavens, Emily Maynard, just launched a new lifestyle and fashion blog…can’t wait to read it on the daily! Just love that girl’s style and she is so dang cute. After all, she is the one that inspired my Minnetonka Moccassin Boots purchase!



This cute little clover charm…I think it would be perfect to sport on St. Patty’s Day, or even just “for luck”.

Clover Necklace - Gold Four Leaf Clover Pendant . Gifts for Her . 24K Gold-Dipped Sterling Silver


Barre classes. Yep, started going to them again. My gym now has them for FREE. {I know, right?!} I work at the gym now until 8am on the mornings I work, and then there are classes at 8:15am, so I stick around and take them. I went on Monday AND Wednesday this week and I FEEL THE BURN, y’all. And I workout very regularly…so when I say it was brutal, I mean it. I plan on going tomorrow morning too. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will be my new schedule with those classes for sure. I also still have a Living Social coupon for 4 classes at Barre Evolution, where I took my very first barre class last summer. Here’s to a toned bikini bod! I recommend you try.

Pure Barre! Gave up my gym rat memberships and going to PB full time!
I’m at no shortage for maxi dresses by any means {I live in them in the summertime}, but I am seriously considering purchasing this maxi dress for the beach…how super-easy it is to throw on and off…great for heading out to the beach bar for an afternoon cocktail right off the beach.
Lastly, I’ve been fixated on prepping my wardrobe for spring and summer fashion…looking to Pinterest for great ideas and seeing what I already have that I can use to recreate some of the looks…definitely think I need some sort of bulletin board in my closet to manually “pin” pictures of outfits too so I can look to it when getting dressed in the AM {lightbulb!} But here’s an outfit I found that I just L-O-V-E:
Shorts, stripes, heels, great spring outfit.
Definitely recreating that with my navy and white striped Gap tee and nude heels. Just need a great pair of nude shorts. And that Celine bag…actually, some might not like that I say this, but I read about so many style bloggers lovin’ on that bag right now, but I sorta think it looks like a Lego man face…nice bag, but it’s definitely staring at me.
Happy weekend, y’all! xoxo
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Just Grin & Barre It…

I am in love with barre class.

You may have heard of this fitness method – places such as the Bar Method and Physique 57 have really helped bring it to the mainstream in the world of health and fitness. It’s claim to fame is that the exercises help you achieve dancer-esque body status – you know, long, lean and tone muscles.


I danced for so many years and I’d love to look a lot more like a dancer again. These classes are training muscles I haven’t utilized in years. It is definitely challenging – but what is challenging is what transforms you.


Be warned – this is not like the dance classes you may remember taking as a little girl {though I remember those being quite strenuous as well, especially during competition season}. These classes use balls, bands, weights and likely some muscles you didn’t even know existed.


I always look forward to my next class.

See you at the barre.


I tried out Barre Evolution in Mount Pleasant yesterday and I absolutely LOVED it. I had been wanting to try out a class for some time now and was absolutely floored with delight to see a Living Social deal for it last week.

I was shaking during many of the exercises and I’m in some pain today, but it’s the good kind – you know, the kind that tells you it works. You absolutely MUST try this exercise method. The ladies at Barre Evolution, Nancy (owner) and Marie, were very welcoming and friendly. The studio is very chic and the girls in class were all so nice – they ranged from all levels of fitness. I can’t wait for my next class.

Tips to Survive Your First Barre Class

I encourage you to check out Barre Evolution today!

Check out my post on Skinny Mom about barre classes today.