Goodbye, Google Reader

I’ve recently learned that as of July 1st, Google Reader will cease to exist. I am bummed because that’s where I keep and read all of my favorites blogs’ RSS feeds. If you happen to follow me on Google Reader, I need to ask you a little favor…

Pretty please start following me on BlogLovin’ instead? You can be directed to my blog on there by clicking here, or there is also an icon in the Follow Me section of my sidebar on the right. I actually just finished moving all the blogs I read via Google Reader over there.

Don’t forget, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter if either of those is your follow method of choice. Links to my blog posts automatically post whenever I add new content.

Thank you much, and as always, I’m super-grateful that you read my blog. xoxo

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Blog Q&A: Why I Blog

Over the last couple of years since I started blogging, I’ve had all sorts of questions from friends, family and even random readers of my blog(s) pertaining to why I do it, what’s the point, etc. Well, I’ve compiled a little Q&A list together that will hopefully clear the air on a few things.

1. Do you think people even care what you have to say or what goes on in your daily life? 
I have three answers for that – 1) yes 2) no 3) I don’t care. What people should know is that I realize I don’t have the most enviable life or anything, so I hope that no one ever gets this idea that I think I’m so awesome that everyone should want to read what I have to write, but I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing and I enjoy this creative outlet of mine. I also realize no one HAS to read it. But I don’t care…I love new readers as much as the next blogger, but if I only had one or two readers, I’d probably still write the blog. So in short, yes, there are people that care about my daily life – and they are most likely my family and friends, and a few other bloggers that enjoy my content. But there are also people that probably don’t care for what I have to write about, have checked the blog out and have never returned. I don’t have time to dwell on that…I think it’s something all bloggers deal with.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I actually started tinkering with blogging back in 2006, shortly after I had Tanner. I live in Charleston, SC away from my family and friends I grew up with or met in college, so it was my way of giving them a way to keep up with me and see pictures of Tanner. Back then, I didn’t even realize blogging could be more than an online journal of sorts. I’ve been through many blog identity crises since then {name and niche changes, etc.} and I’ve finally settled in with a blog that I love to write. Now I blog because I’ve literally become addicted to reading other lifestyle blogs and being inspired every day. I believe it’s helped me grow. It’s as addicting as Facebook and Pinterest…and just so you pin-addicts know, I don’t believe Pinterest would be what it is without bloggers.

blog tips

3. Do you make money off your blog?
As of right now, no I do not make any money from my blog. I do it purely for hobby. Style Oyster itself is only 8 months old. I work full-time, so that doesn’t really matter that much to me. Would it be nice? Yes. But it’s not ever going to become my passion for blogging. The monetized blog world is a pretty competitive one – so I only imagine by pure chance I would ever start gaining monetarily with this blog.

women personal finance

4. Why the name Style Oyster?
When I was going through my blog identity crisis the last time around, I knew I wanted a name that could reflect my loves – art, fashion, interior design, home decor, organization, general lifestyle, etc. – that way I wouldn’t feel like I had to stick to one specific topic all the time {that can be hard to keep writing about}. I believe the word “style” encompasses so many facets of one person’s interests and personality. The oyster part came because I wanted it to be somewhat of a coastal name since I’m in Charleston, SC and the phrase “the world is your oyster” really strikes a chord with me because I believe one’s style and life is inspired by the world around them. And because all the really good blog names were taken already.

5. Do you have more than one blog?
Yes, I actually have three. The other two are a fitness blog, i-Heart Fitness, and a family/motherhood blog, Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After {with the Smith’s}. I don’t spend as much time on the other two as with Style Oyster, but I definitely try to post things on there that aren’t quite fitting with Style Oyster, especially the family updates, etc…those are saved for the family/motherhood blog which is mostly for family and friends {and whoever else might care}. I also contribute content for the very large fitness blog, Skinny Mom.

6. What other social networking platforms do you use?
I frequent Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and just recently got started using Vine – my username on there is Style Oyster. I have yet to make a video though – need to start trying it out.

7. Do you consider yourself an expert in fashion, interior design, etc.?
Absolutely not. I am in this more for the inspiration than anything. I am learning so much just by reading other blogs and also bigger websites, i.e. Better Homes & Gardens, Houzz, etc. If anything, seeing pretty pictures every day just motivates me to get projects done around my house, or try a risky fashion choice I would not have thought of otherwise. I just love to share what I’m doing around my home, or new outfits I’ve found, or even things I’m currently swooning over. I welcome all comments – good and bad – because honestly, if I’ve just done something to my home decor that looks not quite right, I want to know about it…I am all about learning and improving. I know not everyone will love my style, but I’m OK with that. I read some blogs where the writers do some things that I wouldn’t necessarily do for myself, but it doesn’t stop me from reading their blogs because most of the time I do like their content. I hope that my readers and passersby do the same.


Thanks so much for checking out this Q&A. I hope it’s cleared some things up a bit about me and why I blog. And I know I don’t say this enough, but thank you thank you thank you for following my blog. xoxo

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Need a Couple Days…

Hey y’all! A lot has been going on lately between family, work and all of the fall goings-on around these parts…

I could create some quickie crap posts, but I don’t really want to do that to you…you deserve better than that.

Just a lot jumbled up in this head of mine and need a couple of days to clear it out, get some fresh ideas and also just spend time with my family without being blog-headed.

I do have some posts lined up to go at – so head over there to get some fitness inspiration while I’m out. xoxo.

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Hubbies & Blogs

I have a question for those of you that are reading (all one or two of you)…

Does your husband/significant other follow/read your blog?

My husband does not read my blog (except for the occasional times I shove the laptop in his face for a must-read – which he totally appreciates btw.) I kind of wish he would…the girl in me wants him to have a genuine interest in all things I do…but his way of showing “interest” is by teasing me about my “hobby”. (He thinks it’s nice I have a hobby.) Every time I do something new around the house, he jokingly says something like, “Are you going to blog about it?” And then laughs. Haha.

Part of me wishes he would hold even want to be involved in it and help me think of new things – be a team, like the dynamic duo John & Sherry are. But my husband is not like that in the least. He’s a bonafied guy’s guy and even though he loves carpentry and is a great DIY-er naturally (check out this desk he made me, inspired by iHeart Organizing):

…he still thinks the whole blog thing is a girly thing and wants nada to do with it. The good thing though is that if I ever need help with a household project, he is always willing to help (sometimes reluctantly, but in his defense, he probably thinks I come up with too many ideas at once and the thought of tackling them all mentally exhausts him.)

So even though I wish he would bump my amount of readers from two up to three, I guess it could be worse. He supports me in the only way he knows how…I guess I can’t fault the guy for being the typical man that does not care for fashion or interior design and decor. (I’m sure I’m not the only girl married to one of those.)

So how about you – does your significant other read what you have to write?

If not, at least we have each other.