St. Patty’s Outfit {The Deets}

So yesterday in my Monday Musings post, I posted a quick, but not too quality pic of my outfit from St. Patty’s Day. I actually got a few compliments on the get-up while out and about that day, so I thought I would share with all of you just what it’s made of.

Dress: TJ Maxx / Boots: Minnetonka Moccassins / Necklace: Bohme Boutique /  Earrings: Target

Some of you may remember this outfit from the Rascal Flatts/The Band Perry concert I went to on Valentine’s Day when I got to meet The Band Perry backstage! This dress was such a great find at TJ Maxx for $12.99 – and now I have some much-needed green in my closet {I am seriously lacking in that department!} And plus, it is fitting with Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year: Emerald.

These earrings were a steal at Target for $7.99. I checked and they are not available online, so I suggest you run to your nearest store and raid their jewelry section…they had tons of great stuff.

The necklace is from Bohme Boutique. I got this when I visited Idaho last summer. They do not have these boutiques on the East Coast…I think so far they are only in California and the Northwestern states. So if you live over there, lucky you! They had a great selection of jewelry.

And I tell you, I have not gotten tired of my Minnetonka Moccassins and I don’t think I ever will. LOVE.

Hope y’all had a great St. Patty’s Day! xoxo

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Valentine’s Day Recap

I’m in a haze this morning, y’all…extremely exhausted. But Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry were AWESOME last night! We had such a fun Valentine’s Day. It was what we needed because Jake had to fly to Illinois early this morning – his grandfather passed away early yesterday morning. He is attending the funeral and being with family and won’t return until late Monday night. Just me and the boys for about four whole days…we’re going to miss him.

Yesterday after picking up the boys from school, I surprised them with a little Valentine’s Day party of our own:

The beer of course was for Jake. {I figured he’d like that more than flowers.}

Did you catch that sneak peek at our new table? Mentioned changing out the dining situation in this post the other day.

As for the Rascal Flatts concert later that night, I had gone searching that day for the perfect dress to pair with my Minnetonka Moccassins {I already had it set in my mind I was going to wear those to the concert}. And it didn’t take me long to find…check out this beautiful teal dress I snagged up at TJ Maxx for $12.99:

It’s so light and comfy – will be perfect for summer. I’ll admit I was a little chilly at last night’s concert, but not so bad that I couldn’t stand it. 

The boots are available here and the necklace I bought at Bohme when I visited my family in Idaho last August.

We got to meet The Band Perry backstage last night…Kimberly Perry is much shorter than I thought she was, but she is super-cute and they put on a really good show. I found out we are the same age – she turns 30 in July. {Maybe there’s still hope then for my country music career? No?} I love both her brothers’ {Neil and Reid} hairstyles. We got a picture taken with them, but that will come later as they haven’t posted it to their website yet {they wouldn’t let anyone take pics with their own cameras}.

Oh and speaking of concerts – I’m definitely dropping hints to Jake that I want to see Carrie Underwood on April 17th in Columbia, SC {my 30th birthday is April 14th}…and just found out that Jason Aldean and Jake Owen are coming to Charleston in May – going to be a great year of concerts! {Maybe I can try to win some more tix on the radio? So far my track record is twice – the concert last night and also saw Tonic in 2009 after winning tickets on 95SX! But don’t want to jinx myself.}

Anyway, I hope y’all had a very romantic and sweet Valentine’s Day. xoxo.

P.S. I realized in the past year or two I’ve really become quite the country music fan…never really was growing up. I think that it has to do with the maturity and substance of the songs in the genre…I must be growing up. But I still love a little bit of everything. ♥

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Bohme Boutique

While I was in Idaho earlier this month, I had a chance to stop by the old mall I used to hang out in and see how it’s changed – stores they’ve added {and booted} and just people-watch in general {love that.} Anyway, a SUPERCUTE new store that I’d never seen or heard of before stuck out at me and I fell in love.


Seriously, HOW did I not know about this store?

I immediately asked the girls that worked there where the other locations were {HOPING somewhere near Charleston, SC was on that list} and found out the company started in Utah and currently only has 14 stores {with 12 more opening by the end of 2012}. The stores are pretty much just in the Northwest states…but as fashion-forward as this place is…I have high confidence they’ll be spreading out to the East before too long…the company is only 4 years old and is spreading like wildfire out there in the malls.


Anyway, take a look at some of the goods…what got my attention most was the plentiful use of my favorite colors – teal and coral – so hot right now {and always, for me}.





They also have a badass accessories collection…so many cute earrings, bangles and necklaces…even some that emulate the look of that ever-popular J.Crew Bauble Necklace. I was also swooning over these watches {available in many colors}…which majorly inspired this post.


Are you as in love as I am yet? Oh, and forgot to mention how incredibly affordable everything is! I got this outfit while I was there for a total of just under $70.00 – skirt, tank and necklace. {Wow, right?}

Hubby needs to get better at taking pictures, my legs look so short!

And the fabrics are great…that skirt is so comfy {viscose & a little spandex}, I had to go back and get it in fuschia and black as well. I also got that tank in black. That tank fits better than any other tank I’ve tried. {Kid you not.}

Bohme, PLEASE come to Charleston…you would make bank here, seriously. King Street would be a perfect location for you.

And ladies, until they come to a place near you – you can get some of their stuff online at

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