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Ever since Jake and I repainted our kitchen cabinets, added a backsplash and installed new flooring – we have really wanted to do up the dining area to follow suit with the classiness. Jake hates our dining table {I’ve had it since my California days, bought it off a friend…so it’s not like I was in love with it either, it was just a decent table that worked.} So now we are ready for a change. One of the main reasons for the decision to get a different table {other than Jake’s general loathing of it}, was that we have a pretty small eat-in kitchen dining area, so we decided that a round table would be the best option for the space – hopefully making it feel more open. {And the table actually just left my house a little while ago since I posted it on Craigslist!} We are a family of four, so we don’t need a huge table…and when we do have guests over, we can find a way to make do.

Art {distorted} / Table / Settee / Chairs / Rug

I would love to flow the yellow/pink/white color scheme from our living room into the dining area because the dining area is visible straight from the front door that enters into the living room. We plan on painting the kitchen walls a light gray {as well as the rest of the living room} eventually.

I would love three of those chairs surrounding the table and then the settee I just thought adds a coziness to the setting, rather than just a fourth chair. The art is something I will do myself and this is a good inspiration piece for where my mind was going with what I wanted to create. The table we are actually picking up today, but get this, we found it on Craigslist for $75.00 – a steal since it still costs $239.99 at Target. I have been looking for a round pedestal dining table forever and I am so glad we found one.

I will keep you posted as my vision comes together!

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