Race for the Cure

I’ve got my first 5K since, OMG, I think since I ran the Cooper River Bridge 10K Run in the spring, tomorrow. Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve participated in a race event! There’s been a lot going on and a lot of weekends I’ve had to work…but I’ve got plenty of these race events planned over the next few months!

So tomorrow is the big Race for the Cure event on Daniel Island. I love this race and participate every year. Who doesn’t love pink?

Is there a Race for the Cure event in your locale? Do you participate?

This year I am running for my aunt, who found out she had breast cancer early last year. She almost immediately went in for a mastectomy. They scanned her afterward and found no cancer, but suggested she do chemotherapy anyway just to be sure that it was all gone. She lost her hair…I saw her for the first time since 2007 in August and she was doing her last treatment. She’s been doing well…and has returned to work for the FBI. I pray that she stays well and never battles cancer again.

From Left: My Grandma, My Mom, Me, My Aunt Diane {August 2012}

I will be posting my race stats soon…my goal is a 30 min 5K…and I know I can push through without walking any of it because I ran that entire 10K for my first ever one last spring. xoxo