Monday Musings: Hooray for DST!

Did y’all enjoy the extra hour of sunshine last night, or what?  I surely did with a glass of wine out on the back deck.


Oh-em-gee, let me tell you how long I have been waiting for DST…OK, probably don’t have to tell you, but it’s pretty much been since it ended last November.

But anywho, Saturday was a pretty good day…I started off the day with barre class, then the boys and I took a trip to the library and spent some time playing outside. It was a pretty nice day, I was able to air out the house by opening all the windows – love when I get to do that.

Later that evening, we got to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos, to celebrate Jake’s mom’s birthday…had been a while since I enjoyed a margarita {I call them Morga-ritas..tee hee}.

I started out Sunday morning trying my hand at my own little recipe for protein banana pancakes. They turned out delicious and I will be sharing the recipe with y’all here on Thursday. Guilt-free pancakes, anyone? I think so. The kids gobbled them right up, so I knew they were a hit. I have been more conscientious about eating clean lately…even with all the exercise I do, I know that abs are made in the kitchen and you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Your body’s tone is about 85% dependent upon what you eat.

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day…nice temps here in Charleston, SC…so we took advantage and went to the play park.


I know what you may be thinking, but no, Breckin does not suffer from Tourette’s…he’s just always being loud and goofy like that.

After the play park, we went home to recoup and then headed over to my friend, Suz’s house to play with her kids, Max and Ava. I love spending time with her and her kids because our kids are so close in age and play well together, while also occupying each other, so Suz and I can catch up and have some adult conversation! {Usually I work full-time outside the home, but haven’t for the last month and a half, so I definitely understand one’s need to get out and be with adults!}

We then went home and Hubby served us tilapia with a side of steamed veggies and it was delish. A great way to end a weekend. Of course with above-mentioned wine on the back porch.

Hope y’all have a great week! I’m starting off today working the opening shift at the gym and then barre class straight after. I’m loving this new schedule of barre class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays…I definitely feel the burn in my core, buns and thighs! Bikini season, here I come!

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DIY Monogram Art

This was a pretty easy project that didn’t cost a lot at all.

Supplies Needed:
Frame {Mine were a total of $4.00}
Fabric sized to fit picture in frame {About $7.00 per 1/2 yd cut}
Wooden Letter of Choice {I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.75 each, regularly $3.49}
Spray Paint for Frame {Optional – I had on hand from other projects}
Spray Paint for Letter {Had on hand from other projects}
Fabric Stapler {Had on hand}
Craft Glue {Had on hand}

Total Cost per Monogram Art {for me, considering I already had some supplies on hand}: $10.75

When I was at Goodwill a while back, I found two identical frames with some very old-fashioned art in them that I knew would be perfect to make some statement art with for the boys’ rooms. At $2.00 each, they were a great deal, their overall size being approx 18″ x 22″.

The art pulled out rather easily, just bending a few staples. They were actually cardboard-like, so I used them to put my fabric on.

I laid out the picture backward on the fabric so it wouldn’t show through the fabric on the front. I made sure it laid evenly and then pulled back the fabric tight and secured in place with my fabric stapler.

{Please don’t mind my hairy carpet, the remnants of Siberian Husky are hard to get rid of…with time it will happen, lol.}

To paint the letters, I used this paint:

I didn’t have to prime them before. As you can see, the red was a paint and primer in one. I lightly sprayed two coats on each, letting dry between coats. I then let them each sit for an hour before applying to the fabric.

This is a picture of the fabric I used for Breckin {I won’t be showing his final piece because I am working on his wall gallery and will reveal all then!}

For Tanner’s frame, since I chose to paint his white, I used one coat each of these:

After the frame was dry and the letter was set with craft glue onto the fabric, I put it all back together and this is what I got! It was exactly the look I was going for with Tanner’s monogram.

What do you think? Please “pin” it if you love it! xoxo

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Monday Musings

If y’all read my post on Friday, you know that this weekend was pretty difficult for me. We ended up taking Tundra to the vet to be put to sleep. After speaking with the vet, we were just told that of the few options we had, the chances were still not very good and with her already suffering just to breathe every day, we knew it was the right thing to do. To our surprise, the veterinarian and a vet tech of hers offered to take Tundra and try some things, but that involved us relinquishing our ownership of her to them. She said her chances would be like 20%, but they really wanted to try. So we figured at least this way it gave her any possible chance she had. So we did not have to put her to sleep. The vet is going to make her comfortable while trying everything they can, and if in the end it doesn’t work, or they can’t do these things while keeping her comfortable, then they will humanely put her to sleep. It’s been strange…it seemed like things just went from bad to worse so fast with her…and it was so awful to know I did everything I could for her from the day I adopted her 5 months ago, yet it wasn’t enough for her. On Friday I just balled and hugged her. This is one last shot I got of us together…it’s eery looking at her, it’s almost as if she knew.

We went to Charlotte that evening to visit Jake’s brother’s family and to meet our new niece, Peyton. I guess that helped keep my mind off things…but coming back to a dog-less house was hard. I walk around and expect her to be right at my feet. I miss her so much, but feel comfort that she is still on this Earth right now, and that every avenue to save her is truly being tried.

We’re talking about getting another dog soon…and I actually found a Siberian Husky on Craigslist, but hubby is hesitant. We will see…I have a soft spot for huskies and they are hard to come by, so I almost thought it was meant to be that one was posted the same day. And we have all this dog stuff and no dog…and Breckin loved having a dog.

Speaking of Breckin, this guy got a big boy haircut. I went a bit shorter than last time:

And before hitting the road to go home yesterday, I made hubby take me to IKEA. I got a few fun things to get some projects completed with around here and can’t wait to show you. I definitely plan on making time to go there every time we go to Charlotte to see Jake’s family.

Anyway, I’m ready to take on this week, move on from the sadness of losing my pup, and just try to stay positive. Starting bright and early with a shift at the gym at 4:30 this AM and then a barre class afterward.

Have a great week!

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Monday Musings

Happy Monday, y’all! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday here was a soggy, rainy day. I don’t think it really ever stopped dropping water from the sky. It was definitely one of those days that makes you want to nap.

 Rainy day nap - awwwwww he looks like my Breton!!  :)

I wish I could say I was that dog on Saturday, but I was actually working the early morning shift at my gym – psst, not sure if I mentioned on here yet that I took on a part-time job there as the opener. It’s basically just for extra spending money {upcoming vacays and such}, plus I no longer have to pay for my gym membership. Also, being at the gym from 4:30am-8am makes it easy for me to stay and get a workout in before I leave. I’m still in lax mode with my 8:30-5 job, probably until April, so I don’t really have to be at the office. I’ve been working out 8am-9am on the days I work at the gym in the morning.

Saturday night, Jake and I got to go out on a date. We went and saw Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel {yum} and Julianne Hough. It was a really sweet movie. I love that Nicholas Sparks, I tell you.

Sunday was a much better day than Saturday in terms of weather. It was high 60s/low 70s and sunny. I took the boys to the beach.

Did any of y’all catch the Oscars last night? I really think that for the most part, my favorite stars looked really great. There were some questionable characters, but that’s what makes it interesting, right? I do have to say, this couple in particular was glowing:
85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jenna Dewan Tatum is simply stunning, and she is no exception while pregnant. I must say I am a tiny bit jealous because I think I join the majority girls in wishing I was carrying Channing Tatum’s baby…just sayin’. {But I love you, Hubby!} Channing looks so happy to become a daddy; they are both so sweet.

Well, I hope y’all have a wonderful week! xoxo

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Monday Musings

It was kind of a weird weekend with Jake away in Chicago for his Grandpa’s funeral. He still isn’t back actually – he is supposed to fly in late tonight. The boys and I had some Mommy/Sons time though, which was nice. The weather in Charleston, SC was on the chilly side this weekend, but that didn’t keep us from playing outside.

{Love that vintage fire truck Jake’s dad had repainted for Breckin for Christmas. You don’t see toys like this at the store anymore! I think we’ll save this one to pass down to our grandchildren. On another note, please excuse the heinousness that is our grass. It always looks terrible in the winter…the grass in Charleston is yucky in my opinion anyway. Plan on putting down some more seed in the next few weeks for spring.}

Additionally, as promised, here is the pic of Jake and me when we got to meet The Band Perry on Valentine’s Day before their concert:

The brother to the left of me, Neil, was dying over my Minnetonka Moccassins claiming he’s “all about the fringe right now”. I told him to go get him some. Here’s a reminder of how my whole ensemble looked that evening:

Kimberly is so cute and so pretty {and I just adore her voice, always sing my heart out to their songs in the car}…hard to believe she’s turning 30 this year just like me {listen to me, I make it sound like we should look old and ragged or something!} She was a bit shorter than I imagined…she was wearing high heel boots and still a bit shorter than me as you can see in the pic – and my boots are heel-less! But her hair – TO DIE FOR. I can only dream of having that kind of volume and curls that stay.

On Friday, I officially started my new job. It’s sort of interesting right now…the office is just an empty space that they just started the lease on. Everyone I work for/with is either in Dubai or some other state. So I’m working, but not really working. I’m just basically on call to get the office things together – phone, internet, furniture, etc. and won’t officially start my main duties until probably April. Don’t mind getting paid anyway! Nice to have the somewhat lax schedule right now. I drove out to the office that day to check it out and get the keys and my lovelies, let me show you the view I will get to see every day:

I mean, have I upgraded from the windowless factory at Boeing, or what? I can’t wait to take nice walks at lunch hour – maybe I can even skip over to the Cooper River Bridge {that beauty in the background} and get some cardio in. I am starting at the best time too – spring. Spring in Charleston is lovely and the weather is perfect. I work right next to the South Carolina Aquarium, so anyone in Charleston knows how nice the place is.

The rest of the weekend I spent just catching up on housework, etc…you know, the usual. Always something to be done around here, I tell you. I actually cleaned out Jake’s truck while he was gone…he can be such a slob with his vehicle, then add in the fact that he works in construction. So yeah – sawdust, tools, nails and random trash littered all about. I refuse even to ride in his truck if he doesn’t wipe out my seat. So I shop-vac’d and Armor-All’d the hell out of that thing. Can’t wait to see how surprised he is when he gets in it to go to work tomorrow.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this Monday Musings post…hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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Valentine’s Day Recap

I’m in a haze this morning, y’all…extremely exhausted. But Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry were AWESOME last night! We had such a fun Valentine’s Day. It was what we needed because Jake had to fly to Illinois early this morning – his grandfather passed away early yesterday morning. He is attending the funeral and being with family and won’t return until late Monday night. Just me and the boys for about four whole days…we’re going to miss him.

Yesterday after picking up the boys from school, I surprised them with a little Valentine’s Day party of our own:

The beer of course was for Jake. {I figured he’d like that more than flowers.}

Did you catch that sneak peek at our new table? Mentioned changing out the dining situation in this post the other day.

As for the Rascal Flatts concert later that night, I had gone searching that day for the perfect dress to pair with my Minnetonka Moccassins {I already had it set in my mind I was going to wear those to the concert}. And it didn’t take me long to find…check out this beautiful teal dress I snagged up at TJ Maxx for $12.99:

It’s so light and comfy – will be perfect for summer. I’ll admit I was a little chilly at last night’s concert, but not so bad that I couldn’t stand it. 

The boots are available here and the necklace I bought at Bohme when I visited my family in Idaho last August.

We got to meet The Band Perry backstage last night…Kimberly Perry is much shorter than I thought she was, but she is super-cute and they put on a really good show. I found out we are the same age – she turns 30 in July. {Maybe there’s still hope then for my country music career? No?} I love both her brothers’ {Neil and Reid} hairstyles. We got a picture taken with them, but that will come later as they haven’t posted it to their website yet {they wouldn’t let anyone take pics with their own cameras}.

Oh and speaking of concerts – I’m definitely dropping hints to Jake that I want to see Carrie Underwood on April 17th in Columbia, SC {my 30th birthday is April 14th}…and just found out that Jason Aldean and Jake Owen are coming to Charleston in May – going to be a great year of concerts! {Maybe I can try to win some more tix on the radio? So far my track record is twice – the concert last night and also saw Tonic in 2009 after winning tickets on 95SX! But don’t want to jinx myself.}

Anyway, I hope y’all had a very romantic and sweet Valentine’s Day. xoxo.

P.S. I realized in the past year or two I’ve really become quite the country music fan…never really was growing up. I think that it has to do with the maturity and substance of the songs in the genre…I must be growing up. But I still love a little bit of everything. ♥

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Friday: Week’s Recap

Happy Friday, y’all! This week has been interesting.

I started out Monday by quitting my “buffer” job because after analyzing the daycare vs. take home costs, it just didn’t make sense to bother with the job. I still have my business license and insurance for my cleaning business, A Modern Cinderella, so I figured I could keep the kids out of daycare starting next week if I didn’t find a job and just do cleanings instead of the 8 to 5 grind. {If any of y’all in the Charleston area are looking for a housecleaner – I’m your gal!}

On Tuesday, I had an interview with a company based in Dubai that went really well. I had the 2nd interview on Wednesday and landed the job! That was quick, right? I start sometime between February 15th and March 1st. It’s a nice downtown office by the aquarium and I basically get to run my own show there as the Office Manager/Logistics Coordinator.

Other than that, I’ve been spending my “time off” doing a lot of the following {if you follow me on Instagram, these might not be new to you!}:

Walking my girl, Tundra. {Isn’t this a nice place I can walk to from my house? So serene.}


And by the way, totally enjoying the Roxy Outdoor Fitness Collection items I was sent to try out via Skinny Mom. How awesome are these pants? Such breathable and comfy fabric for all workouts – outdoor and indoor alike. In LURVE with the color.

Getting a lot of time playing with these two handsome little men.
And I’ve also been cleaning up la casa a lot and trying to get some of those lingering household projects out of the way. And of course hitting the gym…and I also started Insanity again on Monday…gettin’ ready for bikini weather!
Speaking of bikini weather, I’ve been pinning a lot of cute summer-weather outfits on my Fashion & Style Pinboard on Pinterest…and this week, this get-up really piqued my interest:
Summer look
This outfit has everything – sexy bare legs while keeping it classy up top, cute sandal heels, a colorful necklace and even a pop of the Pantone Color of the Year – Emerald. It’s comfy, yet not too casual. This could easily go from day to night. Here are some items I found that can help you recreate this look:
dENiZEN® from the Levi's® brand Dakota Short  - Assorted Colors
{Shorts – Target}
{Tank – Piperlime}
{Blazer – Forever 21}
Princess Vera Wang Tri-Tone Arrowhead and Fringe Bib Necklace
{Necklace – Kohls}
{Michael Kors Heels – Zappos}
Have you been pinning any summer outfit inspiration lately?
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