And So The Holidays Are Over…

Are any of y’all just a teensy bit relieved the holidays are over? {Minus New Year’s of course.} Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays {though truthfully I could do without Thanksgiving} and all the fun events leading up to, but it is a LOT of work, especially with two little boys to do it up right for.
But I am glad to say good-bye to all the gift-shopping, the obligatory children’s events, the holiday baked goods, the candy, the decorations that have been overtaking my home {took those down yesterday!} and just get back to life as normal…and start a new year.
Bright and early this morning, I drove to the airport and said goodbye to my mom who had been visiting since a couple days before Christmas. It’s always sad to see her go because it is way too long between visits for us. But with that being the official end of the holidays at my household, I decided to start the day off right by getting the house cleaned up before my munchkins awoke and then after breakfast, we all went to the gym. {Hubby is back at work already, but I am off until January 2nd.} It felt so good to be back in there, I have been too lax the last couple months, aside from my running. And when you add in all the holiday calorie-filled delights and wine, well, that scale needle is now leaning a little too far to the right for my comfort. Both hubby and I have resolved to get our asses back in gear.
So I’m spending the next six days off of work enjoying my boys and playing with them and their new toys, getting some things in my house cleaned and organized, hitting the gym every day and getting some distance run training in {that half marathon is fast-approaching…and I am not quite ready…}
It will be good to get a lot of things back on track before getting back into the daily grind next Wednesday.
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So I’m Home…

*First off, if you are reading this post…you are IN LUCK as the world apparently has not ended. Congratulations.
My son, Breckin, had to be picked up from daycare just before I was supposed to get off work yesterday due to a fever, so I am at home with the kiddos today. Tanner is officially out of school for the holiday break – so I guess it’s actually nice that I get to stay home today to be with them, even though my little man is a tad under the weather {though he hides it pretty well – other than watery eyes and runny nose, he is as energetic as ever!}
I’ve got a list of to-do’s today:
1. {Finally} finish up the last of my Christmas shopping
2. Make homemade Christmas sugar cookies with the boys
3. Clean la casa in preparation for Mom’s arrival tomorrow night {I swear this day off is a Godsend because I have to work tomorrow and I just wouldn’t have the time I needed to get everything done!}
4. Practice using my new DSLR camera! That’s right, yesterday at Target, I snagged up this baby:
I have to tell you the story of my awesome deal on this…
I went to Target and headed straight to the electronics section. This camera was on sale at $449.00 and they had a bundle deal if you purchased the long range lens with it, you would get that for $49.99 (originally $199.99.) So imagine my disappointment when they had none left on the shelf! In extreme hopeful desperation, I asked the clerk if he might have any in the back. He said he would go look…and when he came out, he had this huge box and told me I was so lucky because the box was leftover stock from a sale they had a few weeks back – it included the camera, the 18-55mm lens, the extra 75-300mm lens, an SD card AND the carrying case for – wait for it – $429.99!!!!! I seriously asked him if I could hug him. I was sooooo glad I asked…because I got an awesome deal.
I am so excited to get better at photography. I do know some tricks, and thanks to my Associates in Graphic Design, I’m a whiz at photo-editing…but I am reading the manual cover to cover and checking out photog blogs because I know there is a lot more to learn. I am really amped about starting a side gig in photography in the coming months. For now I’m going to take shots of my boys, friends, family, nature, etc…to gain practice and to build a portfolio. Wish me luck!
Hope y’all have a great weekend! xoxo
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Our Christmas Card

Wishing I could send each and every one of you one of these greetings via good ol’ snail mail…but I suppose this will have to do…wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
A special thank you to all of you that have become readers since I started this blog six months ago. I am looking forward to enjoying more and more of this hobby/journey/mental outlet…y’all are so great to have stuck around. I hope to keep hearing from you in the New Year via comments, etc. xoxo.
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What I Want Wednesday

I apologize for my lack of post yesterday. My head has honestly just been elsewhere…with the tragedy of Newtown, CT, I’ve just been trying to spend my time with my babies…cuddling, kissing and cherishing them. Life’s moments are instantaneously gone – passing you by with each and every second on the clock. Additionally, I’m still recovering from the surgery I had on Monday. I went back to work yesterday and was just unbelievably uncomfortable…but that’s just part of the experience…I’m grateful I am able to do what I’ve done. I’m feeling a tad better today and hope to continue to as the days go on this week.

I’m going to try and pick things up around here with a lighter post for today…just some items I have been coveting {and OK – maybe purchased}.

Ever since my friend Chrissy’s lingerie bridal shower a couple months ago, I have been seriously in love with the Eberjey Gisele pajama set. She received them as a gift and they are so soft and comfy {made of my favorite fabric – modal} and apparently the type of PJ that will last you a very long time:


The set comes in the Sorbet Pink/Eggplant {shown – which I ordered} as well as Navy/Ivory {both ways}. I’ll be honest, I had a little trouble spending $101.00 on a pair of pajamas…which is why it took me a couple months to take the plunge. {Chrissy is very convincing when she believes in something…lol.} BUT, I must say, I always check out before I make any online purchase to see if I can find discount codes, and I’m happy to let you know that currently, entering HELLO10 at Checkout gets you 10% off and shipping on their website is free!

In other news, I’ve been without a good camera ever since Jake literally let mine fly out of his hand while taking a picture of the boys and me after decorating the tree this year. It still takes pictures, but the flash no longer works – leaving me very limited with it. I’ll probably hand it down to Tanner to play with once I get a hold of this baby:


I plan on getting into Target today or tomorrow to finally make the purchase. I’ve been planning on getting one this whole year…I’d love to tinker with my photog skills. It’s on a great sale right now for $479.99. If you buy the additional lens at the same time, you also get a steep discount on that. Can’t wait to have better pictures!

On a different note, I’m still finishing up my Christmas shopping for everyone on my list. Today I managed to finish up Breckin’s and most of Tanner’s…have a feeling I will be shopping a lot after work the next few days…still got the hubs, in-laws, my parents and my bros to buy for. My mom is coming in late Saturday and I’m soooo excited to see her. Feel like I could use a hug from Mommy after this last few days. Hope y’all are enjoying this holiday season!

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Monday Musings

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. I’m sure many of you attended holiday parties! I held my annual ladies’ gift exchange and it was a jolly old time as always. The gift I ended up getting was a supercute New York and Company zebra handbag…this is a similar one:

I love it…I think animal prints are forever fashion.

In other news, found out what Pantone’s Color of the Year is for 2013:


Seems like we’re leaning toward jewel tones for Spring. How do you feel about this color? I’m actually not much of a green person…it’s probably the least color I own as far as clothing goes. Though, this emerald is quite striking…I may fancy a few things as I start to {inevitably} see it pop up everywhere. What about interiors? Could you see yourself using this tone in your home?


I don’t know about you, but I feel like Christmas break should be here already. It’s like you get four days off at Thanksgiving and come back to work for three or four weeks and the whole time I’m just in prep for another holiday break from work mode. I have been having a hard time concentrating at work, y’all. Seriously. I’ve got less than two weeks til my mommy makes her visit and I’m super-excited!

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve still got a lot of shopping to do…what about you? Happy Monday, y’all!

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