Fedora & Coral {Fedoral?}

I’ve been having more and more fun with these outfit posts lately, y’all…hope you don’t mind, and hope even more that you are enjoying them! {Always would like to know if you love it or if something doesn’t look quite right, or could use something extra – so comments are welcome!}

The other day on my Marshall’s shopping raid spree trip, I picked up some Paige denim and this flirty little coral top. I decided to pull out my fedora to “top off” {pun so definitely intended} the look.

Paige Denim Ultra-Long Jeans: Marshalls $79.99 {I didn’t even realize Marshall’s HAD Paige denim!}
Off-Brand Coral Top: Marshalls $39.99
Fedora w/Changeable Bands: Avon {a few years back when I used to sell it}
Jessica Simpson Nude Heels: Marshalls {last year}

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Entryway Restyle

I’m at it again…moving things around here and there. I don’t think I ever go more than a few days before moving at least one thing in my house to a new spot. I’ve restyled my entryway console table and I wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think because I know sometimes it needs a few pairs of eyes and some good suggestions to get a great final product. Thanks, darlings! xoxo

 I added those key hooks because I am notorious for forgetting where I last set my keys. I needed somewhere right in the entry that I could hang them. This was at Kohl’s on sale for $8.99.

Those coral geometric frames were a great find last year at Walmart – $4.98 each! They hold pictures of me with both my boys at similar ages, in the pool, wearing the same hat. The one to the right was Tanner in 2006 and the other is Breckin in 2011.

Speaking of coral, that white beauty you see there was one I ordered from Z Gallerie a few months ago. It was $24.99. The magazine and book stacks  contain all of my favorite home magazines {HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Charleston Home + Design, etc.} and a few of my favorite home decorating books.

The abstract art is the work of my first grader, Tanner – done when he was age six last summer. The pallet art is mine…hubby and I have talked about working together to make and sell these eventually.

And of course, my favorite Craigslist find to date is still that yellow Crate & Barrel console table…it was love at first sight.

Hope you enjoy my latest restyle {I can guarantee there will be more to come!}

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Hot Decor: Sea Urchins & Coral Reef

I’ve been a beach-lover my entire life. I wasn’t fortunate to grow up in a beach town, but I sure as H-E-double-hockey-sticks made sure I got to livin’ the beach life the minute I turned 18 by choosing an Orange County, CA college. And here I am now in Charleston, SC; still lucky enough to be close enough to smell the salty ocean air.

In keeping with my beach infatuation, I’ve always loved coastal-inspired decor…seashells, starfish, tropical flowers, driftwood, etc…but there are some pieces I’ve been seeing turn up many times over the last year in this little blogosphere that I don’t yet have…{and boy am I coveting}:


I love the brass sea urchins I see everywhere – bookshelves, coffee tables, centerpieces, mantels – they are just a beautiful statement piece.

I haven’t had the pleasure of hanging out with Chassity in a few years {life tends to pull you in different directions, especially when kids enter the picture}, but her blog is a daily read for me. She’s a style maven and I enjoy seeing her latest style finds. If you don’t already follow, head over there and check her out.

She is the proud owner of a lovely little brass sea urchin {which she WON – so lucky!} I love how she used it in her decor:



I love the styling of this bookcase over at The Cuban in My Coffee {see the little urchin to the right?} You don’t even have to have a coastal scheme going on to implement one of these little guys into your decor:

Use it as a centerpiece in a tray or on a coffee table…or stick it on top of a stack of cute books {see that pretty ivory coral? I’ll be getting to those in a sec…}:


You can buy your own brass sea urchin here {you know you want one}:


In addition to sea urchins, I love the bright faux corals I’ve also seen lately. They bring in a nice pop of color. I do like the ivory versions too.

Display it on a bookshelf…even on a candle pillar like this:


Much like the sea urchin, a great book topper to add visual interest…and a pop of color if you so choose:


And check out this super-cool coral bowl I found at Houzz…sweetness:

And because I’m super-nice…I hunted around for some good deals on faux coral…just for YOU!

These lovelies are from ZGallerie:

Get these beauties at Pottery Barn:

Or these are available at ZGallerie in the following colors:

I’m kinda feelin’ the indigo one…xoxo!

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