Thankful Series: The First Family I Knew

Today’s Thankful post is dedicated to my immediate family – my dad, mom and brothers. I am so far from all of them…and I miss them all very much every day.

I am thankful for my dad because he was always a hard worker for our family. We never went without and we were blessed with the privilege of growing up in a beautiful home; each having a room of our own. We were able to afford extracurricular activities…such as my dance classes. Dance outfits and competitions were always paid for without issue. When I was in college, there were so many times I was strapped for cash, or something big would happen, i.e. my many car break-ins and wrecks {thanks, SoCal}, and he would help me out no questions asked. I also love that I got my spitfire wit and sarcastic disposition from him {my husband is not so thankful for that}. I love you, Dad!

I am thankful for my mom because she is always there for me…I can count on getting good advice whenever I need it and she willingly lets me vent when I just need someone to listen. She also managed not to kill me during my bitchy & self-absorbed teenage years. We have become close over the last decade and I consider her a best friend. She loves her grandsons and makes the effort to visit us from all the way across the US at least once a year. I love you, Mom!

I am thankful for my older brother, Jared. We have had our share of periods of closeness and periods of distance, but no matter where we are in life, we can always come back together and find our common ground. I enjoy talking with him and just shootin’ the sh&t. He has always been able to make me laugh…and even though he teased me relentlessly when we were children, he always stood up for me if anyone else tried anything. He has a good heart and he will always have a place in mine. I love you, Jared!

I am thankful for my younger brother, Jeff. He has a heart of gold. Some people might see raggedy hair and too many tattoos when they first look at him, but if they don’t get to know him, they are most certainly missing out on knowing an awesome person. Jeff has a wonderfully quirky sense of humor and is very generous. Just like with Jared, I enjoy our sarcasm-filled conversations and how even though we’ve lived apart for years, we can always come back together and it feels like we are adolescents again. I love you, Jeff!

 Because of my wonderfully sarcastic upbringing – this e-card perfectly describes my own parenting mantra:

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Happy 55th Birthday, Dad

Today’s is my dad’s 55th birthday.

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge this wonderful man on his day…my dad has always been a hard worker and did a wonderful job providing for our family. My brothers and I never wanted for anything {well, we wanted of course, but NEVER needed}…we had more than enough. We are very lucky to have him for a dad.

I also like to claim that I get much of my spitfire sarcasm and charming wit from him. So those of you that love me, you know who to thank…and those of you that don’t, well, then why are you reading my blog? {So you DO love me! tee hee}

We live so far apart now and I know I could be a lot better about keeping in touch. I am so thankful that we got to go visit him in Idaho last week…I wish my sons got to see their Grandpa more. We are certainly going to make a better effort of visiting more often though.

Thank you, Dad, for being the great person you are. I know you’ve overcome a lot in your life…and to be the person you are today after all of it…shows the might of your integrity and your heart. Thank you for loving me even though I’m quite the pain {but in my defense, as previously mentioned, I got it from you.}

Happy Birthday…I love you!

Fun Fact: Breckin’s due date was this day in 2010. The little bugger came early {thank God, because any later he would have been a 10lb-er!} But we gave him my dad’s name, David, as a middle name in honor of him.

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