Halloween Is Over…

Now what to do with all of that candy?

If you’re like me, having candy in your house is just a recipe for diet disaster. I have NO will power when it comes to sweets. {Well, I do have some, but basically, if I don’t say no before it gets into my house, I’m doomed.} So I try to keep it OUT from the get-go to keep from over-indulging.

Here are some ideas for getting the candy out:

1. First let your little ones pick up to 10 pieces to keep {I usually only allow for one per day to be eaten.} Promise them you won’t eat any of it. {Harder to eat it if you know you’re going to break a promise to those sweet things by doing so.}

2. Check with some of the local dentists to see if they offer a candy-buying program. Let your children keep the money.

3. Check with local museums, aquariums, etc. to see if they take the candy. Our local Children’s Museum offers free admission in exchange for candy so they can send it to our troops.

4. Just go dump it in the trash. No harm, no foul. You’ll feel much better about yourself once you’ve done it.

5. Take it to the office and put it in a large bowl. In a high traffic area. Far from your desk.

6. Give it to your local food bank or church if they’ll take it. This time of year, they may want candy for Christmas to offer to little ones that would otherwise go without.

7. Use it in a pinata for your son’s birthday that falls a week after Halloween and let the party invitees go at it. {Oh, is this just me? OK.}

Whatever you do, try to make sure there’s something in it for your kids…so they don’t feel they just got screwed. Help them make it feel like it’s their choice…reward them for their generosity…and use it as an opportunity to teach the importance of health!


Healthy {Easy} Recipes You Should Try

Menu planning is something I’m trying to become much better at…feeding my family at the end of a busy day is a crazy task when I don’t have anything planned for dinner and end up flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve discovered THE BEST website for healthy meals…and the ones I’ve tried are SOOOOOOO yum! Even the boys approve. I love to sit down on Sundays, peruse the website and plan my weekly menu and grocery list.

Here are a few of my faves from Skinny Taste:

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos


I made these tacos for dinner {again} last night. They are easy to make and use a few of the ingredients you are likely to have around the house anyway. I could definitely eat this once a week. My husband just loves it.

PB & J Yogurt


My boys just love this for breakfast – and I do too! It’s a guilt-free, yet very satisfying way to start the day. You could probably even make it the night before, cover it and pop it into the fridge to have a quick grab-n-go option for breakfast.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/Avocado & Tomato



This makes a great lunch or dinner. ‘Nuff said. Looks yummy, right?

I encourage you to check out Skinny Taste – you won’t be disappointed! xoxo

Meal Planning and Prep

The busy life of a mom, much less a working mom, can easily get in the way of clean eating efforts. Today, we are often on the go from here to there, from sun up to sun down. It’s nearly impossible to stay on track with your nutrition without proper planning ahead of time.

My best, cleanest eating weeks are those where I set aside a little time after the boys have gone to bed, usually on a Sunday evening before the work week begins, to prep and package my food to be easily thrown in my lunch bag every day of the week. You will also find, you might save a lot of money this way, as you hopefully will spend a lot less on meals out.

Here’s a peek of how I do it:

This week, my plan was to have a leafy spinach salad with cucumbers and grape tomatoes for lunch each day. {Some may prefer more variety, but I absolutely love this salad, so I have no issue eating it every day.}

I often make the salad in a very large Tupperware container I own:

And I spoon some into a smaller Tupperware dish to take with my in my lunch bag the next day.

I then make sure to have a small dish with my current favorite salad dressing in it. This is Newman’s Own Lite Sesame Ginger…it is sooooooo good…and only 15 calories per serving. I make sure to take just a serving’s worth.

Additionally, I like to have some good protein to go with, so I hard-boil some eggs to get me through the week {and a few extra for Tanner’s lunches}.

As far as snack foods to get me through my long work days, I pack things such as string cheese, raw almonds, carrots, apples, grapes…just anything that is naturally low-cal and nutritious.

As soon as I’m done with prep, I pop a day’s worth of snack and lunch into this super-cute lunch bag I found at Marshall’s for $9.99:

Isn’t it cute? I just love it. And it’s the perfect size, like a purse. I plan on getting it monogrammed eventually. So everything goes in here when I’m done, and into the fridge. The next morning before work, I take it out, pop a freezer-pak in it and go.

As far as breakfast, I usually carve out a few extra minutes in the morning to scramble up some egg whites, top them with avocado and drizzle with hot sauce {to get that metabolism going!} If I don’t have time for that, I make a whey protein smoothie…I’ll have my personal recipe for you here on the blog soon.

How do you plan for a healthy week?