Why You Should Use Weight Gloves

Hey y’all – I’m here to tell you about an important item I carry every time I hit the gym — weight gloves.

Here are my reasons why you should have a pair in your gym bag too:

1. Prevent Callouses

Strength training is an important part of anyone’s fitness routine. But that metal or plastic-y exterior of the weights can wreak havoc on your hands.



Wearing weight gloves can prevent this painful and not-so-good-looking problem.

2. Better Grip

Many glove options provide a better grip for you – making it less likely to slip on the bar or drop a dumbbell. Many are moisture-wicking to keep hand sweat at bay.


And here are some that I recommend, if you’re looking for your own pair:

{GoFit Elite Weight Lifting Gloves}
Harbinger Women's Pro Wash and Dry Weight Lifting Gloves - Click to enlarge
{Harbinger Women’s Pro Wash & Dry Gloves}

New Year’s Health & Fitness Resolutions – Check In!

I posted yesterday on my other blog, Style Oyster, about where I am so far with my New Year’s resolutions. I posted my health and fitness resolutions here earlier this month, so I thought I’d do the same with those. Please don’t judge because I have a feeling I’m not doing so well…but if this is how I can hold myself accountable, so be it. 
To refresh, here’s the resolutions:
  1. Well, I think it’s safe to say I haven’t completely accomplished this, but I am definitely down 3-4 lbs from when I first posted these, so progress IS being made, people! Woot!
  2. I am not doing so well with this. I did forgo the January half marathon due to falling so behind late December with my surgery and all. I am still trying to work out a good schedule to get all of my runs in, so I can be ready for March. I really want to do this!
  3. I have been doing well with this!
  4. I’m kind of halfway on this one…was doing well…this week, not so well…but I plan on getting back on track with a menu plan, stat!
  5. I’ve been doing pretty well with this one.
  6. I haven’t started yet, but I do have my Groupon for some barre classes and will start next week.
  7. Yeah, need to work on this.
  8. Have not done this.
  9. Would like to do this, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t.
  10. Didn’t do this once this month. I blame the cold, don’t you? {Though it did hit about 80 degrees one week this month, so I really have no excuse.}
  11. This is still the plan – ongoing goal.
  12. Gotta start this.
  13. Need to implement this in our daily routine.
  14. I haven’t done it 5x a week, but a lot more than I was…and working on it.

So did you have some health and fitness resolutions this year? How are you doing?

New Year’s {Health & Fitness} Resolutions

Yesterday I talked about what it takes to make a good, solid New Year’s resolution/goal. Hopefully you’ve had some time now to think about your resolutions for this year and have created a good plan for sticking to them. Here are my health and fitness resolutions for the New Year. {You can see my other New Year’s resolutions here.}
Best of luck to you in obtaining your health and fitness goals this year! I hope you’ll continue to read along and share the triumphs and challenges in fitness with me. Happy New Year!

The Anatomy of a Solid Resolution

Year after year, so many people kick off the New Year with great goals and great intentions. They write them down and call them their New Year’s resolutions.


But often is the case, those resolutions are thrown to the wayside by usually no later than the end of February.

Why is this? We hit the ground running, full steam ahead…and then old habits start to creep in and get the best of us. Old habits do die hard, you know. How can you stop this from happening to you? Well, there’s really no wrong or right answer to that one because in the end, that all depends on you. But here are some tips I have for making resolutions that you can see through…

1. Know WHY. – Don’t just make a vague resolution, i.e. “lose weight”, “stop eating fast food”, etc. Your why should be important to you. It should even draw out an emotion – guilt, sadness, even anger. Here are some examples:

  • I want to lose weight so I can look better in my clothes
  • I want to get in shape to be a good example for my kids.
  • I want to lose weight to regain my self-confidence.

2. Be SPECIFIC. – If you are making a goal, you need to know what the goal actually is. How much weight do you want to lose – 5, 10, 15? Do you want to get down to a certain dress size? Do you want to run your first 5K or 10K – do you have a specific race in mind? Also put deadlines on these specific goals. But the key is to be realistic, i.e. it’s best only to expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Anything more than that is not maintainable, nor is it healthy for the body.

3. Create a PLAN. – Find a specific workout program {if you are working out at home}. Jot down a workout routine for the gym each week {usually switching between main muscle groups each day}/ Will you sign up for classes? Will you run outdoors? Also find out your optimal time to workout and stick to it…write it in the planner and make it as important as any other date you would have. Also plan out your meals…before you grocery shop.

4. Track your PROGRESS. – I am a big journal junkie. I think it’s because I love to write things out so I can see them before me…but I do think it helps to have a frame of reference when you are analyzing your goals and how far you’ve come…or whether you’re doing enough to stay on track with that goal. A fitness journal keeps you accountable for your exercise each day and a food journal is a great tool to use to go back to if you didn’t lose the weight you wanted…it’s easy to see where small changes can be made.

5. WRITE down your goals. – And keep them where you can see them. A bathroom or dresser mirror is a perfect location.

6. SHARE your goals with family and friends. – Ask for their support on your journey. Maybe someone will want to buddy up with you. Nonetheless, letting people know your plans is a great way to be held accountable. Even if they weren’t holding me accountable, I’d certainly mentally believe they were and that would be enough to keep me on track. We as humans tend not to like to fail publicly, much less at all.

OK, now get to writing those resolutions. I will be back here with my list {just the fitness-oriented ones} tomorrow.

Back on Track

I have spent the last three days getting myself back on the fitness track. My mom was in town for Christmas from the 22nd to the 26th, but after I bid goodbye to her at the airport at 5am on Thursday, I knew that it was time to finally be done with the holidays and done with my little workout hiatus.
I’m finally feeling a little better and back to normal after the surgery I had on Dec. 17th. I hate that it took me out of training for my half marathon. After much thought, I’ve decided that I’m going to forgo the half marathon in Charleston on January 19th. It pains me to do so because I wanted this so badly, but I am just not ready. Before my hiatus, I was at eight straight miles…which is a great personal accomplishment for me. However, it’s not near where I need to be to take on 13.1. And now that I’ve been out for a couple of weeks, as well as it’s pretty darn chilly outside {I know I’m a wuss when it comes to that}, I just decided it best to find a different half marathon that would allow for more time. I am now going to participate in the Columbia Half Marathon on March 9th. I will have to travel an hour and a half, but my family and I are going to make a weekend of it…they will cheer me on and then we will celebrate with a trip to the Riverbanks Zoo. The weather should be much more tolerable for running – especially that distance.
So anyway…as far as being back on track…I have been hitting the gym hard the last three days. Thursday was legs, glutes, abs and the elliptical; Friday was chest, triceps, abs and the elliptical and today I hit the legs and glutes again. I strongly encourage lifting weights when you are looking to tone up – don’t just hit the cardio. I am pretty sore right now, but it’s a good soreness…the kind that leaves me feeling accomplished and encouraged to go back for more. This past year has been a pretty challenging one for me in terms of fitness…work was crazy and I was putting in a lot of hours – even on weekends and my motivation for fitness was a bit lacking in comparison to my normal level. I almost feel as though this last three days I’ve just flipped the switch back on and it makes me wonder how I ever got lost in the first place. I turn the big 3-0 this April…so it is becoming even more important to me that I accomplish my fitness goals as well as keep challenging myself. Fitness is a part of who I am…and I don’t want to let anything get in the way of that again. No excuses.
If you are looking to get back into fitness…I encourage you to start today…don’t wait until January 1.
Oh, and be on the lookout for me to post my 2013 starting stats sometime next week…I’m a little nervous due to the above-mentioned hiatus I’ve been in, but I’ve got to do it…seeing those numbers will only fire me up to get them lower. I encourage you to take measurements any time you want to track your progress…photos are a great way to do that too.
Enjoy the rest of 2012. xoxo.
Side note: Do you like the new blog design? Not sure if it’s forever, I’ll probably keep revamping… but what do you think?

Turkey Day Run: Race Recap

Ok…so I have to officially say I hate the chip timing system. Hate.

I feel like my time is never logged right in the end. {Let’s not forget last month’s Race for the Cure when my time chip apparently didn’t even log my actual!}

So let’s hash this out…the race officially started at 9am. I was in the second wave which started at 9:03. So the clock had been running 3 minutes before I was able to start. When I hit the end of the race, I remember looking up at the time and seeing 34:54…then of course, due to bottlenecking, was unable to get my timer under the finish line until sometime after 35 min, apparently 35:09, because my time on the website says this:

BUT, if I go to my RunKeeper app, I show that I ran FURTHER than 3.1 miles {not by much} and know that my app had been running for at least two minutes before I actually started moving:

I suppose this chip time was close, but due to the bottlenecking at the start and at the end of the race, I’d estimate my actual time to be right at about 30:30 – 31:00 minutes. So pretty much the same as last month’s Race for the Cure. My next run is the Reindeer Run, hopefully I can really push it then! I’d so love to see a time UNDER 30 minutes.

Going to trudge through with my half marathon training this week!