Monday Musings

Is it really October?

Omgosh…so fall is now officially in full swing…Christmas will be here, like, TOMORROW…where, oh where is the time going?

This weekend of mine was pretty good…started out with a nice little family dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos, on Friday evening.

{My hubby desperately needs to learn to take better pics with my iPhone…}

Breckin looks so nuts in this picture!

Saturday, I got to hit up King St. shopping district with my friend Chrissy! {Boo on me for not getting a pic of us together!} We went to Forever 21, joking that it was the only place either of us could afford, and found a lot of great deals. I even found the perfect pair of riding boots for fall {here is a similar pair, mine were brown and slightly taller…not bad for just under $40!}:


I also found this cute little navy and taupe polka-dotted skirt for work:


I found a few other key pieces that were on sale…I seriously love Forever 21…missed it so much when I moved to Charleston from California 7 years ago, so I’m stoked that they are here now.

We also checked out what was new at The Gap and I randomly happened upon the very last of these tees sitting by its lonesome and just had to get it for Tanner {to be handed down to Breckin in a few years}. Hubby loves the Packers.


On the way home, Chrissy and I also had a chance to hit up the new Hobby Lobby on its grand opening weekend! We were beyond excited…and beyond overwhelmed when we walked in the door – the place is HUGE! And there was just SO MUCH to see. We decided we definitely needed to come back next time with an exact plan or idea for a craft so we knew exactly what to look for. We did get a few things though. Chrissy got some small items to finish up some DIY decor for her upcoming wedding and I found some crafts to do for my home that I can’t wait to show YOU right here on the blog. The first includes this “S”:


On Sunday, Jake took the boys to PetSmart and got some more fish to add to our tank…we now have 8 little fishies and they seem to be doing well.

Speaking of pets…some of you that know me on Facebook know that I adopted this beautiful little girl last week:

Her name is Tundra and she is a Siberian Husky, approximately 3-4 years old. She is a total sweetheart. She reminds me of Dakotah, the Siberian Husky I gave up {to an incredibly loving family} about a year and a half ago due to working a job with 14-hr shifts and Breckin being so young at the time. I had been feeling the void of having a sweet pup in my life {pretty much ever since giving her up} and had decided that we were ready to have one again. We are at a much better place with the age of the boys now and my job’s hours are much better suited for caring for a dog. I’ve been walking her every day and she has been so good.

While the boys were out getting new fish, I prepped stuff for the garage sale I’ll be having this coming weekend. Later that afternoon, we went over to our friends Casy & Donnell’s house for dinner…they have boys that are pretty much Tanner’s and Breckin’s ages and also a 6-month old baby girl. It was fun watching the boys play and getting to catch up with our friends.

Overall it was a great weekend! Hope y’all have a great week! xoxo

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