Target: Dining Chairs

So thanks to my post about mesh dining table chairs, I have been relentlessly perusing the Internet to find just the right ones at a reasonable price. And then I happened upon all of these beauties {at Target, no less!}

These chevron ones might be my fave, would totally play well into our new gray/white/black kitchen {aslo available in black and white}:

Target – $179.99 for 2

The trellis look is also very chic…I think this pattern is playful, yet classy:

Target – $179.99 for 2

 This trellis pattern gives off a nice formal vibe:

Target – $179.99 for 2

And well, sorry, but when I see zebra stripes, I simply can’t resist {wonder if the hubby will go for it? Would totally match the zebra stripe chargers I just purchased from Hobby Lobby!}:

Target – 199.99 for 2

These are more fitting with the style I was going for, sans the mesh…but they look sturdy, clean and they are stackable if I ever need to make room – great price too:

Target – $79.99 for 2

I could definitely see these ones at a long dining table for a Christmas dinner…very chic and formal:

Target – 199.99 for 2

In true Target fashion, all of these chairs are stylish and affordable. Couldn’t help but share them with you! xoxo

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My DIY: Secretary Desk Rejuvenation

Some of you may know, I used to have a blog called [just had] A Bright Idea where I focused mostly on interior design & decor and some DIY-ing. When I started Style Oyster, I wanted to incorporate those things along with my love of fashion and all things, well, stylish. Unfortunately, leaving that blog for a new url posed it’s challenges. I lost the readers I had acccumulated over the 6 months of having the blog as well as the content…but wait, that content is NOT lost! Thanks to Blogger, I was able to move it over to Style Oyster. However, it was a little outdated (the wording in some, etc.) and of course the pictures were all tagged with my JHABI logo (and a few with even older blog logos than that! I had some name change issues…) I am putting this paragraph here as a preface to these posts because even though they are from the past, they are still projects that took a long time and are dear to my heart and I didn’t want to lose them when I officially take my old blog off the Internet. So I apologize to those of you who have followed me since [just had] A Bright Idea, as you will be experiencing some deja vu, but I know some of you are new and this may all be new content to you. So bear with me, I plan on posting these once a week until they are all on Style Oyster. Thank you so much, and I do hope you enjoy. xoxo

I’ve been looking for the perfect secretary desk for. like. EVER.

Last week, I found this one on Craigslist:

Isn’t she a beaut’? I know what you’re thinking….she could use a little TLC. Let’s just say the previous owner had no idea what she was doing when she painted it. The desk was obviously brown originally and she had spray-painted it white (a BIG furniture-painting no-no)…an absolute crappy job. She said she had been going for shabby chic – well, I think it was more shabby than chic.

Enter: ME.

I had the perfect vision of my secretary desk long before I bought this one. My desk had a stark white semi-glossy painted exterior with modern brushed nickel hardware. The inside cubby holes would perfectly fit my bill paying items & business products, i.e. calculator, checkbooks, business cards, etc.

Let me tell you step by step how I transformed this desk into a lovely piece anyone would be proud to own.

Step 1: I started by removing all of the hideous gold (and then spray-painted gold – yes spray-painted) old antique-y original hardware. I then took measurements of the holes to make sure I purchased hardware that would fit right into the holes.

Step 2: I sanded down the entire desk and drawer faces with 100-grit sand paper to make sure the primer would have a good surface to stick to. Thankfully, my handy hubby is a carpenter by trade, and I have all the tools handy you could ever need, so I had power sander to get the job done quickly.

Step 3: After sanding, I dusted off all the surfaces and got the primer ready. I used a paint roller made for cabinet and door painting. I put on a nice, even coat of primer and let it dry for a couple hours.

Step 4: Once the primer had dried, I excitedly went about putting on my first coat of white paint. I used Olympic Premium Semi-Gloss paint in Ultra White from Lowe’s. I used the same type of paint roller for this step. I let the first coat dry overnight.

Step 5: I put on the second coat of white paint and let dry. For the cubbies, I thought it would be cute to use some of the same pink paint we had leftover from painting the walls in the room it was going in. I painted the outside of them white and then used the pink paint to carefully paint the insides with a foam brush. (That extra set of drawers and dresser you’re seeing is a small dresser that is also in the same room…it had a previous bad white paint job and old hardware as well, so I got knobs to match, sanded the whole thing down and painted it as well – two birds with one stone!)

Step 6: I installed the new drawer hardware that I purchased at Lowe’s. (One of the small drawers was a bit chipped off, but I didn’t worry about fixing it just yet, may get hubby to fashion something eventually.)

Step 7: I moved the desk to her new place home and started loading her up! (Imagine my excitement when I found out she fit JUST perfectly on the wall right between the window trim hubby had installed when we first moved in!We’re talking like a half-inch to spare. PERFECT.) Here she is, all finished:

Painted Dressers

In mentally preparing to take on the nursery-to-toddler room project, I took a long hard look (maybe a few of them) at Breckin’s room and decided what I would be keeping and what I would be moving out. I have two of these dressers that I got for free 6 or 7 years ago from one of my husband’s friends looking to free up some of his storage space:

Being 22, pregnant with my first child and pinching every penny, I jumped on the offer. I had known I was going to do my baby’s room in a beach-y surfer theme and I thought the bamboo-esque details of the dressers would fit the theme just right. But alas, my style has grown and matured, and I’m ready to be rid of them. Tanner’s was actually moved to our storage unit when we gave him our bedroom set, but Breckin still has the other in his room.

Being a handy-dandy DIY-er, I almost consider it a sin to throw out usable furniture that is in generally good condition just because I don’t like the look of it. I CAN CHANGE THE LOOK OF IT!

We have a blank space in our kitchen next to the fridge that I’ve always thought would be perfect for a buffet-type piece of furniture, or even a bar – having an extra surface and extra storage would be so nice for our little kitchen/dining area. *A-ha moment*: repaint the dresser and use it as a buffet! Seriously, I was pissed at myself for not having thought of it sooner. So that is the next project on my to-do list (and I have 2! So I will likely repaint the other one to fit better with my vision for Breckin’s room!)

So without further adieu, here are my pins of lovely painted dressers that are inspiring my dresser re-do:

Originally Pinned from – I love the bright pop of color these dressers bring!
Originally Pinned from – Classic white…this will likely be my choice of color for one of them.
Originally Pinned from: – I love the details on the dresser top!
Originally Pinned from – It looks like the handles were painted white to spruce them up a bit!
Originally Pinned from – Add a fun pattern for visual appeal!
Originally Pinned from – I love everything about this design set up
Originally Pinned from – Very interesting idea!
Originally Pinned from – I LOVE this color.

Hope this leaves you inspired to recreate some of that not-so-attractive furniture you’ve may have been considering throwing out and replacing! Why waste when you can create?

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