DIY Monogram Art

This was a pretty easy project that didn’t cost a lot at all.

Supplies Needed:
Frame {Mine were a total of $4.00}
Fabric sized to fit picture in frame {About $7.00 per 1/2 yd cut}
Wooden Letter of Choice {I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.75 each, regularly $3.49}
Spray Paint for Frame {Optional – I had on hand from other projects}
Spray Paint for Letter {Had on hand from other projects}
Fabric Stapler {Had on hand}
Craft Glue {Had on hand}

Total Cost per Monogram Art {for me, considering I already had some supplies on hand}: $10.75

When I was at Goodwill a while back, I found two identical frames with some very old-fashioned art in them that I knew would be perfect to make some statement art with for the boys’ rooms. At $2.00 each, they were a great deal, their overall size being approx 18″ x 22″.

The art pulled out rather easily, just bending a few staples. They were actually cardboard-like, so I used them to put my fabric on.

I laid out the picture backward on the fabric so it wouldn’t show through the fabric on the front. I made sure it laid evenly and then pulled back the fabric tight and secured in place with my fabric stapler.

{Please don’t mind my hairy carpet, the remnants of Siberian Husky are hard to get rid of…with time it will happen, lol.}

To paint the letters, I used this paint:

I didn’t have to prime them before. As you can see, the red was a paint and primer in one. I lightly sprayed two coats on each, letting dry between coats. I then let them each sit for an hour before applying to the fabric.

This is a picture of the fabric I used for Breckin {I won’t be showing his final piece because I am working on his wall gallery and will reveal all then!}

For Tanner’s frame, since I chose to paint his white, I used one coat each of these:

After the frame was dry and the letter was set with craft glue onto the fabric, I put it all back together and this is what I got! It was exactly the look I was going for with Tanner’s monogram.

What do you think? Please “pin” it if you love it! xoxo

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Art Box {from Tiffany’s}

Sort of. I found this big Tiffany & Co. box at Goodwill for $0.99 {nothing inside it, boo}. But I love me some “Tiffany Blue” and it works perfectly with my desk decor {teal blues and pink}…so I thought, “What the heck, it will make a nice storage box.”

It fit JUST perfectly into one of my desk cubbies {hallelujah!}. I pondered over what I should store in it…then I remembered that I had my paints in a smaller storage box, with some not able to stand straight up due to height. The Tiffany’s box was just tall enough that all of them could fit in it standing, so I deemed it the better storage solution of the two and that was the end of the story. I could always use that other box for something else, no doubt.

I thought it was missing a little something when I remembered that I still had some leftover file box labels from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples. Popped one on, labeled it and here it is:

{Maybe one day I will receive a Tiffany’s box with something in it…xoxo.}

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Coffee Table Books

I am slowly becoming obsessed with beautiful, big, chunky books as decor…for shelves, coffee tables, etc…{blame all the fab blogs I read daily!}

The problem with this obsession is that it can become an expensive habit, especially if you are really only buying the book for looks as opposed to reading through it. Many great books cost upwards of $20 or more at Barnes & Noble. This is why I highly recommend checking out your local thrift stores.

Check out these books I found at Goodwill the other day {I swear someone dropped off a ton of their old cookbooks because they had way more than usual}:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I happened upon a vintage Better Homes & Gardens recipe book that was published in the 1970s…and it’s in great condition. Not bad for $1.00. I may even try some of the recipes as opposed to just using it as decor.

I thought this Charleston one was especially charming and perfect for my space {because I live here, duh!) I see it being a great conversation piece…it has so many great pictures of historic attractions in Charleston {and some BOMB recipes!}

When looking for books at thrift stores, I recommend taking a peek under the sleeve…sometimes it has more aesthetic appeal without the cover. See my books now:

So what are you waiting for, head to your local thrift store and see what you can find!

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