Back on Track

I have spent the last three days getting myself back on the fitness track. My mom was in town for Christmas from the 22nd to the 26th, but after I bid goodbye to her at the airport at 5am on Thursday, I knew that it was time to finally be done with the holidays and done with my little workout hiatus.
I’m finally feeling a little better and back to normal after the surgery I had on Dec. 17th. I hate that it took me out of training for my half marathon. After much thought, I’ve decided that I’m going to forgo the half marathon in Charleston on January 19th. It pains me to do so because I wanted this so badly, but I am just not ready. Before my hiatus, I was at eight straight miles…which is a great personal accomplishment for me. However, it’s not near where I need to be to take on 13.1. And now that I’ve been out for a couple of weeks, as well as it’s pretty darn chilly outside {I know I’m a wuss when it comes to that}, I just decided it best to find a different half marathon that would allow for more time. I am now going to participate in the Columbia Half Marathon on March 9th. I will have to travel an hour and a half, but my family and I are going to make a weekend of it…they will cheer me on and then we will celebrate with a trip to the Riverbanks Zoo. The weather should be much more tolerable for running – especially that distance.
So anyway…as far as being back on track…I have been hitting the gym hard the last three days. Thursday was legs, glutes, abs and the elliptical; Friday was chest, triceps, abs and the elliptical and today I hit the legs and glutes again. I strongly encourage lifting weights when you are looking to tone up – don’t just hit the cardio. I am pretty sore right now, but it’s a good soreness…the kind that leaves me feeling accomplished and encouraged to go back for more. This past year has been a pretty challenging one for me in terms of fitness…work was crazy and I was putting in a lot of hours – even on weekends and my motivation for fitness was a bit lacking in comparison to my normal level. I almost feel as though this last three days I’ve just flipped the switch back on and it makes me wonder how I ever got lost in the first place. I turn the big 3-0 this April…so it is becoming even more important to me that I accomplish my fitness goals as well as keep challenging myself. Fitness is a part of who I am…and I don’t want to let anything get in the way of that again. No excuses.
If you are looking to get back into fitness…I encourage you to start today…don’t wait until January 1.
Oh, and be on the lookout for me to post my 2013 starting stats sometime next week…I’m a little nervous due to the above-mentioned hiatus I’ve been in, but I’ve got to do it…seeing those numbers will only fire me up to get them lower. I encourage you to take measurements any time you want to track your progress…photos are a great way to do that too.
Enjoy the rest of 2012. xoxo.
Side note: Do you like the new blog design? Not sure if it’s forever, I’ll probably keep revamping… but what do you think?

Even When You Don’t Want To…

You just should. Workout, I mean.
I tell you, I have so many days where I am just not mentally into getting my workout done. I feel like that’s the hardest fight for me; not the physical battle. If I am not mentally in the kick-my-own-ass mode, it is a struggle to get my workout on.
I had a mental battle like this just yesterday afternoon. I was due to run 5-6 miles per my half marathon training schedule. I was all gung-ho in the morning…I got my workout wear, running shoes, etc. in a bag and stuck it in my car for a quick change after work so I could run on Daniel Island, an island near my home. {It is just such a better scenic run than my neighborhood.} But all day at work I was fighting allergies, a crampy tummy and just an overall feeling of crappiness. But deep down, I knew I had to make myself do this run.
So I got ready for my workout, parked my car on a random street and started running the route I had planned out on MapMyRun. Immediately my insides clenched with crampiness and I thought, “There’s no way I’m going to be able to finish this run.” I also was angry with my body for performing so poorly. I found it harder to breathe than normal…I felt less energized than normal. I won’t lie, I even walked some of it.
I think I like running in this particular place because I know that if I park my car and start heading off far to the other side of the island, it’s inevitable that I will have to make my way back, which means I have no choice but to do the miles. So in the end, here is what my RunKeeper app on my iPhone recorded:
So it wasn’t my best time per mile {12:15} obviously since I walked a little bit, but I think I averaged about the same time per mile as when I did my first 10K in April…so I don’t feel I was too shabby considering the distance for me was a good bit further than normal.
Overall, I’m just proud that I won my mental battle with myself. I know that I need to fight the urge to quit…that urge might always sneak up on me…but I know that I can shut that voice up.
How do you break through your mental battles with working out?

Taking It Up A Notch

For some reason, I am unlike the norm and actually like to work my ass off throughout the fall and winter season. Don’t get me wrong, I of course like to keep in shape for bikini season, but I feel like workout-wise, I am much better about it during the colder months. Must be due to the fact we don’t actually do a lot during this time of year in terms of traveling and social things so I don’t have a lot standing in my way? We have holiday parties and such, but really nothing too hectic.

I am training for my half marathon coming up in January, so that is definitely one way I’m kicking my own ass this winter. But I’ve decided I also want to take on Insanity again.

There are a few reasons why.

1. The obvious – to have a hot body. Yeah.

2. Anytime I’ve been doing Insanity, my running has benefited. I can run further, faster…it definitely increases my endurance.

3. Completing a 60-day round of it is on my Thirty Before 30 bucket list and as of today, I’ve got 5 months to go. Subtract 60 days from that and I really have to start within the next 3 months. I figure now is as good a time as any. {You will also see I then have completing a round of Insanity: The Asylum on that bucket list, which is a 30-day program, so really I have within the next 2 months to get going…so again, starting sooner than later is best!}

Have you ever taken on the Insanity challenge? You can purchase it here if you are interested in trying it. If you already have the workout, I encourage you to do it with me! I am starting today.

Here is the schedule if you need it:

And for the sake of it…here’s what I’ll call my “before” pictures {ever-wonderful and overexposing they are – but it’s necessary for motivation and progress tracking}:

Forgive my hair, I had just run. And here are my stats for right now – will take measurements later this week:

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 135 lbs

Wish me luck!

World Run Day – Recap

A few weeks back, I posted about World Run Day 2012. Did any of y’all participate? Well, if any of you ran at all this past Sunday, you were a participant in World Run Day as far as I’m concerned.
My goal was to run 7 miles, as that is the mileage I was due to run that day per my half marathon training schedule.
I worked on Sunday until 1:30pm, but was determined to run as soon as I got home. I knew my youngest would be napping, so I would have the opportunity. And I’ve learned I need to take the opportunity when it presents itself rather than wait for later because if I don’t, then it never gets done. {Plus, I had to work off the birthday cake I ate the day before at my son’s birthday party.}
Looking forward to my half marathon in January…it’s going to be quite the challenge.

Friday Fab Five

What a week! This marks my 12th day in a row of working…{darnit to working weekends!} So needless to say, I am R-E-A-D-Y for this 3-day weekend.

But, even with all of this working, I have found the time to lust over some wonderful things…here’s my Friday Five:

{1} ZGallerie’s Drake mirror that just recently hit stores…oooh so pretty, but sorta steep for my shallow pockets at $399.00. Boo. Buy it for me? I still love you, ZGallerie, and despite the price, I’m sure this beauty will fly off the shelves.


{2} This new printable I made for my bar area…{currently making a few options that can be personalized and adding them to my Etsy shop soon}:

{3} This cobalt-like nail color from Essie:

{4} This painting at Cocoa & Hearts:

{five} This iPhone Armband

…and just ordered this armband from eBay at $3.97 and free shipping! Should get it by next week – this will make my gym sessions and half marathon training runs {as well as the half marathon} much more enjoyable!

So at least I was able to get one thing off my list {with the exception of item #2 that I made myself!}

Happy Friday! xoxo

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