Project: Kitchen Update

I’ve not been a fan of our kitchen situation since the day we moved in back in 2008.

The only things we had really done since then were adding a wainscot on the walls and installing a cauffered ceiling. So other than those things, we were left with plain ol’ builder-grade maple cabinetry, a formica countertop in a hideous blue speckled color, a run-of-the-mill stainless steel sink and faucet, a linoleum floor and backsplash-less walls. Bleck. {Don’t even get me started with how the kitchen doesn’t even entertain to the living room…makes our whole space feel small…but that can only be resolved by purchasing a new house.}

A week or so back, I posted this little picture as a clue to a project we were working on:

Well, if you guessed it was a backsplash, you were correct!

Not only did we do a backsplash, hubby got a bunch of free granite as a kickback from one of his construction jobs. All that had to be paid for was getting it measured and cut to fit, and getting an under-mount sink {as well as new faucet!}

So take a look at our kitchen now:

Now, we’re by no means done with this space. I’ve still got a laundry list I’m working on, but glad to have marked a few things off {only took 4 years to get moving}! But I really like how it’s coming along and I can’t wait to have the vision in my head realized. Here’s the plan:

1. Granite Countertops
2. Under-Mount Sink
3. Backsplash
4. Paint Cabinetry {White}
5. Paint Walls {Light Gray}
6. New Flooring {Ceramic Tile}
7. New Rugs
8. Curtains for Back Door
9. New Wall Art
10. New Accessories/Accents {Pops of Pink/Yellow?}

Look forward to keeping you updated along the way!

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Painted Doors Galore!

I don’t know about you, but I am loving the trend of brightly painted doors I am seeing across the web via Pinterest, blogs and the like.


 I’m loving it so much, I’m dying to paint my own! (I’ve been scouring our HOA’s governing documents to see if there’s anything that rules against it.) And it’s not just the bright paint I love, I am seeing such creative ways to display house numbers! I’ve seen everything from vintage metal, mix-and-match, painted wood to vinyl prints. (If it turns out I’m not allowed to have a bright, bold color on the door, I will at least be making some stylish house numbers!)


Loving the “Established…” sign above the door on that one.


Well, so on to contacting my HOA to get the low-down on painting the front door rules. And then, hopefully, deciding on a color and a fun crafty project for the house numbers!

Do you have a fun front door? Link it up in the comments, I’d love to see it!