Black & White Maxi Skirt {3 Ways}

The other day, I was perusing Marshall’s and literally ended up spending a small fortune. I found so many cute things for summer and just simply couldn’t resist. One of my favorite finds of the day was a black & white striped Michael Kors maxi skirt for $34.99. I was just playing around with some things in my closet and put together some quick ensembles with it. {Sorry in advance for some of the smudgies – didn’t realize how my mirror needed a good cleaning – thanks DSLR for pointing that out!}

The top in this first pic is from Target. I got them on a buy 1 get one half off sale, so one was $10, the next was $5. The bauble necklace is that infamous J.Crew lookalike I got off of eBay for $14.99 {sure beats the $150.00 J.Crew price tag!}

The top in this second picture is from Kohl’s last year. I love the shoulder cut-outs and the color. I got it in a few different colors at the time since it was such a steal. Feel free to shop Kohl’s tops collection here. {They are actually giving a 10% online discount to everyone through May 10th, just use the promo code BLOGS10 at checkout!} Again, another J.Crew look-a-like bauble.

And lastly, this is the skirt paired with just a simple black tank. I tucked it in to give more waistline definition.

I have so many other things I can pair with this skirt – its classic lines and colors make it so versatile. It’s going to be a spring/summer staple for sure. It’s so comfy, I could live in it all summer – maybe I will. xoxo

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Downtown Date Night

I’m craving a sweet date night with my hubby…

Here’s what I imagine what I’d wear would look like when that happens {and it had better soon!}

Lookie What I Found

So remember that gorgeous dress I posted about last week that I just HAD TO HAVE?

Literally the same day I published that post, I was at Kohl’s perusing through their chic and affordable clothes when this caught my eye:


Oh-Em-Gee, right?!

It was almost identically-colored and patterned fabric! Not a maxi dress, but still, so pretty!

Sorry for the bad quality of my photo {and my hair, it was after work on a rainy day}…still trying to find the best spot in my house with the best lighting so I don’t have to use the flash…grrrrr…I am so in need of a DSLR camera.

Anyway, here’s a fun little outfit grouping I put together for it…let me know what y’all think! xoxo