Monday Musings: So, About That Race…

Yeah, you know, that Cooper River Bridge one I mentioned I was going to be doing? Well, I didn’t. {GASP!}

I know, I know…I was so torn about the decision not to do it. Here’s what happened – remember Hubby’s and my plans to repaint the living room and kitchen this weekend? Well, we started working on it Friday, just cutting in and priming everything…and we were up until midnight-ish doing so. So for one, I don’t do well on little sleep, and I already get up at 3am three days a week. Hubby then asked me not to do the race so he could get started painting bright and early on Saturday while I took the boys out and entertained them so he could do so in peace. I reluctantly agreed it was the right thing to do. So no big race for me this past weekend, but I am getting back into training mode with running…and finding out which half marathon I want to do, hopefully this fall. And I wholeheartedly plan on doing the Cooper River Bridge Run next year – making no plans to paint any rooms the same weekend!

Anyway, here’s what my weekend did look like:

I Instagrammed this pic on Friday night to show what the house looks like when you decide to repaint it.

While Jake worked on it Saturday, I took the boys to the gym {to make up for missing the race, I had to at least workout.} Then we met up with my friend, Suz, and her kids at a play park and spent a few hours there. We ended the playdate with a Mexican lunch at which Suz and I had delicious margaritas. The weather was gorgeous, so we ate outside.

I spent Saturday night helping Hubby to finish the paint job and Sunday I was able to put everything back in place and start hanging pictures back up. I tell y’all, I love how it turned out. I’ll be sharing it with you soon. I am so happy and it is soooo much brighter – not like the dungeon it seemed like before.

Anyway, hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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Cooper River Bridge 10K Run

Happy Friday, y’all! It is the last official day of Spring Break and I am ready for my boys to go back to their schools. It has been a great week full of quality time with them, but after yesterday’s cabin fever due to the rain, I am just ready. It doesn’t help that I still had to manage to “work” from home as well. It will be nice to get back on a schedule.
I’ve got a busy weekend planned…and no I’m not bragging…I’d much rather lie around in PJs or sunbathe on the back deck whilst my boys and the puppy run around the backyard. But nope, Hubby and I are FINALLY going to put the last element of the kitchen makeover in place – the paint. This ultimately includes painting the living room since they share a wall. I cannot wait to see the end result of a brighter space. I will be sure not to keep you waiting too long for a post.
Other than that fun undertaking, I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to beat the Cooper River Bridge Run participant traffic and find parking. I’m going to be honest, I have not trained for this run. I definitely run better now than I did last year though and I ran it last year without training as well and was able to keep a steady pace throughout. My goal is to do the same, maybe just a bit faster. But again, having not trained, I’m not going to be too hard on myself. I just love being a part of this big local event that draws in over 40,000 participants.

I should probably take it easy today as far as workouts go, but I was bad and skipped my gym session yesterday, so I’m going to take my Spin class this morning. I don’t think 6.2 miles is going to kill me if I did a Spin class the day before.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

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Closet Turned Pretty Pantry

I can’t even begin to tell you how this has been such a long time coming…we were in such dire need of a decent-size pantry. We’d been using one set of kitchen cabinets up to this point.

Our house is a little strange…no pantry, not a lot of kitchen cabinet storage…and this little in-betweener closet {Is it a coat closet? Supply closet? Pantry?} It just wasn’t really in ideal condition to serve as any of those options…and I definitely tried my hand at all of them in the space. Almost five years later, this is what it was looking like:

Yep, one ugly catch-all concealed by a door. Not really serving the purpose it could be. I made the decision that I finally wanted to have Jake custom-build it out into a pantry.

First we started with removing those standard wire shelves. Jake went to his workshop and built a set of shelves and a couple of floating shelves. He then installed them and primed and painted them white. I also wanted to add some subtle color to the walls, so we went with the “Sublime” green paint we had originally used on our kitchen walls {though those are being repainted gray soon}.

As far as containers, I mostly used what I had around the house, and those blue ones are from the dollar store. And I’ve been slowly building my fresh food container collection. I already had those labeled with chalkboard labels in our cabinet pantry.

I created some labels for the bins.

And here she is in all her glory! It’s such a nice change.

Eventually I plan on turning the back of the door into our menu planning central…post to come on that. And the wall to the right will  be used to hang our broom, mop, etc.

So what do you think? Please remember to “pin” it if you love it! xoxo

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Kitchen Progress Update

Goodness gosh, I think I have been holding you off too long on the kitchen update post since we finished painting the cabinets! They have been done since like the beginning of December! Guess that’s what the holidays will do to you.

But anyway, as promised, here you go.

I must say hubby did some hard work and got these babies done very quickly…considering he had to still go to work from 8-4:30 every day. Total time started on a Sunday and the cabinets were hung back in place on the following Thursday evening. He then purchased the hardware, made some drill holes where needed and they were officially finished that Friday or Saturday. Not bad when you factor in the time for sanding and for each coat of primer and paint to dry between coats. {I actually primed them for him while he sanded the base of the cabinets. So again, I helped!}

Now let’s look at the before/after shots:

 I am so happy with the change. The kitchen feels so much more up to date and a lot brighter. It’s not the largest space, but I definitely enjoy my time in there much more than I used to. The colors give a crisp, clean feel – which is just what I want to feel while in the kitchen.

There are still a few things to be done yet, but here is our progress list so far {click links for corresponding posts}:

1. New Under-Mount Sink
2. Granite Countertops
3. Backsplash
4. Paint Cabinetry {White}
5, Install New Floors
6. Wall Organization System
7. Paint Walls {Light Grey}
8. New Dining Table & Chairs
9. Curtains for Back Door

So what do you think so far?

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Monday Musings

Another weekend gone by too quickly. I definitely had a great time though. I started it off right by heading out to do the Reindeer Run downtown. I love this race…everyone gets so festive, some of the costumes are just plain crazy, but I love it. It’s an official kickoff to Christmastime here in Charleston.

I luckily saw one of my friends, Christine, right as the race started and we ended up running it together. Afterward, we enjoyed some free post-race beers {maybe a little more than planned} and had a great time dancing as the live band played at Southend Brewery on East Bay St.

I will admit, I was feeling the pain later as I was nursing a headache and hit the hay early. Guess I’m definitely not 21 anymore! But it was definitely fun to let loose and have some girl time. {I’m in a house full of testosterone after all.}

On Sunday, hubby and I started work on the next part of our kitchen makeover – the cabinets. We are painting them white. {See our other kitchen updates here and here.} Here’s a sneak peek for you:

The white is making such a difference already. I cannot stand that builder’s standard maple cabinet color. Things are really coming together in this space. Can’t wait to share the finished cabinets with you – and eventually the entire makeover!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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Kitchen Update: Floors

Earlier this week, I let you know about the kitchen floor replacement project my husband decided to take on this past weekend. {See our first kitchen update post here.}

I am so excited to share with you the finished product {though the entire kitchen has yet to be finished} – and just in time for Tanner’s birthday party tomorrow. I told Jake he absolutely had to have it done by then due to all the guests we are having over. {Having the refrigerator in the living room just isn’t convenient for a party…well, not this kind of party.}

So here’s another series of update pics – I’m hoping you can start to see how the black, gray and white are all starting to come together now.

Laying out the tile with thin-set

The tiles had originally been large squares, but Jake wanted to cut them to create the subway tile pattern.

Hubby even made me help scrub the grout off after he slathered it on. Not the most fun job in the world, but necessary!

For fun, here’s some before pics:

 And the afters {so far}:

Even our dog blends in now!

Here is our progress list so far:

1. New Countertops & Sink
2. Install Backsplash
3. Install Ceramic Tile Floors
4. Paint Cabinets – White
5. Paint Walls – Light Gray
6. New Dining Room Table & Chairs

Stay tuned for more progress soon! xoxo

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Monday Musings

Unfortunately, this was another work weekend for me…can you believe I was actually GRATEFUL for the time change because I got to sleep an extra hour before having to be at work by 5am on Sunday? I must say though, I’m not excited about the early sundowns to come.

While I was at work, handy hubby got to work on the next step in our kitchen makeover – the floors. This is what I came home to on Saturday:

´╗┐All of that cement-looking stuff is the sticky paper underside of the linoleum that he tore up…we got unlucky that it didn’t want to all come up together…so it was a bit of a process to scrape it off.
Here are a couple pictures of the tile we are going to install – I love it because it’s a textured slate-like tile and will go so well with the black/white/gray backsplash we installed, as well as the black granite countertops. The best thing: It was completely FREE. Jake’s dad had them extra from a job and gave them to us.

The next steps in the kitchen makeover process are painting the cabinets white and the walls a light gray. I can’t wait to see it finished and share it here with all of you.
Sunday afternoon, we took advantage of the high 70s/low 80s weather and the boys and I headed to the play park for a little fun time to give Daddy some peace while he continued to work on the flooring {I had wanted him to take a break and come with, but he wanted to trudge through}.
Hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo
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