Monday Musings: So, About That Race…

Yeah, you know, that Cooper River Bridge one I mentioned I was going to be doing? Well, I didn’t. {GASP!}

I know, I know…I was so torn about the decision not to do it. Here’s what happened – remember Hubby’s and my plans to repaint the living room and kitchen this weekend? Well, we started working on it Friday, just cutting in and priming everything…and we were up until midnight-ish doing so. So for one, I don’t do well on little sleep, and I already get up at 3am three days a week. Hubby then asked me not to do the race so he could get started painting bright and early on Saturday while I took the boys out and entertained them so he could do so in peace. I reluctantly agreed it was the right thing to do. So no big race for me this past weekend, but I am getting back into training mode with running…and finding out which half marathon I want to do, hopefully this fall. And I wholeheartedly plan on doing the Cooper River Bridge Run next year – making no plans to paint any rooms the same weekend!

Anyway, here’s what my weekend did look like:

I Instagrammed this pic on Friday night to show what the house looks like when you decide to repaint it.

While Jake worked on it Saturday, I took the boys to the gym {to make up for missing the race, I had to at least workout.} Then we met up with my friend, Suz, and her kids at a play park and spent a few hours there. We ended the playdate with a Mexican lunch at which Suz and I had delicious margaritas. The weather was gorgeous, so we ate outside.

I spent Saturday night helping Hubby to finish the paint job and Sunday I was able to put everything back in place and start hanging pictures back up. I tell y’all, I love how it turned out. I’ll be sharing it with you soon. I am so happy and it is soooo much brighter – not like the dungeon it seemed like before.

Anyway, hope y’all had a great weekend! xoxo

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Thursday Randomness

Ah yes, finally getting closer to that weekend now…I can feel it! Happy Thursday, y’all! Not much going on around these parts…we decorated Easter eggs last night {and Breckin only managed to break ONE!}

Also, if you haven’t read them already, I suggest you hop on over to Skinny Mom and view my latest posts on dehydration, and also calf-toning exercises {hey, summer is on the way, and you need to be ready!} If you don’t already follow Skinny Mom, I suggest you start – there are a lot of great mommy bloggers on there posting all sorts of articles on fitness, health, fashion, food and more. I’m so proud to be a part of it. You don’t even have to be a mom to gain some good info from this site!
I feel like I’m finally on a roll getting things organized and projects done around the house. I’ve posted lately about our pantry makeover, the kids’ art area, the organized bathroom vanity cabinet and even starting to get Tanner’s room finished – see his upholstered bulletin board and his monogram art. I plan on revealing the boys’ rooms soon, but I reeeeaaaalllly would love to paint them first, however, I don’t know if that will happen in the next couple of months, so I may just have to post them as-is and then update once I finally am able to get them painted. Speaking of paint, we are finally going to paint our kitchen and living room a light gray…this was my final thing needed to call the kitchen makeover complete. The plan is to do it the weekend after Easter.
Speaking of the weekend after Easter, I’ve got the Cooper River Bridge 10K coming up that Saturday morning. For those of you not familiar, this is a crazy-popular race. It draws in over 40,000 participants. Last year, my time was 1:12, and it was my first-ever 10K…I had never run that distance all at once in my life before that. Since then, I had started training for a half marathon, and actually got to where I was running over 6 miles without a race to push me {this is big progress for me!} I fell out of training during the holidays, so I am not quite in the running shape I’d like to be, but I’m still hoping I can clock a faster time this year. Check out this craziness:

I just love participating in local races.

I am definitely in need of some new running shoes though. I’m thinking these:

Nike Air Alvord 10 Trail Running Shoes - Women

or these {mostly because they are fun, but also supposed to be good}:

ASICS GEL-Frantic 7 High-Performance Running Shoes - Women

But, I’m willing to take suggestions on any great running shoes y’all might have to recommend!

Soooo glad we’re getting closer to the Easter weekend – we’ve got a lot of fun planned for the kids and some family coming to visit. Plus, we’ll finally be graced with some nice weather after this crazy late March cold front we have been experiencing {so odd for Charleston}! xoxo

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A Little Love & A Lot of Yellow

You get two posts today, you lucky ducks, you!

So let’s start this post off bright and happy…

I can’t think of any other way to do that other than to show you my favorite Craigslist score to date:

Oh-Em-Gee, right? I was on Craigslist lurking around for fun DIY candidates when I stumbled upon the post that held this beauty. A Crate & Barrel yellow lacquered table being sold for 25% of the original price. It was a little steeper than I wanted to pay for a Craigslist console table, but it was so perfect for my space {both color and measurements}, I wouldn’t have to do a thing to it and it was in excellent condition…so I didn’t even bother haggling. I just wanted it to be mine.

And mine she is. God is good. {Well, God is way better to me than just perfect bright yellow console tables, but you get the gist.}

I’ll be showing you how I styled her in just a hot second…but I first want to show you something I created just for the table. I’m sure many of you have seen and admired the lovely work of Jen Ramos of Made By Girl. I had been teetering and tottering over purchasing this piece from her online store the last couple of weeks:


After careful decision, I decided I actually wanted something painted on canvas, so I recreated the print myself using gold metallic acrylic paint. I purchased a 16×20 frame for $14.99 from Target and voila:

{I highly recommend you check out Jen’s shop, especially if you are not the DIY type. I just happen to love making art myself, so when I see something I love and am able to do, I DIY it rather than buy it. She’s got some great stuff though, and great ideas…I would have definitely purchased this print if I couldn’t have painted it; it’s not a bad price either.}

And here this LOVE-ly painting is on my beautiful yellow console table…styled up and pretty.

{This is not permanent styling – just threw some quick things together for now, and that top mirror key rack will be gone as soon as I finish my DIY project for what is going in that spot! Can’t wait to show you…}

So what do you think of the new piece? {Or rather, both of them!}

I’ll be coming back very soon with an update post showing you my living room befores/afters…there are still some things in progress, but I am so happy with how far it’s come since earlier this year when I started to brighten things up. Stay tuned…xoxo.

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Playroom / Home Office Wall Art

A long while ago, hubby found six of these pictures of trains up in our attic – must have been randomly left there from previous house owners. At the time, he had suggested hanging them in Tanner’s room {Breckin was but a sparkle in our eyes back then} and I declined because Tanner has the surf/beach theme going on and trains simply would not go. Because the matte in the frames was made of colored rattan, I thought they were kind of beachy and maybe I could do something else in place of the trains that would go with the theme of his room.

Well, long story short, I never got around to that. They’ve been sitting around being moved from closet to closet ever since.

Now that we are putting together the home office/play room/workout area, I thought they would be great to personalize and put on the walls. I bought two cans of spray paint, one of each of our accent colors, pink and teal. I decided to spray the rattan those colors.

The yellow was for something else…

But first, I of course primed them.

The rattan took 2-3 good coats of spray paint, drying about an hour in between coats. It pretty much sucked up the first coat and I wanted to make sure it had a thick even finish, not spotty.

Since the neutral tones in the room will be black, white and gray, I decided to paint the frames white {they were originally black, and I had already painted them white long ago when I thought I was doing something with them.} And the small frame around the center picture would be painted black.

It took me a little while to decide what I wanted in those small center squares. I figured they had so much color already with the rattan, I wanted to keep the center pictures black and white. I wanted it to be classy, yet playful to fit the overall purpose of the room. So —–

Black handprints of the boys! Perfect! {Plus, they had fun getting to be a part of Mommy’s project and I think they like seeing a part of themselves in the room – Tanner at least, Breckin is a little too young to understand!}

Those middle prints are ones I made on the computer and cut to size. The one on the left has the shape of the state of SC and says “Our Family was made in Charleston, SC.” And the one on the right says “Little Boys Leave Smudges On Your Heart” – I thought that one was fitting for a group of handprint pictures!

I’m really happy with how this room is turning out…it’s a total creative outlet room {art studio/office/play/exercise room!} and I wanted the style of it to reflect that. I get to take more risks in this room and play around with it more.

Friday Fab Five

I’ve seen this type of post done on Fridays around the blogosphere and thought I would join in on the fun. Here are 5 things I’m totally smitten over at the moment…

{one} This necklace:


{a’la the Carrie necklace in SITC}:


{two} Bar Carts like these at Society Social:


{Psst…check out their fabulous and inspirational Magalog here.}

{three} Speaking of reading, I’m pretty far into the first of this trilogy on my Kindle and I LOVE it:

{four} This new piece of art I’ve started and am currently working to finish…thought I was finished, but the more I look at it, the more I want to make it even better and more detailed:

{five} Making lunches for my 1st grader this year that are inspired by this mom:

Tanner’s 1st Day of 1st Grade Lunch

TGIF! Happy Friday! xoxo

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{Charleston Artist Series} Betty Anglin Smith

Charleston, SC is home to many fine art galleries. As an artist myself, I am so happy to live in such a creative little city. I especially enjoy attending the French Quarter Art Walks that are held four times a year. Local art galleries open their doors and offer wine and hors d’eouvres to the many art admirers as they walk throughout as many of the 30 or 40 art galleries in Downtown Charleston’s French Quarter that they can.

One of my favorite local artists of recent is Betty Anglin Smith.


Her work just speaks to me…her works are expressionist, dramatic and full of lively color…and most of them are beach or other Lowcountry scenes. They are just breathtaking.

October Sunset

Low Tide

Island Lagoon
You can see more like these at their local Charleston gallery, Smith Killian Fine Art. I hope to own one of her pieces someday.

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My DIY: Secretary Desk Rejuvenation

Some of you may know, I used to have a blog called [just had] A Bright Idea where I focused mostly on interior design & decor and some DIY-ing. When I started Style Oyster, I wanted to incorporate those things along with my love of fashion and all things, well, stylish. Unfortunately, leaving that blog for a new url posed it’s challenges. I lost the readers I had acccumulated over the 6 months of having the blog as well as the content…but wait, that content is NOT lost! Thanks to Blogger, I was able to move it over to Style Oyster. However, it was a little outdated (the wording in some, etc.) and of course the pictures were all tagged with my JHABI logo (and a few with even older blog logos than that! I had some name change issues…) I am putting this paragraph here as a preface to these posts because even though they are from the past, they are still projects that took a long time and are dear to my heart and I didn’t want to lose them when I officially take my old blog off the Internet. So I apologize to those of you who have followed me since [just had] A Bright Idea, as you will be experiencing some deja vu, but I know some of you are new and this may all be new content to you. So bear with me, I plan on posting these once a week until they are all on Style Oyster. Thank you so much, and I do hope you enjoy. xoxo

I’ve been looking for the perfect secretary desk for. like. EVER.

Last week, I found this one on Craigslist:

Isn’t she a beaut’? I know what you’re thinking….she could use a little TLC. Let’s just say the previous owner had no idea what she was doing when she painted it. The desk was obviously brown originally and she had spray-painted it white (a BIG furniture-painting no-no)…an absolute crappy job. She said she had been going for shabby chic – well, I think it was more shabby than chic.

Enter: ME.

I had the perfect vision of my secretary desk long before I bought this one. My desk had a stark white semi-glossy painted exterior with modern brushed nickel hardware. The inside cubby holes would perfectly fit my bill paying items & business products, i.e. calculator, checkbooks, business cards, etc.

Let me tell you step by step how I transformed this desk into a lovely piece anyone would be proud to own.

Step 1: I started by removing all of the hideous gold (and then spray-painted gold – yes spray-painted) old antique-y original hardware. I then took measurements of the holes to make sure I purchased hardware that would fit right into the holes.

Step 2: I sanded down the entire desk and drawer faces with 100-grit sand paper to make sure the primer would have a good surface to stick to. Thankfully, my handy hubby is a carpenter by trade, and I have all the tools handy you could ever need, so I had power sander to get the job done quickly.

Step 3: After sanding, I dusted off all the surfaces and got the primer ready. I used a paint roller made for cabinet and door painting. I put on a nice, even coat of primer and let it dry for a couple hours.

Step 4: Once the primer had dried, I excitedly went about putting on my first coat of white paint. I used Olympic Premium Semi-Gloss paint in Ultra White from Lowe’s. I used the same type of paint roller for this step. I let the first coat dry overnight.

Step 5: I put on the second coat of white paint and let dry. For the cubbies, I thought it would be cute to use some of the same pink paint we had leftover from painting the walls in the room it was going in. I painted the outside of them white and then used the pink paint to carefully paint the insides with a foam brush. (That extra set of drawers and dresser you’re seeing is a small dresser that is also in the same room…it had a previous bad white paint job and old hardware as well, so I got knobs to match, sanded the whole thing down and painted it as well – two birds with one stone!)

Step 6: I installed the new drawer hardware that I purchased at Lowe’s. (One of the small drawers was a bit chipped off, but I didn’t worry about fixing it just yet, may get hubby to fashion something eventually.)

Step 7: I moved the desk to her new place home and started loading her up! (Imagine my excitement when I found out she fit JUST perfectly on the wall right between the window trim hubby had installed when we first moved in!We’re talking like a half-inch to spare. PERFECT.) Here she is, all finished: