So I’m Home…

*First off, if you are reading this post…you are IN LUCK as the world apparently has not ended. Congratulations.
My son, Breckin, had to be picked up from daycare just before I was supposed to get off work yesterday due to a fever, so I am at home with the kiddos today. Tanner is officially out of school for the holiday break – so I guess it’s actually nice that I get to stay home today to be with them, even though my little man is a tad under the weather {though he hides it pretty well – other than watery eyes and runny nose, he is as energetic as ever!}
I’ve got a list of to-do’s today:
1. {Finally} finish up the last of my Christmas shopping
2. Make homemade Christmas sugar cookies with the boys
3. Clean la casa in preparation for Mom’s arrival tomorrow night {I swear this day off is a Godsend because I have to work tomorrow and I just wouldn’t have the time I needed to get everything done!}
4. Practice using my new DSLR camera! That’s right, yesterday at Target, I snagged up this baby:
I have to tell you the story of my awesome deal on this…
I went to Target and headed straight to the electronics section. This camera was on sale at $449.00 and they had a bundle deal if you purchased the long range lens with it, you would get that for $49.99 (originally $199.99.) So imagine my disappointment when they had none left on the shelf! In extreme hopeful desperation, I asked the clerk if he might have any in the back. He said he would go look…and when he came out, he had this huge box and told me I was so lucky because the box was leftover stock from a sale they had a few weeks back – it included the camera, the 18-55mm lens, the extra 75-300mm lens, an SD card AND the carrying case for – wait for it – $429.99!!!!! I seriously asked him if I could hug him. I was sooooo glad I asked…because I got an awesome deal.
I am so excited to get better at photography. I do know some tricks, and thanks to my Associates in Graphic Design, I’m a whiz at photo-editing…but I am reading the manual cover to cover and checking out photog blogs because I know there is a lot more to learn. I am really amped about starting a side gig in photography in the coming months. For now I’m going to take shots of my boys, friends, family, nature, etc…to gain practice and to build a portfolio. Wish me luck!
Hope y’all have a great weekend! xoxo
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