Wall Galleries & Floating Shelves

I am feeling inspired by all the amazing wall galleries and floating shelf arrangements I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. I’ve been redecorating our living room the past couple of months and currently have some bare walls to fill.

Originally Pinned via http://www.charmhome.blogspot.com – Lots of great arrangement ideas!
Originally Pinned via http://www.imonmail.com – This would be great on either side of my fireplace!
Originally Pinned via http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com – I absolutely love this and the way the accent color pops!
Originally Pinned via http://www.ana-white.com – I am in love with long, white floating shelves!
Originally Pinned via http://www.apartmenttherapy.com – I love beach-inspired wall art. This is well done.
Originally Pinned via Kim Leshinski – This is a fun setup – so creative!

Do you have a great wall arrangement to show off? Link it up in a comment for me! I can’t wait to finish mine and share them all with you. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve got loads of inspiration to work with. Follow my Pinterest Boards! Happy Pinning!