Playroom / Home Office Wall Art

A long while ago, hubby found six of these pictures of trains up in our attic – must have been randomly left there from previous house owners. At the time, he had suggested hanging them in Tanner’s room {Breckin was but a sparkle in our eyes back then} and I declined because Tanner has the surf/beach theme going on and trains simply would not go. Because the matte in the frames was made of colored rattan, I thought they were kind of beachy and maybe I could do something else in place of the trains that would go with the theme of his room.

Well, long story short, I never got around to that. They’ve been sitting around being moved from closet to closet ever since.

Now that we are putting together the home office/play room/workout area, I thought they would be great to personalize and put on the walls. I bought two cans of spray paint, one of each of our accent colors, pink and teal. I decided to spray the rattan those colors.

The yellow was for something else…

But first, I of course primed them.

The rattan took 2-3 good coats of spray paint, drying about an hour in between coats. It pretty much sucked up the first coat and I wanted to make sure it had a thick even finish, not spotty.

Since the neutral tones in the room will be black, white and gray, I decided to paint the frames white {they were originally black, and I had already painted them white long ago when I thought I was doing something with them.} And the small frame around the center picture would be painted black.

It took me a little while to decide what I wanted in those small center squares. I figured they had so much color already with the rattan, I wanted to keep the center pictures black and white. I wanted it to be classy, yet playful to fit the overall purpose of the room. So —–

Black handprints of the boys! Perfect! {Plus, they had fun getting to be a part of Mommy’s project and I think they like seeing a part of themselves in the room – Tanner at least, Breckin is a little too young to understand!}

Those middle prints are ones I made on the computer and cut to size. The one on the left has the shape of the state of SC and says “Our Family was made in Charleston, SC.” And the one on the right says “Little Boys Leave Smudges On Your Heart” – I thought that one was fitting for a group of handprint pictures!

I’m really happy with how this room is turning out…it’s a total creative outlet room {art studio/office/play/exercise room!} and I wanted the style of it to reflect that. I get to take more risks in this room and play around with it more.


4th & Weekend

Sounds a little like an intersection, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I greatly apologize for taking so long to post this…there were so many pics taken over the holiday and weekend and I finally finished uploading and cropping them to perfection last night.

We managed to sneak away to Myrtle Beach for a quick weekend trip. We left Saturday morning and returned Sunday night. We squeezed in a lot of fun in the sun in that short time. Luckily Myrtle Beach is only an hour and a half drive from Charleston…great when you have young kids and not much time. Jake’s parents own a timeshare up there and invited us to come along…the resort had an awesome pool area with loads of slides and water-squirty type contraptions for children as well as a lazy river. The boys had a great time.

Here are {tons of} pics – please excuse my pasty-whiteness…I have not been in the sun long enough to sunbathe yet {darn being a working mom!} I at least got to work a little on it this weekend, but even so, I don’t tan easily regardless and I’m a sunscreen Nazi, so I’m still pretty pale in comparison to many. Hopefully hittin’ the beach this weekend will remedy that a little bit.

I didn’t get much of us actually watching the fireworks. It was of course dark out, so not a lot of good ones and I was also holding Breckin for most of it, trying to hold his ears when it was loud and keep him from being afraid of the fireworks!

If you’re still with me, thanks for looking at all of my pictures. I know we didn’t get as many of Tanner in the pool as we did Breckin, but that’s only because Tanner’s a natural swimmer who needs little to no supervision in the pool and he was off going on the big waterslide or the lazy river for the most part. We had such a fun weekend. It’s nice to get away to some new scenery every now and again. Hope you had a great weekend.