Britney, Gangham & Pink Skinnies

So did y’all get a chance to see X-Factor and/or The Voice last night???

I say and/or because stupid TV land put them on at the SAME TIME…so I had to toggle between channels! (Mostly caught X-Factor because Britney trumps X-tina in my world.} Ugh – why must Hollywood make me choose between two shows I love?

I must say, I’m loving Britney these days {well, truthfully never stopped loving her}…she’s getting back to herself…she seems with it…and she’s definitely working to keep that body in check:

Her eyes did look a little tired, but I’m assuming makeup can only cover so much when it comes to being overworked. I’m glad to see Brit-Brit back on track and those gams are looking seriously toned. I also had the chance to see her on Ellen the other day and she looked very prim and proper:

And speaking of that episode, have you heard of Gangnam Style dancing? OMG, too funny…

Seriously, YouTube that sh*t…it’s hilarious.

In other news, this girl’s outfit rocks my world right now:


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