Kitchen Progress Update

Goodness gosh, I think I have been holding you off too long on the kitchen update post since we finished painting the cabinets! They have been done since like the beginning of December! Guess that’s what the holidays will do to you.

But anyway, as promised, here you go.

I must say hubby did some hard work and got these babies done very quickly…considering he had to still go to work from 8-4:30 every day. Total time started on a Sunday and the cabinets were hung back in place on the following Thursday evening. He then purchased the hardware, made some drill holes where needed and they were officially finished that Friday or Saturday. Not bad when you factor in the time for sanding and for each coat of primer and paint to dry between coats. {I actually primed them for him while he sanded the base of the cabinets. So again, I helped!}

Now let’s look at the before/after shots:

 I am so happy with the change. The kitchen feels so much more up to date and a lot brighter. It’s not the largest space, but I definitely enjoy my time in there much more than I used to. The colors give a crisp, clean feel – which is just what I want to feel while in the kitchen.

There are still a few things to be done yet, but here is our progress list so far {click links for corresponding posts}:

1. New Under-Mount Sink
2. Granite Countertops
3. Backsplash
4. Paint Cabinetry {White}
5, Install New Floors
6. Wall Organization System
7. Paint Walls {Light Grey}
8. New Dining Table & Chairs
9. Curtains for Back Door

So what do you think so far?

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Kitchen Update: Floors

Earlier this week, I let you know about the kitchen floor replacement project my husband decided to take on this past weekend. {See our first kitchen update post here.}

I am so excited to share with you the finished product {though the entire kitchen has yet to be finished} – and just in time for Tanner’s birthday party tomorrow. I told Jake he absolutely had to have it done by then due to all the guests we are having over. {Having the refrigerator in the living room just isn’t convenient for a party…well, not this kind of party.}

So here’s another series of update pics – I’m hoping you can start to see how the black, gray and white are all starting to come together now.

Laying out the tile with thin-set

The tiles had originally been large squares, but Jake wanted to cut them to create the subway tile pattern.

Hubby even made me help scrub the grout off after he slathered it on. Not the most fun job in the world, but necessary!

For fun, here’s some before pics:

 And the afters {so far}:

Even our dog blends in now!

Here is our progress list so far:

1. New Countertops & Sink
2. Install Backsplash
3. Install Ceramic Tile Floors
4. Paint Cabinets – White
5. Paint Walls – Light Gray
6. New Dining Room Table & Chairs

Stay tuned for more progress soon! xoxo

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Wow – this weekend was a whirlwind! I don’t feel like I sat down for even a moment!

On Friday night, we took Tanner to Brick by Brick, a Lego play place. I had won a free Parent’s Night Out pass on Facebook which was worth 3 hours of playtime, pizza and fun! And a 3-hour mini-break for Jake and me, though we still had our Breckin with us. We decided to meet up with some friends, Mark and Katherine for dinner. I am happy to say, that I pulled out the burgundy skinnies look I’ve been eyeing all over the web lately {You can’t see them in the pic, but I’ve got some 6-in high black pumps paired with them}:

Black Blazer / White Tank Top / Burgundy Skinnies

I felt totally “Autumn” with this look…I even tried a little burgundy on my lips {to my husband’s discontent – he hates dark makeup}.

I also read up a little on Grit & Glamour’s post on Whole30. I am so inspired to give it a shot. She is going to start another 30 days in October and I plan on joining in. In spirit {and to get a headstart by slowly cutting out things one by one rather than all at once}, I’ve decided that as of yesterday, I’m cutting out dairy products. {And girl loves her milk, alright?} So I got myself some almond milk at the store to suffice…it’s lactose- and dairy-free and actually much higher in calcium. I’m going to miss yogurt and string cheese, but I think I can survive. I will also be slowly cutting back on red wine, and then on October 1st, will commit to being red wine-free for 30 days {with the exception of the French Quarter Art Walk on October 5th…sorry, just can’t do it. That will be my one cheat evening for red wine. I can’t wait for a fun evening out with two of my favorite girls, Corey and Chrissy.} I encourage those that are interested to go read her post and consider joining in with me!

OK, back to the weekend. On Saturday, we had a little family breakfast at IHOP…and then headed across the parking to Lowe’s to get what we needed to get started on a little project – here’s a little sneak-peak:

Can you guess what we are working on? I can’t wait for the big reveal soon…but there are still a few big things to tackle with this project.

On Sunday, hubby worked on ‘the project’ while I started transforming Breckin’s nursery into a big boy room…{seriously, as exciting as this is, it totally sucks at the same time to say goodbye to your baby’s babyhood}. Here’s the room I said goodbye to {granted these are a little old and some things had already been changed throughout the last couple of years, but you get the idea..}:

I would show you what I’ve done so far, but I’d really love to just have one big fabulous reveal when it’s all complete. However, you’ll be seeing the moodboard later this week which will give you an idea of the direction it’s going in. I still need to paint the walls {and pick out the perfect color!}, put up some pictures/wall art and get some of the furniture in there/moved around. But let me tell you, last night was the first night Breckin slept in his twin-size bed and it was complete agony trying to keep him in it…we went up and down the stairs countless times firmly putting him back in bed {such a mischievous little boy}. However, we were prepared for that.

Hope y’all had a happy weekend – I feel good that we’ve started getting some of the to-do’s/projects started on our list! xoxo

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