Race For The Cure – Recap

This past Saturday, I participated in Race for the Cure. It had been a while since I had run a 5K race, I believe the last one was for St. Patty’s Day and then a couple weeks after that I did the Cooper River Bridge 10K Run. However, I’ve been training to run a half marathon that is coming up in January, so I thankfully haven’t been inactive as far as running goes. I ran 7 5Ks last year and Race for the Cure is always one I participate in.

I set out with the goal to beat my best 5K time to date. It’s nothing extraordinary, but that time was 33 minutes and some change. Well, I am proud to say that I beat that time by at least 2 minutes. However, when I went to check the final race results on the website, I was very displeased to see this:


The highlighted time is supposed to be my actual chip time. The time to the left of that is the time the clock read when I crossed the finish line, otherwise known as the gun time. How could my time be EXACTLY the same when I didn’t start the race at the start line? Thankfully, I did keep my own record with my RunKeeper app on my iPhone:

Based on the app, I ran a total of 3.38 miles in 33:50. So there’s definitely a couple minutes to be shaved off that to get my total time for 3.1 miles. {I have already emailed the chip timer company…haha!} I averaged a 10:02 minute mile in the end on my RunKeeper, so the actual chip time should be around 31 minutes. I was so proud of myself…there were times after the first mile and a half that I wanted to walk, but I didn’t. I pushed through.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures during the race…and I also ran this race solo. I always love to get friends involved when I can, but some of my friends are not comfortable running races. Plus, you really have to find someone that runs about the same pace you do, which can prove difficult at times.

I did get some pics of myself being a dork in the bathroom mirror pre-race…I like to go with the pink theme for Race for the Cure:

So the next 5K on the list is the Turkey Day Run in downtown Charleston. November 11th is World Run Day…hoping to log some good miles for that as well. I will still be pressing on with my half marathon training, so I hope to definitely beat this 5K time on Thanksgiving {also my 5th wedding anniversary!}…maybe even break into the 20s? I can’t believe the turn for the better my running has taken since I started really putting my mind to training for something bigger than I’ve ever done…it’s amazing to know you really can do what you put your mind to.
Have you done any race events lately?

Monday Musings

Happy Monday, Y’all!

I hope you had a lovely weekend…mine was not too shabby…

I kicked it off with Race for the Cure (here’s me looking super-pumped super-early in the morning that day):

And before you go thinking my outfit was boring…take a look at these super-cute argyle socks:

I set out with the goal to beat my best time for a 5K (which was 33-34 min – I know, I’m pretty awful with running, but working on it!) Well, I did just that…I used my RunKeeper app the whole time and based on that (haven’t seen my official time chip results yet), I ran the race in 30-31 min. I feel proud of myself to have improved my running this year…it’s a big deal to me to shave off even a measly couple of minutes. Anytime I wanted to walk, I was able to mentally push myself forward and keep running. That has always been the hardest part for me. I hope to break into the 20s next time – maybe for the Turkey Day Run? I am still in training for my upcoming half marathon, and this was a great confidence booster.

The rest of Saturday was pretty low-key…I got some housework done, played with my boys – Breckin and I even snuck away for a quick bike ride – and then we all made S’mores around the firepit in the evening.

Oh, but wait – I did go from this:

to this:

Oh yes, chocolate-y dark brown hair prevails for fall and winter!

Sunday was a work day – boo. But thankfully my weekend shifts end at 1:30 so the day was not completely wasted. When I got home, we decided to head for an early afternoon dinner at Los Arcos – I was so in need of a margarita…and some quality time with my boys…

Gotta love these soon-to-be 7yo expressions we get in pics now!

Here’s to a happy week! xoxo

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Race for the Cure

I’ve got my first 5K since, OMG, I think since I ran the Cooper River Bridge 10K Run in the spring, tomorrow. Wow, it’s been too long since I’ve participated in a race event! There’s been a lot going on and a lot of weekends I’ve had to work…but I’ve got plenty of these race events planned over the next few months!

So tomorrow is the big Race for the Cure event on Daniel Island. I love this race and participate every year. Who doesn’t love pink?

Is there a Race for the Cure event in your locale? Do you participate?

This year I am running for my aunt, who found out she had breast cancer early last year. She almost immediately went in for a mastectomy. They scanned her afterward and found no cancer, but suggested she do chemotherapy anyway just to be sure that it was all gone. She lost her hair…I saw her for the first time since 2007 in August and she was doing her last treatment. She’s been doing well…and has returned to work for the FBI. I pray that she stays well and never battles cancer again.

From Left: My Grandma, My Mom, Me, My Aunt Diane {August 2012}

I will be posting my race stats soon…my goal is a 30 min 5K…and I know I can push through without walking any of it because I ran that entire 10K for my first ever one last spring. xoxo